Canceling the Culture of Technocratic Transhumanism
with Radical Humanity

The Aim of this Article is to describe the culture of anti-human Transhumanism and its roots and beliefs and compare it to pro-human, Radical Humanity.


But First, some Definitions of Terms …

Culture: 1. the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively; 2. the customs, arts, social institutions, and achievements of a particular nation, people, or other social groups; cultivation (of the mind, faculties, or manners’)

Technocratic: relating to or characterized by the government or control of society or industry by an elite of technical experts. …

The AI (artificial intelligence) Technical Science of very precisely monitoring EVERY movement & process of EACH & EVERY individual human being with the ability to EVALUATE & CONTROL or PUNISH what they do or do NOT do in accordance with the standards imposed upon them by the Scientific Elites in control of the “government.”

This is the Essence of the Social Credit Score, widely implemented in Totalitarian, Communist China, and working its way into America NOW!

If the subject human does not live up to the Social Credit Score (the “standards” of the Technocratic Elite) they will be physically suppressed by depriving them of varying degrees of access to public or private services by controlling what and who they can interact with via their cell phones.

And No Cell Phone? … Then NO Access to ANY-thing. Because *They* will, eventually, control everything, if we do not stop them NOW.

THAT is why they want EVERYONE on an electronic grid, operating on a cell phone or tablet, so they have access to monitoring & controlling what people do, or do not do.

Transhumanism: the belief or theory that the human race can evolve beyond its current physical and mental limitations, especially by means of science and technology.

Transhumanists are “those who would be kings.” They are the narcissistic socio/psychopaths who believe THEY are the Rightful Rulers of the Earth and Everything IN it, including YOU.

*THEY* believe they are The Ones to Guide Humanity to the Next Level of Being Human, which, many of them think, means merging human beings with Silicon-based technology, meaning computer chips.

Many, if not most of these “people,” are eugenicists and de-populationists. They believe at least 80 to 90% of human beings need to DIE to make Planet Earth “livable” & manageable.

And their target date for this die-off is 2030, only 8 or 9 years away.

Radical: 1. (especially of change or action) relating to or affecting the fundamental nature of something; far-reaching or thorough; forming an inherent or fundamental part of the nature of someone or something; 2. advocating or based on thorough or complete political or social change; representing or supporting an extreme or progressive section of a political party: a radical American activist. 3. characterized by independence of or departure from tradition; innovative or unorthodox. ORIGIN: forming the root

Humanity: 1. the human race; human beings collectively; the fact or condition of being human; human nature. 2. humaneness; benevolence; Human: of or characteristic of people’s better qualities, such as kindness or sensitivity.

Integrate: from Latin integrat- made whole, from the verb integrare, from integer whole’.

Transcend: be or go beyond the range or limits of (something abstract, typically a conceptual field or division): this was an issue transcending party politics. surpass (a person or achievement). Latin transcendere, from trans- across + scandere climb.

Ken Wilber’s “Integrate (Include)
& Transcend”

Ken Wilber is considered by many people to be THE Leading Spiritual & Psychological Philosopher living on Earth today. Whether that is true or not, he has a couple dozen extremely interesting and insightful books on a wide range of topics.

WARNING ON WILBER: While I admire a LOT of Ken Wilber’s work and have applied a lot of his thinking, he seems to be a proponent of a “United Nations” vision of how the world would be “better run;” meaning a highly centralizeed World Government, or Global Governance, or a New World Order. He seems to want a Wise Council of people to make the Big Decisions on Earth. The UN presents itself to the wolrd as a benevolent source of knowledge, wisdom, skill and resources for the betterment of human king wolrd-wide.

Yet THAT is absolutely NOT what most of the UN’s “inner-circle” operative and advocates REALLY think it is. Behind the scences, many pro-United Nations people are primarily focused on centralizing operations and consolidation of power into a few hands — THEIR hands. They beleive they should be running everything.

And the United States of America stands in their way, because too many Americans are not up to being peasants, serfs or slaves. The very foundational principles of American go against the grain of what these New World, Globalist “Elite” want. And as we will see, they beleive a VERY large percentage of the People Of The Earth need to DIE for the UNsters to achieve their goals.

Yet *I* am a Radical DE-Centralist, or a Localist, I firmly believe that centralizing of functions & consolidating of power into too few hands is social suicide.

One of Wilber’s high-level associates also repeated the blatant propaganda lie that President Trump was “promoting hate” of anyone with brown skin. That probably comes from the usual taking a sentence, or even a phrase, out of context without referencing the entire statement.

I’ve read that Wilber indeed believes that someday there will be a Wise Counsel that will guide the world to a “Hgher State Of Consciousness.” Yet I think that such centralized thinking and feeling is one of THE greatest dangers to humanity.

BACK to the GOOD Work of Wilber: For THIS particular Conversation, however, Wilber emphasized that the Evolution of Humanity went through many Levels, States & Stages, of which he assigned various colors. (Or actually, other philosophers & researchers did some of the foundational work, and Wilber, while crediting them profusely, integrated their discoveries into his work.)

The Ascending Color Spectrum of Consciousness represents the evolution of human kind, with the top two levels being the current ultimate we could expect to achieve. It is at these levels Wilber, and many other modern philosophers, believe human consicousness and existence will become more integrated,  flowing into a state of a Unified, Global Consciousness, where most human difference will fade away, or atl least fade into much lesser importance.

ken wilbers spiral dynamics of human evolution

According to Wilber, each level of Human or Social Evolution, from time immemorial, to be successful in the long-term, MUST integrate and include the beneficial characteristics of the earlier or previous stages. They ALL had something to learn about and provide for developing  humanity, and the lessons they learned needed to be integrated into the next higher level if transcendence to those higher leves was to be successful.

The Reason the “Green” or “Environmental” movement is, in its current state, DOOMED to fail is that they are attempting to go to some imaginary “higher level of humanity” without including and integreating the lower levels, the Foundation, of how they, the Greens, even came into being.

The Greens have lost touch with the very things that made them possible, and are attempting to “rid the Earth” of what made them possible in the first place.

As I will later describe, many people think their “Cosmic Consciousness” will solve the problems of humanity. What many of them forget, though, is that if they do not know how to maintain their Fundamental Human Rights, it will be VERY difficult to live the the Utopian Consciousness they imagine — or fantasize about.

These people are, of course, and at best, merely “psychological adolescents” who believe “they know everything” and can control humanity to their “standards” por objectives. Yet they are too immature and narrow-minded to see they are like a roof on a house attempting to get rid of the foundation of the house yet still, somehow, stay standing.

They apparently believe that “Social Levitation” will keep them up when everything below them evaporates into oblivion IF they have their way.

Yes, that is a bit abstract. To bring it down to reality, the Green Movement’s desire to significantly reduce “fossil” fuels and carbon dioxide is just plain childish. They are not intellectually or scientifically equipped to realize that with the complete failure of solar & wind to produce even a small percentage of energy for the needs of society, the Green Party will have to live by a campfire as their homes will NOT be heated or cooled.

BTW, it is highly unlikely “fossil fuels” are from “fossils” at all. Petrochemicals (oil-based products) are far more likely to be a product of ongoing processes going on FAR deeper in the Earth and have nothing to do with “fossils” at all.

Their cell phones will NOT be charged. Their electric cars will NOT be charged either. Their social activism will be restricted to, at most, a few blocks or miles around where they live, IF they can live at all. Because vast numbers of humans will DIE if we get rid of so-called “fossil” fuels.

Because for the “energy density” of petrochemicals (oil, coal, etc.) or nuclear energy compared to solar and wind, it is going to be MANY years or decades before “renewables” will become viable, if it ever happens at all.

That is in great part because there will for a very long time remain people who are “stuck” int the lower four levels of consciousness, and will use authoritarian, totalitarian methods to gain what they want in life. Such people do NOT want any religious, spiritual or meditative influences dispacing for their desired power and control.

This why the CCP, the Chinese Comunist Party, persecutres, improsion or kills practitioners of Falun Gong (FG). FG is a form of meditative and physcial practices similar to yoga or tai chi. It is a set of movements designed to enhance physical and mental health and provide a spiritual sense of self and community.

Tragically, the main reason the CCP allows these people to even live is the FG Practitioners provide a source of fresh, live, human organs. And harvesting human organs works better if you harvest those organs from a lving human being.

And it is not just the CCP that thinks this way. There are many human beings on Earth who willingly sacrifice other human beings in a variety of ways for various purposes.

Transhumanists, somehow dissatisfied with what most of us would today call “normal human-beingness,” want to “transcend” to their own ideas of a “higher state” of humanness. In the process, many, maybe most of them believe human beings are a Curse Upon Planet Earth and that most, if not ALL, human beings need to be eliminated.

The transhumanists are NOT attempting to include or integrate and THEN transcend Being Human. They are attempting to eliminate the foundational human state altogether.

This is not unlike saying:

“I LIKE the look of the roof of my house. But I do NOT like the look of the foundation underneath my house. SO, I am going to GET RID OF the foundation and keep the roof. … And someday, I will have a technology that will keep my roof floating above me, even though I do not have that technology NOW. But my foundation is just not beautiful enough, so I MUST get rid of it NOW. … Yet I’m sure that “Just In Time” someone will develop a technology to keep my roof floating above me without a foundation.”

I know. That sounds crazy. But it is very near what “environmentalists” are asking for. Yet they are so thoroughly deprived of scientific education that they don’t even THINK about where the heck that technology to hold their roof up is going to come from.

Granted, from an Architectural Artist’s point of view (and a lot of architects are wanna-be artists), foundations of houses are seldom very attractive, or aesthetically pleasing. They are purely functional, built for stability against various forces of nature like erosion, flooding, earthquakes, and so on.

So too, the structures of the nervous system & brain, from an evolutionary point of view, are the not so “pretty” foundations — brick & mortar, poured concrete, metal rebar, and so on — on which the more elegant and eloquent human cerebral cortex — the thinking, conceptualizing part of the psycho-neural system — are built upon.

These individuals — the narcissists & socio/psychopaths, the genetic “errors” or misfits — those who have fallen in excess love with their own minds, want to just throw the human mental & emotional foundations out, apparently thinking they can just levitate above physical reality without any foundation built from the Ground of Being of Physical / Mental / Emotional Reality UP to the higher levels of Consciousness & Thinking.

And of course, these genetic misfits, those who are not up to the standards of REAL Humaneness & Humanity, believe that “Consciousness” is merely a “higher level of thinking,” a higher quantity and speed of “psycho-digital calculations.”

So like a child with a new toy, they are unable to recognize the “newly discovered” powers they think they’ve achieved are just illusions. Like a little kid with a toy gun going around imagining they are shooting The Bad Guys, these intellectual extremists imagine they are going around solving the world’s problems, unable to realize they are shooting with toy guns that are of NO REAL value to REAL humanity or REAL human beingness.

*THEY* live in a world of disconnected reality.

YET, they are smart enough, motivated enough, and well funded enough, (and delusional enough) that they can go Very Far in what amounts to a Video Game DISS-Reality representation of Human Life On Earth to make a Big Mess of Things.

They do not realize that thinking is a subset existing within the field of Consciousness. They do not realize that NO MATTER how much and how fast they can “calculate” or “process” data, they will NEVER be able to achieve a REAL sense of Being Human because their genetic deficiency has deprived them of that SENSE, that FEELING, that human perception of MEANING that far transcends any “thought” or “or piece of data” they might be able to imagine.

Consciousness is a Very Big Container and Thought or Thinking is a relatively small TOOL or operation of mental processes operating within the field of consciousness. Consciousness operates ABOVE the level of calculation or digital or data manipulation.

They do not even realize their “imagination” is NOT a product to thinking. Their imagination is a product of a sense of perception that provides the “Cosmic Sense of Reality Out There” that creates the cognitions they (mistakenly) THINK are a product of thought.

But NO! … Imagination and a Sense of Reality (be it physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual) is what “sends information to” the thinking, data processing aspects of the brain, leading to a concept in the mind.

Then, the thinking mind can put it all together, see the potential physical manifestations, form a plan of action, then execute that plan of action, and bring that SENSE of Reality into the World in the form of something physical and tangible.

Their attitude is You Slave, ME King. They’re so ingrained in that that they cannot even conceive of a contrary opinion. So Reason & Logic make NO impact on them because YOUR reason & logic is based on emotional intelligence, not exclusively on mental intelligence.