[NOTE: Being somewhat of a Traditionalist, I am retaining
the traditional style of using RED to indicate communist, collectivist, evil elements, and BLUE to indicate constitutional, individualist, PRO-human elements. … I hope this does not
create too much confusion for the Reader.]

of Sedona, Arizona,
& America:

— YOU —
are CAUGHT in a
Civilization-Level, Transnational WAR
between Two Directly
Opposed World Views.

And If You Think Things Have Been Bad the last few years, You’ve NOT seen anything YET, unless We The People Rise Up, Band Together, and Take Action.

1. One World View says YOU, as a FREE Human Being, should have MANY UN-Alienable Rights, Liberties, Freedoms, and Property and the RIGHT to Pursuit Your Happiness as YOU See Fit. These Rights & Liberties are provided by Natural Law and/or God, depending on your Personal Philosophy.

This is a Fully DE-Centralized, Live & Let Live, Individualist Approach to Life, Living & Self Government. YOU decide how You should live as long as You Respect & Observe the Basic Rights of Other Human Beings. … “Government” is kept as SMALL as possible and ONLY supposed to Protect Your Rights to Life, Liberty, & Property and help settle legal disputes.

THIS World View is maintained by closely following the Morals & Principles of the American Constitutional Republic and its Foundational Common Law (the LAW Common Among The People).

2. The OTHER World View says YOU are just a “Dispensible Cog” in the Industrial Wheel, and you ONLY have limited, Revokable Privileges (the OPPOSITE of “Inalienable Rights”) that can be Terminated at ANY time by the Ruling Class, as *They* see fit. YOU do NOT have a vote on that.

This is a FULLY Centralized, Self-Sacrificing (meaning YOU sacrifice yourself), Collectivist approach to government that allows you to exist ONLY as long as you go along with the Plans of the Ruling Class and their alleged “Artificial Intelligence” (AI). Their AI will monitor, evaluate & CONTROL nearly EVERY aspect of your “life.”

This World View is maintained by following, without question, the arbitrary whims of a “Ruling Class” that wants to rule the world and everything in it. These people tend to be narcissistic sociopaths & psychopaths having little or no empathy nor consideration for the (non-existent) “rights” or well-being of other human beings.

Which World View Is Winning?

The First World View is Pro-Society, Pro-Life, & Pro-Human.

The Second World View is Anti-Social, Anti-Life, & Anti-Human.

For a More In-Depth Description & Discussion of these Two World Views, Please Visit the Page: Individualism, Individuation, Collectivism. … Also see the Article: Canceling the Culture of Transhumanism with Radical Humanity.

The Question Is, WHO is Winning this War right NOW? …
We’ll get to that soon.

If you have read this far, or even if you have arrived at this website at all, You are probably NOT an advocate of World View #2. You are probably an advocate of World View #1. So we will soon move on to the Solution …

But First, a Clarification of a Potentially Confusing Thing …

“Right” versus “Left”
And the Rise of the “Progressive Barbarians”

Like so many things, terms need to be defined to have complete and accurate communication.

For a few hundred years, up until around the 1930s, European legislative bodies were split between “Conservatives” and “Liberals.”

Conservatives were attempting to maintain the Old Paradigm of power and control by the Centralized Church / State with (usually) a Head of State who, at least on the surface, held near or absolute dictatorial powers. He (or an occasional she) was backed up by the Religious Authorities, the Priestcraft, who made sure The People (most of them poor peasants or slaves) believed the Ruler was “ordained by God” or some supernatural being or power.

Liberals, fairly new on the scene around the year 1215, got off to a slow start with the Magna Carta or Great Charter of Freedom. This charter put, for the first time, limits on the King’s power.

So Liberals were attempting to LIBERATE or FREE The People, especially the peasants and slaves, from the clutches of the dictatorial and often tyrannical, Authoritarian States & Kings. POWER was moving from the Old Paradigm of high centralization in the hands of a few to a DE-centralized status into the hands of the Many, the hands of The People.

It started to become clear to many people that many things worked FAR better in a DE-centralized system than in a centralized system. And people LOVED their freedom to NOT be controlled by some dictator. … A NEW Paradigm was emerging.

Liberals believed in FREE (or at least freer) MARKETS, that each human being had RIGHTS, that the King had responsibilities to The People, and that Law should not be just the Arbitrary Whims of the King.

After the Gutenberg printing press was invented in the 1400s, People started reading the Bible, and then began to believe their RIGHTS, Liberties, & Freedoms did NOT come from the King or the Government. Their Rights were a function of being born on Earth and preceded and transcended any state control. Many considered Rights & Liberties to be Gifts From God.

It was that “liberal” or “liberating” trend that took a strong hold in America in the early 1600s and came to fruition in the Declaration of Independence of 1776 (what was at the time an extreme statement of freedom for The People and rejection of any need for a King to rule over them).

They then Seceeded from England. They paid a heavy price, but many, if not most, believed it was ordained by God to Resist Tyranny.

It should be noted, however, that this path and trend toward freedom for The People took at least 5,000 YEARS to evolve.

So up until the 1930s in America, a LIBERAL was someone who believed in free enterprise, free markets, free minds, a minimal state, and a basic charter of Rights & Liberties that could not be violated by ANY government.

They believed all that came from Natual Law — or God, or both, and could NOT be rescinded, eroded, or infringed on by ANY human action or “government” on Earth.

This was truly a Revolutionary Movement that literally startled The World (the Shot Heard Round the World), especially all the Kings and other Dictators on Earth who were suddenly wondering if this new political trend was going to take hold in THEIR countries. …

The Kings could see they were potentially losing THEIR power, too, if enough people on Earth got the same ideas as those rebellious Americans.

For most of the 1800s, the People of America lived in the highest level of freedom and prosperity ever even imagined by people before them. … They were not wealthy, and very poor by today’s standards. But Alexis de Tocqueville, a Frenchman who came to America to see why the American Revolution had succeeded but the French Revolution had not, was impressed with how much better their lives were than the peasants of Europe.

Yes, there were still people who held onto slavery and such, but they were a small percentage (many historians demonstrate that less than 10% of Americans held slaves, many others say even less than that), and MANY Americans were looking for ways to END slavery, and nearly succeeded, even BEFORE the Declaration of Independence was written. …

And of course, they eventually succeeded in ending slavery.

It was only the somewhat centralized Federal State that kept slavery operating far longer than it would have if the Majority of People in the States had their way. But the slave holders and slave ship builders had too much wealth and therefore power.

Many slaveholders wanted to free their slaves, but the laws would not allow it, and at that time, there was nowhere for a free slave to go. They would most likely just be captured again by another slaveholder.

Like the 5,000-year (or more) path to finding freedom, it took much time to eliminate an institution that had been the norm for many thousands of years. … Yet progress WAS being made on many fronts.

SCIENCE was gaining infuence because it DID provide many new improvements and benefits to life. Science & Technology launched the Industrial Revolution, bringing many benefits and opportunities to many people.

Life and Real Progress began accelerating VERY rapidly. Some econimc and political analysts say the 1800s saw the largest expansion of human success & prosperity in ALL of human history.

Yet industrialization caused a lot of new problems of The People.

The So-Called “PROGRESSIVES” showed up. They clamied they were going to “resolve injustices” and inequalities and such.

However, many of the “Progressives” started beleiving they could “scientifically engineer” society, and then, naturally, they wanted to “engineer” human beings to fit into that new society. But they discovered that the human beings who had just recently discovered “freedom” — after MANY centuries of slow progress to achieve it — were not too keen on being “engineered,” which also means “controlled.”

Yet enough of the “Progressive” minded people had earned enough wealth that they could now use that wealth to “engineer” politics and therefore society. They began working to return human society back to a top down, centralized system of life, back to the Old Paradigm, but with more technology.

Unfortunately, there WERE enough benefits from “Better Living Through Science” that many of The People went along with things. They took jobs in the factories and on assembly lines. The Power Elite got even MORE rich & powerful!

Then, the Big Fellas — the Rockefellers, the Morgans, and various others got VERY wealthy, and began using large amounts of money to strongly influence, if not outright buy off, politicians.

The thousands of years old Old Paradigm of MOST of The People being controlled by a small FEW of the Power Elite began retaking hold again.

Today, the politicians have been, ever since the Civil War, been paving the way for the Power Elite, the military / industrial / medical / agricultual / energy / banking complexes, to retake ever-increasing degrees of power and control.

Therefore, I will now Cut Right to the Chase:

The Current Administration is continuing a Social Trend that began a LONG time ago. As far as America is concerned, that trend got rolling about the time of the un-Civil War. And it took several decades for that Trend to develop a LOT of steam.

A Little More History

One could argue that the Trend back to the Old Paradigm became Official National U.S. Policy in 1913 with the passage of several legislative acts that overturned the very foundation of American Society & Government. (More on that later.)

But this was becoming obvious to those few who were paying attention, and to some, even before the Civil War. And it was greatly accelerated by the Civil War and the 14th Amendment. Yet the negative affects & effects did not show up too strongly to the Average American until the 1980s and later, and then greatly accelerated in the couple of decades prior to 2016.

That was especially and greatly accelerated by the Buch / Clinton / Bush / Obama Administrations. When Barak Obama said he wanted to fundamentally transform America he was not kidding or exaggerating.

He was going to take us on the last mile back to the Old Paradigm of a Centralized, Secularized Church / State with ALL Power Consolidated in the hands of a Power Elite, the Chosen Few.

Chosen by themselves, of course. No voting or elections necessary.

The Short Story is the American Constitutional Republic under Common Law and Christian Morality was and IS being replaced by a Post-Marxist, Communo-Fascist Ideology.

If you doubt that, all you have to do is read the Communist Manifesto (published in 1843) or even JUST the Ten Planks within the Manifesto. You will see ALL of the Planks of Communism HAVE BEEN IMPLEMENTED in America a LONG time ago.

You can see the Planks list HERE

A Marxist / Communist Takeover?

If you read books like Lincoln’s Marxists, you will see that Abraham Lincoln had a large number of European Marxists in his Administration & Military. They had escaped the oppression of governments in Europe who were tired of the communists.

Many “experiments” in socialist communities were happening throughout America, so why NOT come here?

Yet all that was only a “cover” for the REAL influencers, the Wannabe Rulers of the World who stayed behind the scenes and let people believe Marxism, Socialism, & Communism (all three being variants of Collectivism), then Hitler’s Fascism (also Collectivist), were the real problems. Yet they were run as such to keep people distracted away from the real problems.

Ironically, everyone called these Power Elite Industrialists and such “Capitalists.” Yet they were NOT “free-enterprise,” or “free-market” capitalists, they were crony-corporate capitalists, the opposite of TRUE free-enterprise.

Truth is, the Original Fascism, originating during the Roman Empire 2,000 years ago, was covertly being implemented in America by the wanna-be rulers of the world, the crony-corporatists, the narcissistic sociopaths & psychopaths who are pathologically driven to amass extreme power & control over other human beings.

A Communo-Fascist Hybrid

TODAY, we have a highly refined system of Fascism, with underpinnings of Socialism & Communism, now running America. They are the people NOW in the White House at this very moment. They ARE destroying everything this country was founded upon, and WANT to erode or eliminate all the achievements & prosperities Americans had achieved over the last few centuries.

That’s the ONLY way Americans can be fully monitored, maniputated & controlled.

Their Long-Term Game Plan (set in motion many decades ago) is to make life in America so unlivable that We The People will BEG the government to “do something” and establish dictatorial control to bring things “back under control.”

The State, the Government, will be asked to fix the problem they started in the frist place. But most of The People will have no idea.

Some of those things the Power Elite are behind are listed and briefly described on THIS page.

(If enough people are interested, and if they let me know so, I will do more in-depth writing on all that.)

There is also more detail in my almost done, 80-page book titled Make America GREAT Again by Making America AMERICA Again — One YOU At A Time.