What Is America?

An In-Depth Look at the Foundations & Principles of Western Civilization and the 1st American Revolution (or more accurately, an Evolution).

Original American Paradigm PREVIEW

Then, what about the 2nd American EVOLUTION?

We Must Start with The
Original American Paradigm

I came up with the concept & title Original American Paradigm as a reaction to the term American System. They are two very opposite concepts and constructions of government. One is more populist* & decentralized, the other more nationalist** & centralized. 

* Populist: relating to or characteristic of a political approach striving to appeal to ordinary people who feel their concerns are disregarded by established elite groups. … It is more Grass-Roots & DE-centralized.

** Nationalist: As used here, the term nationalist refers to the entire nation being of higher status and power than the individual States. … However, a more favorable use of the term can mean identification with one’s own nation and support for its interests. …

Alexander Hamilton’s American System was about the federal government being superior to state governments. Rather than grass-roots, it’s a top-down, elitist-driven, centralized system.

That is, Centralization of the Functions of The State, and Consolidation of Power into the Hands of The State (which usually turns out to be people who are pathologically driven to gain & maintain excess power at any cost. That cost can include anything from basic theft to the destruction of any number of human lives, depending on how sociopathic or psychopathic the power-seekers are.)

President Trump was a Populist when talking about the relationship between the 50 States of America and the U.S. Federal Government ( FedGov ). When President Trump was advocating for a “nationalist” America First & Make America Great Again, he was putting Americans and America first relative to other countries.

He was NOT saying to ignore other countries nor exclude them nor treat them badly. He wanted TRULY FAIR trade between America and other countries. And he was already helping other countries work with each other, as well.

He believed, however, that each country should put its own people and interests first, AND THEN make deals (trade) with other countries for mutual & peaceful benefit.

But he did NOT think it was a good idea for America to sacrifice itself to build up other nations, which it had and has been doing for many decades at the hands of the U.S. Political Establishment and Transnational Corporatists (AKA the Deep State, the Global Power Elite, Military / Industrial Complex, etc.).

A major problem with Hamilton’s view was excessive consolidation of power into the federal government. Such consolidation or concentration of power into the hands of a few people almost inevitably attracts the most corruptible & dangerous people in the nation, usually to the detriment of The “Common” People.

The American System refers to the historical ideas of Alexander Hamilton (he lived from approximately 1755 to 1804) that the United States federal government (FedGov) should, as described by the *American System Now* website, “play a guiding role” and provide:

1.) a National or Central Bank [in America today, the Federal Reserve Bank is THE central bank]

2.) with the added idea that “unpayable debt of the young United States could be transformed into a credit base to finance the growth of industry and agriculture through such a banking institution.”

3.) funding of improvements to infrastructure such as railroads, canals, and turnpikes (roads). [ It is interesting how often in history people believe they can pay off their debt by making MORE debt. ~DSL ]

4.) a proposal that FedGov “stimulate the growth of manufactures (especially in areas crucial for national defense, such as iron) through a variety of measures, most especially bounties, and tariffs.”

5.) creation of a “Board … for promoting Arts, Agriculture, Manufactures and Commerce which would aid in recruiting skilled artisans and training of the labor force in the United States.”

~ https://americansystemnow.com/alexander-hamilton/

This “system” was also advocated by Hamilton’s contemporaries, Henry Clay and Chief Justice (of the U.S. Supreme Court) John Marshall, and others, and several decades later, Abraham Lincoln.

But for the 80 or so years up until Abraham Lincoln, Hamilton’s proposals never made it through Congress. That’s mainly because early Americans were very suspicious of any government involvement in commerce and the economy or society in general.

Early Americans had had enough of what was called mercantilism, the system of “cooperation” between the King & His Royal Courts & Special Interest Businesses, and often led to suppression or even oppression of The Common People.

In mercantilism, the King would offer certain protections & privileges to a business (such as the infamous East India Company) in return for shares of profits and other assistance. 

“In Europe, charters protected directors and stockholders from liability for debts and harms caused by their corporations. [Early] American legislators explicitly rejected this corporate shield. The penalty for abuse or misuse of the charter was not a plea bargain and a fine, but dissolution of the corporation.”

~ https://reclaimdemocracy.org/corporate-accountability-history-corporations-us/

The People of the newly founded America wanted The State, especially the federal state, to stay out of ALL economic affairs as much as possible. They were concerned that too much power & wealth would concentrate in the hands of a few oligarchs at the top.

Oligarch: 1.) a ruler in an oligarchy. 2.) a very rich business leader with a great deal of political influence.

Oligarchy: a small group of people having control of a country, organization, or institution.

A majority of people in America’s Founding Generation, and several prior generations, had worked to restrain The State (the government) as much as possible, such that the politicians, bureaucrats & employees in government were the Servants.The Common People were the MASTERS.

Because so many in America (a strong majority) were so literate and well educated, it was well known that if Hamilton’s system were implemented, it would most likely devolve into an authoritarian state.

And unfortunately, they were RIGHT!

The Founding Fathers were highly educated in matters such as philosophy, politics & history, and they knew the Roman Empire ruled by way of fascism, which is the State heavily influencing “private” business subsidiaries or special interests. Or as we call it today, Public / Private Partnerships, which sounds good or benign but is loaded with BIG problems.

This collusion between public & private interests has all too often led to corruption & interference against the smooth and reasonably neutral functioning of free enterprise & free markets. We are often told The State has to “reign in” such “unfettered capitalism,” and fill the gaps that free-market activity supposedly does not fill.

In reality, for the most part, what it fills is the pockets of the well-connected crony corporatists.

Yet American Style, Free Enterprise Capitalism WAS “fettered” by the Common Law. Based on strict protection of Individual Rights, such as private property rights, the common law courts would penalize businesses that, for example, polluted their neighboring air, water, and lands.

Yet from even before the Revolutionary War, “business interests” intent on centralization of function and consolidation of power worked behind the scenes to reduce or eliminate the Common Law of its ability to protect The People — the Individuals, Families & Communities — from excesses or harms done by other people or businesses.

This is not to say The State NEVER does anything right. They do promote some good things. However, the long-term social & economic costs of The State’s interference in some or many things has become extremely costly & horrendous.

Mercantilism on Steroids

Mercantilism was the precursor to what we today call crony-corporatism, political capitalism, or state capitalism. (Mostly three different names for  the same basic thing.)

Here, over time, the capitalist makes some money in free enterprise and free markets. Then he or she partially or fully abandons free enterprise & free markets in favor of using the Power of The State to manipulate the markets and give the political cronyists favors, protections, guarantees, privileges, and even direct profits. Much of it is financed by the taxpayers, who have little say in the matter.

The “corporate*” limited liability system (which is inherently collectivist in nature) gave the ANTI-free market capitalists an even deeper and wider degree of protection or insulation from the costs, risks & dangers of doing business. Instead of, or in addition to, free enterprise-based insurance companies, the anti-free market capitalist uses The State as an “insurance provider” of sorts. (But it is NOT really “insurance” in the full or proper sense of the word.)

Then, one result of the un-Civil War in the 1860s was the 14th Amendment. One thing the 14th Amendment passed into Federal, (allegedly) Constitutional Law in 1868, did was give corporations the rights & protections of Natural Human Beings.

Yet in the Original American Paradigm, a corporation, which is created by The State, cannot legitimately claim any rights of human beings, especially if those “rights” are detrimental to TRUE, Natural Human Beings, or Real People.

Corporation: The Nature of corporations was long ago and has become quite controversial. Whether they should have the rights of natural human beings is in deep, if not wide, dispute. However, from Bouvier’s Law Dictionary of 1856 (before the Civil War):

“In the case of Dartmouth College against Woodward, 4 Wheat. Rep. 626, Chief Justice Marshall describes a corporation to be “an artificial being, invisible, intangible, and existing only in contemplation of law. Being the mere creature of law,” continues the judge, “it possesses only those properties which the charter of its creation confers upon it, either expressly or as incidental to its very existence. These are such as are supposed best calculated to affect the object for which it was created. …” [Emphasis added]

~ https://constitution.org/1-Constitution/bouv/bouvier_c.htm

Where Do RIGHTS Come From?

Individual Americans must make a HIGHLY PERSONAL DECISION …

The Founding of America (rather than the earlier occupation of America by the British King and his minions for strictly economic reasons) was based on the RELIGIOUS and BIBLICAL idea that RIGHTS come from GOD. That those Rights are un-alienable (or in-alienable) and could not be taken away by any earthly being.

As the printed Bible became more available to more people, it became clear that the God of the Old Testament did NOT want human beings living under the authoritarian, totalitarian rule of a king, an emperor, or Ceasar. In fact, in First Samuel (OT), God told his people, the Israelites, that taking a king to rule over them was a very bad idea, and they would eventually suffer for it.

God, through Samuel, described to the Israelites that their society would eventually become highly militarized, and they’d become like serfs or slaves to the kings’ whims and military adventurism. …

Sound Familiar? The People of America today are basically a voting block and financing mechanism for the sociopathic / psychopathic people behind the scenes, many of whom are deeply engaged with the military / industrial / energy / banking complex.

When the Pilgrims landed in America, they knew they were mostly on their own, so they all signed a charter that made The People the source of law in their community, not a king.

At the same time, the idea of the Laws of Nature had a similar concept, that human beings were, by way of their birth and how nature itself works — in possession of RIGHTS that were inherent in the principles or laws of nature.

This led to somewhat of a conflict. The Enlightenment and Scientific Revolution had some people moving away from ideas of a “God.” Yet many of these “non-God” people ALSO did NOT believe they should be subject to the whims of any king or ruling class.

It took a could of hundred years, but these ideas converged in the American Revolution, when Thomas Jefferson wrote what might be the most diplomatic phrase in history, that being ” … the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God” in the Declaration of Independence.

Therefore, the Pro-Biblical, God-fearing people had a common ground with those were more nature and science-oriented, and not as much God-oriented. Christians were in the vast majority at that time, but the People of America needed to find common ground to take on the challenges of removing themselves from the clutches of the King of England.

REGARDLESS … YOU must make a Decision.

Do YOU believe that your Rights, Liberties, Freedom & Prosperity come from The State, the government, from other men on Earth?

OR … do you believe your Rights, Liberties, Freedom & Prosperity come from a higher power that is above and beyond The State, or the Government, or some Wise Council of Human Beings?

BECAUSE, if you believe your rights come from some Earthly Being or Group of Beings (such as “the Collective”) then those Rights, Liberties, Freedoms & Prosperity can be taken away from YOU by THEM. In fact, they are not even truly Rights. They are merely privileges.

BUT, if you believe your Rights, Liberties, Freedom & Prosperity are yours, inherently at birth, from a higher power — be it the Laws of Nature or a God — then they cannot be taken away from You by any Earthly Being.

Which Idea Do YOU Believe? … This is important, because all through history, rights and freedoms had to be TAKEN by The People. Most of the time they were FOUGHT for. But truly fighting for something is very difficult if you don’t have a Core Belief that you are Right, and are fighting for something TRUE and GOOD.

As paraphrased from a verse in the Bible:

Be Yee Hot, or Be Yee Cold,
But Be Yee NOT Lukewarm,
Lest I Spit Thee From My Mouth.

~ Revelation 3:16

Apparently, God does not like people who are in the “Middle of the Road.”

Too many people in America today have never had to pay much of a price for their Rights & Freedoms. Or rather, the price of their Rights & Freedom has been deferred for many decades.

Many people were conned (as in con-job) into believing our “military” was paying our Price Of Freedom for us all. But we were fooled. As Smedly Butler discovered and revealed, the U.S. Military, ever since the Civil War, was actually fighting for the profits and consolidation of power for the military / industrial / energy / banking complex.

We The People (collectively speaking) were actually voting for and financing our own serfdom and slavery. For 150 plus years, one war at a time, we were steadily feeding Power & Wealth to the “Powers That Be,” those war- and power-mongers who wanted Power, Profits, Prestige, Privileges — and a fifth “P” having to do with sexual organs for their perverse gratifications.

From the book, War is a Racket, by Major General Smedley Butler

“War is a racket. It always has been. It is possibly the oldest, easily the most profitable, surely the most vicious. It is the only one international in scope. It is the only one in which the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives.

“A racket is best described, I believe, as something that is not what it seems to the majority of the people. Only a small ‘inside’ group knows what it is about. It is conducted for the benefit of the very few, at the expense of the very many. Out of war a few people make huge fortunes.”

“I believe in adequate defense at the coastline and nothing else. If a nation comes over here to fight, then we’ll fight. The trouble with America is that when the dollar only earns 6 percent over here, then it gets restless and goes overseas to get 100 percent. Then the flag follows the dollar and the soldiers follow the flag.”

“Looking back on it, I might have given Al Capone a few hints. The best he could do was to operate his racket in three districts. I operated on three continents.”

~ Major General Smedley Butler
US Marine Corps
Antiwar Activist : 1881-1940

The “Corporatization” of America into the “United States”

It USED to be The united States OF America (uS of A).
NOW, it is the United States OR America (USA).

The united States OF America (notice the small “u” in “united,” as it was originally written at our founding) was designed as a Constitutional Republic under Common Law. But ever since the Civil War in the 1860s, the principles and morals — the Original Paradigm —  of the uS of A were slowly, gradually abandoned and replaced by a completely foreign system of law and life.

It was that Original Paradigm that acknowledged and protected our PRE-EXISTING Rights, Liberties, Freedoms & Prosperity. A paradigm in which We The People were and are the Rulers, and the government, The State, is the Servant.

One example was pollution. 200 plus years ago, it was aganst the Common Law for ANY business or private person to pollute the air, land or water in their area. This was enforced by way of other, affected property owners suing based on private property rights.

If you were dumping a toxic chemical into a river, and the effects of that damaged the property of another property owner downstream, you could be sued for interfereing with the value and conditions of the affected private property. The courts would order you to stop polluting and provide restitution to the affected property owner. You would need to “make them whole” again. You would need to bring their property back to it’s unpolluted status.

It is interesting that Marxists and Socialists / Communists want to get rid of ALL private property. … Truth is, they do not want YOU to have private property. They want ALL control of ALL property, and ALL labor, and ALL transactions. If they do not “legally” or “officially” own it, but have full access to it and control over it, then they WIN, Big Time!

Yet a foreign system, the system of the Ruling Elites — of the kings, pharoahs and emperors — of many thousands of years of human history, has been reasserting itself in America. It was a system in which a few people at the top had ALL the power and wealth. And that kept We The People in poverty, in supplication, in serfdom, and in many cases slavery for much of human history.

So *THEY* set to work against the property rights of individual human beings.

Because if *THEY* were caught polluting someone else’s land, air or water, the (obviously compromised or bought off) judges in the courts began ruling that the overall “gross national product,” the business of the nation, as a collective whole was more important than the property rights of any individual human being or family.

So, the “rights” of the polluters became more important than the “rights” of those negatively affected by the polluters. Thus began the slow erosion of individual property rights for the sake of the “collective” interests of everyone else. Which were really the “interests” of Big Business.

This in turn led to the general degradation of the environment by business “interests.” But those “interests” were not satisfied to win each step of the way, one case at a time. They wanted a broad brush solution to any interference with their business actiivites.

They needed a bigger, wider concept to silence or stop any resistance to their activities. They did not want any of us “little people” interfering with their plans,  ambitions, and profits.

Government, Private Parties, and Rights

WHAT is the mechanism by which *THEY* have been reasserting their desires and ambitions to regain their ancient and supposedly “superior” status and power as The Ruling Elite? … HOW have they been taking away our rights?

Many people talk about “private corporations.” And allegedly being “private,” they are supposedly not subject to restrictions such as the Constitutional Bill of Rights, as is the government.

We are told that the Bill Of Rights in the U.S. Constitution only restricts the government, the state, and does not apply to private people, groups, or interests.

The Declaration of Indpendence says …

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, …”

So, we are told goverments are instituted to secure our rights. But then, the only group our rights are protected from is the government. So if the government is the only group government can protect us against, why have government in the first place?

We are told that so-called Private Companies can violate our Rights & Freedoms, such as, they can make us wear masks when we enter their stores. Or that if we are carrying a gun, they can deny us entry and service, even though we all (supposedly) have 2nd Amendment Rights that cannot be infringed.

Look at it this way: Both Common Law and Bibilical Law say (paraphrasing) to “Do no murder.” So if someone gets murdered, it is the job of the police, a subset of The State, to investigate, aprehend, and incarcerate the murderer. Whether it happens in a corporate store, in a private home, or wherever, the police are supposed to take the case with due dilligence.

Yet if someone violates our right to carry a firearm, which shall NOT be infringed, the police can do nothing about it?

This is a complex topic that would take an entire book, or several books, in itself. But WHERE do we draw the line? WHO or WHAT determines what my rights are in so-called “private” situations? WHERE are the boundaries? And WHEN can we properly assert our rights, and toward whom?

BUT, are Corporations and their facilites and properties truly private? Or are they extensions of The State? We are told many corporations are “private” and can restrict our activities or possessions.

Are You A “Person” OR A People?

Yet ALL corporations are, by legal definition, creatures of statute, brought into being by way of legislative acts. They are Created By and are Creatures OF The State. Their very existence is created by and dependent upon the existence and control of the State.

They are NOT “natural people” in any way, shape, or form. They are “persons” in legal terminology, but not people. YOU are a people, NOT a “person,” as far as the Common Law is concerned.

A corporation might be held by private parties, but that does NOT make the corporatoin itself “private.”

By legal obfuscation, however, such not-so-small small details have been widely ignored.

One example of state intervention in private “interests” in long-ago Europe was the Guild System (a forerunner of Unions) designed to protect the jobs and profits of tradesmen, at the expense of the less protected laborers. The “King’s Power” was used to limit competition, and to protect the status, markets and profits of the “Special Interest” (state-approved) tradesmen.

This made a few Speical Interest groups very wealthy, in comparison, and everyone else stuck in poverty.

American Fascism in the Making

Anyway, Alexander Hamilton’s American System was an avenue to quietly & covertly bring the fascism of the Roman Empire and mercantilism of England & Europe back into America, doing an end-run around the American Constitutional Republic, Bill of Rights & Common Law.

Yet it was not until the 14th Amendment, a by-product of the un-Civil War, after a two-year battle in Congress, was passed in 1868. That “Hamilton’s Vision” was at least partially passed into law. It was in great part passed because of how sections two, three, and four of the 14th Amendment handled “The Negro Problem” (what to do about the newly freed slaves) and “punished the South” for attempting to secede from the Union. Yet another element, the first section, was not so well known.

As described by Charles Wallace Collins, MA, in his 1912 book The Fourteenth Amendment and the States:

“The real vital element of the [14th] Amendment lay in section one. The revolutionary doctrines therein contained were couched in vague and general terms. When read by the average voter it meant little or nothing. On the basis of this section the party could make no effective appeal, …

“This punitive element in the motive for the adoption of the Amendment was the largest factor in securing its ratification. Nobody understood section one. Everybody understood sections two, three and four. … 

“What was the motive and the aim of the Republican Party in adopting the Fourteenth Amendment? …

1.) Punishment of the South [for exercising their constitutional RIGHT to leave the Union ~DSL];

2.) The elevation of the negro to the plane of equality with the white race;

3.) The centralization of large powers into the hand of the Federal Government — powers hitherto exercised by the States. … This would have the effect of withdrawing from the States much auth-ority and power which they had exercised under the Constitution. … The States’ Rights theory was in disrepute.

[Actually States’ have Powers. Humans have Rights and they Delegate Powers to the various levels of government. ~DSL] In the final test of sovereignty — physical force [the Un-Civil War] — the national spirit had won. [National as one whole country versus individual States’ Powers ~DSL]. …

The radical wing of [the Republican Party] was willing to go to great lengths in making changes in the governmental system. …  They desired to nationalize all civil rights; to make the Federal power supreme; and to bring the private life of every citizen directly under the eye of [the Federal] Congress. …”

One significant commentary on the 14th Amendment ratification was from Representative Chanler of New York, as described in Collins’ book:

“Centralization, sir, is the constant and direct tendency of all of these measures. … Sir, the grand distinctive policy of this government is that all power arises from the people, and that all power that descends upon the people is exceptional and hostile to the spirit of our constitution and to the whole system of our government in form and in spirit.”

~ Charles Wallace Collins, MA
The Fourteenth Amendment and the States, 1912

What We Are Seeing Here Is One of THE Major Steps … taken to erode or even destroy the system of government we call the American Constitutional Republic under Common Law & Delegated Partial Representation. We are seeing the erosion or destruction of the Original American System I will be describing a few pages down from here.

Defenders of the *American System*

The *American System Now* website defends & advocates for Hamilton by saying:

“While Hamilton asserted that the Federal government had to take the lead in all of these areas, Hamilton was by no means calling for state control. Indeed, while his National Bank was partly owned by the Federal Government, and both reported to and was supervised by it, it was not run by Federal bureaucrats: its purpose was not just to help the Federal government regulate the national currency and finances, but to act as a commercial bank to foster industry, agriculture and commerce (what
today we would call the private sector).”

~ https://americansystemnow.com/alexander-hamilton/

Thousands of years of history demonstrate all too well that rarely can a political body with legislative AND executive powers, AND a judicial court — or priestcraft (who take on the function of deciding what is “right” or not) — to back them up, resist getting increasingly involved in the affairs of commerce and business. That’s because commerce and business provide the actual wealth, the goods & services everyone, including the King, needs to survive and prosper. 

As Thomas DiLorenzo points out:

“Modern governments actually spend relatively little on programs and systems that benefit all citizens, such as national defense or the judicial system [or Hamiltons’ suggested programs ~DSL]; mainly they are concerned with infringing on the property rights of one (less politically powerful) group of citizens for the benefit of another (more politically powerful) group.” [Emphasis added]

~ Thomas J. DiLorenzo
How Capitalism Saved America:
The Untold History of Our Country,
from the Pilgrims to the Present

Yet ironically, as is reported by the website *American System Now,* Hamilton believed that:

“Crucial among the advantages of developing such an economy, Hamilton argued, was the cultivation of the creative powers of the human mind. In fact, those powers represented the actual source of wealth in the economy, since they produced the labor-saving inventions on which increasing productivity depended.” [This NOT a direct quote of Hamilton]

~ https://americansystemnow.com/alexander-hamilton/

Hamilton was of course quite correct that the Powers of the Human Mind are paramount in just about EVERY-THING. And YES, they should be supported & cultivated. Yet one could VERY easily argue the U.S. FedGov has done MUCH to suppress creativity & innovation of individual human minds, therefore interfering with otherwise resulting innovation, production & prosperity. State Regulations very often do far more to suppress than to enhance any activity you can think of.

Let’s just look at ONE aspect of government-regulated society and teaching of minds, compulsory education:

“I’ve concluded that genius is as common as dirt. We suppress genius because we haven’t yet figured out how to manage a population of educated men and women. The solution, I think, is simple and glorious. Let them manage themselves.”

“Slowly I began to realize that the bells and the confinement, the crazy sequences, the age-segregation, the lack of privacy, the constant surveillance, and all the rest of the national curriculum of schooling were designed exactly as if someone had set out to prevent children from learning how to think and act, to coax them into addiction and dependent behavior.”

“Schools were designed by Horace Mann and Barnard Sears and Harper of the University of Chicago and Thorndyke of Columbia Teachers College and some other men to be instruments of the scientific management of a mass population. Schools are intended to produce through the application of formulae, formulaic human beings whose behavior can be predicted and CONTROLLED.”

~ John Taylor Gatto

Governments who want to control, and have power over people or societies, cannot allow too much “cultivation of the creative powers of the human mind” and resulting innovation & productivity.

WHY? To efficiently control large numbers of people, you need lowest common denominator thinking and rules. Because when a large block of creative human beings keep coming up with new ideas, inventions & behaviors, it is too difficult to control the resulting innovations and the people producing them.

When people get too free & prosperous, they get harder to control.

Too many “top-down statists” are driven by quests for Power & Control over other human beings, often as sociopaths. They look to suppress “too much innovation.” They only allow what they can control.

And if you, as the Ruler, are living off of everyone else, and living better than everyone else, so what if you’re suppressing the Next New Thing? So what if you’ve only got a Flip Phone instead of a Smart Phone? Because if no one else has a Smart Phone (too much power there), your Sense of Power & Control is FAR more important to you than any new modern convenience might be. And you are probably staying ahead of the common people anyway.

Yet as soon as The People start getting too innovative and too much prosperity, and start feeling too free and independent, your levels of Power & Control start going DOWN. And THAT is possibly the worst thing that can happen to a power-monger.

European Kings would have, for example, hundreds of pages of rules on things — (such as) how to sew a sweater (for example, protecting the Sweater Sewing Guilds) — so that certain people or groups were protected by their STATUS with the King & Royal Courts could keep their competition reduced to a minimum, or eliminated altogether.

That State of Corruption suppressing the Masses of People was just ONE of the things motivating many people to come to the New World in the 1600s and establish colonies in the face of harsh uncertainty & adversity, even death.

Yet Abraham Lincoln, the highest-paid “corporate* ” attorney in Illinois in is day, and maybe nationally, had gained the favor of the Industrialists he worked for. (The Industrialists were, for example, builders of railroads, canals, & roads.)

* Corporate: Technically, “corporations” had nowhere near the power they do now in America. Early Americans did not want them because they had just fought a Revolution to get rid of highly corruptible things like mercantilism. So, business was done primarily via Business TRUSTS. These were “con-tracts” between parties giving various rights, benefits & protections. But they only had power among the people who actually signed the contract. What few corporations existed were tightly restricted in what they could do.

Yet corporations offered much wider benefits such as the collectivist / socialist idea of limited liability — the “social” redistribution of RISK to be absorbed across all of society & taxpayers. So instead of The King absorbing the risks of business, such risks would now be distributed across society as a whole, primarily the taxpayers.

One of the Primary Benefits to Lincoln’s Special Interests of the Civil War was implementation of the 14th Amendment. The war “decided” that the FedGov was Supreme over the states in most things, directly contradicting the Original Intent of the Constitution and most of the signers. The “14th” addition to the Constitution gave existence & “life” to corporations by giving them the status of “natural persons,” that being living, breathing human beings.

As well, rather than being a complete “freeing of the black slaves,” what the 14th Amendment REALLY did was move most Americans to the status of Federal Citizens rather than State Citizens. The People were no longer as insulated from excessive FedGov interference because now, their status & freedoms came from FedGov rather than the State they lived in.

This began a decades-long erosion of State’s Powers putting all Americans increasingly close to the status of FEDERAL serfs or even wage slaves. (The American Colonists revolted against King George for a 3% tax on incomes of more than $800 per year. And $800 was a LOT of money back then!)

Today, we pay nearly half our incomes to the various local, state & federal governments. Some people say because of “hidden taxes,” it’s a LOT MORE than half.

And if you pay attention to what has been happening, the American People are now considered by FedGov to be heavily subject to the powers & controls & edicts of FedGov. Joe Biden said the Rights in the Constitution are “not absolute.” But Joe, inalienable rights MEANS absolute rights. … That erosion or taking away of our rights is NOT a future prediction. That IS what IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW, TODAY, in what is “left” of America.

We The People have been corporatized — incorporated into a Federal Body Politic. And as far as “They” are concerned, they OWN us, just as the Kings of Europe believed they “owned” their subjects.

When parents complaining to school boards about what’s being taught to their children are called terrorists, you KNOW something is wrong.

When “mostly peaceful protestors” are in jail for a year in severe conditions, you KNOW something is wrong!

Our Original American Paradigm, supported by our Constitutional Republic under Common Law, held its ground for about eight decades. The forces of centralization of operations & consolidation of power into the hands of fewer & fewer government bureaucrats and politicians were resisted for a long time. Until Good Old Honest Abe showed up. But despite much of his “freedom” rhetoric, Abe was a Firm Believer in the Power of Government to Control The People. …

“Lincoln labored mightily in the political trenches of the Whig and Republican parties for nearly three decades on behalf of this economic agenda, but with only minor success. The Constitution stood in the way of the Whig economic agenda as one American president after another vetoed internal improvement and national bank bills. Beginning with Jefferson, Madison, and Monroe, Southern statesmen were always in the forefront of the opposition to this economic agenda.

According to Lincoln scholar Mark Neely, Jr., Lincoln seethed in frustration for many years over how the Constitution stood in the way of his political ambitions. Lincoln thought of himself as the heir to the Hamiltonian political tradition, which sought a much more centralized governmental system, one that would plan economic development with corporate subsidies financed by protectionist tariffs and the printing of money by the central government.” [Emphasis added]

~ Thomas J. DiLorenzo
The Real Lincoln: A New Look at Abraham Lincoln, His Agenda, and an Unnecessary War

Abe Lincoln was well known to be an unhappy, maybe even a sick man. As I described in my Report on “Who Are They?” titled “Homo-Narcissisus-Degener-US,” maybe Good Old Abe had a genetically or metabolically driven, excessive, sociopathic power drive?

Regardless of WHY, he was in many ways THE Primary Man in American History who turned America AWAY from its Founding Principles and toward nearly the exact opposite of what the Revolutionary War was fought for. A war to free us from the clutches of European & English forms of totalitarian government and mercantilism. …

“According to Senator John Taylor of Virginia, Hamilton and the nationalists proposed ‘a national government,’ nearly conforming to that of England. … By Colonel Hamilton’s project, the states were fairly and openly to be restored to the rank of provinces and to be made as dependent upon a supreme national government [what we now call the federal government ~DSL], as they had been upon a supreme British government. …

“Jefferson and his followers understood completely what they were up against, and they considered it an outrage that their political adversaries were determined to adopt the very system they had fought a revolution to escape from. Jefferson called it ‘consolidation bottomed on corruption.’

Jefferson ally U.S. senator John Taylor of Virginia said that Hamilton’s proposed mercantilist scheme was ‘undoubtedly the best which has ever appeared for extracting money from the people; and commercial restrictions [i.e., tariffs] … are its most effectual means for accomplishing this object. No equal mode of enriching the party of government, and impoverishing the party of the people, has ever been discovered.’

“The ‘British system without the British,’ as Murray N. Rothbard* described the original Hamilton-Morris scheme, had finally come to America. Gone were the days when strict constructionists like Jefferson and Madison would make principled constitutional arguments against such an unconstitutional use of tax dollars.

Constitutional scruples were thrown out the door — as Lincoln’s corporate benefactors must have known would be the case. The policy and practice of federally funded corporate welfare was born. Abraham Lincoln is thus the Founding Father of crony [corporate] capitalism in America — even more than Hamilton, Morris, or Henry Clay.” [Emphasis added]

~ Thomas J. DiLorenzo
The Problem with Lincoln: The False Virtue of Abraham Lincoln
Regnery History. Kindle Edition.

* Murray Rothbard, along with Ludwig von Mises, was among THE leading edge Thinkers & Educators on Free Markets, Free Minds, & Free Enterprise in the 20th Century. They were advocates of the Austrian School of Economics.

See Rothbard’s and Mises’ work at mises.org. On the home page, do a Search for “Rothbard”, and then on “mises”.

SO … There You Have It …

That’s Quite An Indictment of Good Old “Honest Abe” Lincoln! He was THE Front Man (acting on behalf of his behind-the-scenes Power Elite who were the Powers Behind the Throne) who returned America back toward the very thing we had fought the Revolutionary War to free ourselves of. … Or at least nearly so.

But of Course, Abe was only bringing back what was the primary state of affairs for many hundreds of years in the West, and maybe thousands of years worldwide. He was, most likely, a product of the Old Ways of Civilization. That being, belief in a reliance on rulers and states who could manage society and people to everyone’s alleged benefit. 

Or at least the benefit of the Ruler. … Yet Lincoln was bought & paid for by the very people who would, someday in America, become what we today call the Power Elite, the Establishment, and so on.

Yet it goes right along with Lincoln’s completely unnecessary Un-Civil War attack on the South. That was an anti-Constitutional, anti-Human show of force that destroyed the lives of at very least 600,000 human beings and ruined The South for decades. … Yet even England and Brazil freed THEIR slaves without firing a shot!

So what was Lincoln REALLY up to? … The un-Civil War was more about taxation & federal control of society, rather than freeing the slaves. But although I have MUCH to say and evidence to show about THAT question, that’s outside the scope of this particular publication. …

But to learn more on such things, you can do an Internet-Search for “Thomas DiLorenzo” and get a LOT of good info on all that and check out his various books. You can go to Amazon.com or mises.org.

SO, What WAS the Original American Paradigm?

The American Revolution was in many ways a Culmination of at least 4,000 years of Evolving Society, the development of what we call Western Civilization. There are too many aspects of that Evolution to list in a page or two. But we can get a good start with a basic list of elements & characteristics.

The Following List (on next page) is NOT Comprehensive. Yet it covers a LOT of ground. …

I provide the Basic List first, then when I have more time, I’ll provide more in-depth explanations to follow.

BUT, I think it’s important to ask the Question, HOW many Americans today could make a list of the Principles & Characteristics of the Original America?

As I wrote the list, I purposely did NOT consult any other sources when I typed it out JUST so I could get a good idea of how many Principles of America *I* knew off the top of my head.

I came up with 45 — that’s FORTY FIVE. … I could have gone on for more, but I filled up one full page, one line per item, and thought that was enough. … For Now. …

I wanted something a reader could just print out the one page for a reference source.

I will of course add more when I have more time.

And just so you know, I have several reports I’ve written over the last two months or so. I’ve got well over 400 hours into these reports in about ten weeks’ time. … But at some point, the information HAS to get out there. … 

So I had to say Enough Is Enough, for NOW.

And if I get a Good Response on what I have written so far, I will continue to write more, to fill in the blanks of WHAT America was originally designed to be.

HOW it was successful for Americans, the process of HOW America began to be eroded, the COST of that erosion, and WHAT We The People can, or MUST do, to take America BACK from those who want to radically change America into their Personal Royal Kingdom.

To see what else I’ve got to offer along these lines, please go to: https://davidscottlynn.com/maga

If you’re a Health Care Practitioner, you might prefer: https://americanyogi.us/maga

At American Yogi I am soon adding a more aggressive political focus for those of us who practice Whole Health Therapeutics of various kinds, sometimes known as “alternative” therapies. Especially the Question of whether we will be determined to be “non-essential” again if we have another lockdown, and what we can do about that.

America Is Not A “Piece Of Real Estate”

Well, OKAY, one of the things about America is where it is located and the characteristics of its land mass.

Yet there is a LOT more to America than just its physical properties. …

There are IDEAS developing over thousands of years culminating in the American Revolution — the Amerivcan Evolution.

The Below List is a good start in recognizing what America “IS” rather than WHERE it’s located.

To BE an American would imply you agree with at least MOST of the below 45 Principles.

At Least, that is what *I* Think

Here’s the List …

1. Each Human Being is Uniquely Valuable In & Of Themselves and Deserves Their Own Life … (A Gift from God)

2. Each Human Being is Born EQUAL in SPIRIT & LAW.Status Can NOT Confer Special Privileges in Law

3. The LAW Cannot Treat One Person Differently than Another, No Matter How Wealthy or Privileged They Are

4. Agreement, Contract & PerformanceMeritocracy — ideally Self-Determine One’s “Privileges” or “Earnings” (monetary or otherwise) in Life

5. NO Human Being Can Rightfully be Sacrificed, unless Voluntarily, for a mostly Mythical Greater Good of “The Collective”

6. To Protect The Collective, Protect Each Individual Member of the Collective as an Equal Individual

7. Individual Human Beings have UNALIENABLE Rights & Liberties from God or Nature, pre-existing The State

8. In Order to Protect One’s OWN Rights & Property, One Agrees to NOT Interfere or Infringe on Another’s Rights & Property 

9. The States, Local or Federal, Can NOT Infringe or Remove Such God- or Nature-Given Rights & Liberties

10. Nature is a “Chaotic” System, Successfully Arising & Self-Organizing from Bottom-Up, not Top-Down

11. Human Nature Is ALSO Self-Organizing from Ground- or Bottom-UP. … Top-Down Interference is Harmful, especially if authoritarian or totalitarian in nature

12. Society Does NOT Need a Top-Down Authoritarian Ruler to Rule Over or Control Individuals, The People, or Society

13. Society is Inhibited or SUFFERS (often to the Point of Destruction) Under Authoritarian, Centralized Rule

14. Consolidation of Power in a Few Hands Tends to Breed Corruption, Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely (Lord Action)

15. Self-Controlled, Lawful, Individual Human Beings Produce a Far Better Society than does Top-Down Control

16. VOLUNTARILY Taking Care of the Poor, the Infirm, the Widows & Orphans: Voluntary Charity Produces a Better Society

17. Top-Down, Forced Charity & Wealth Redistribution CORRUPTS Society, Erodes Moral Fiber 

18. “Majority Rule” is a Weak & Dangerous Way to Run Society, Must Be Moderated or Eliminated as Much as Possible

19. No “Majority” Can VOTE AWAY the Rights & Liberties of ANY other Human Being Who Observes Rights of Others

20. Persuasion as Social Power is more Efficient, Effective & Evolutionary than Force, Fraud, Coercion, or Violence

21. Discovering & Following Laws of Nature & Human Nature, and Nature’s God, Provides the Most Freedom, Prosperity, & Security 

22. Social Tranquility Arises from The People following a Law Common Among The People — The Common Law

23. Radical DE-Centralization is a Primary Secret to a Successful, Peaceful, Prosperous Society

24. Punishment for Crimes should be Reasonably Equivalent to the Severity of the Crime

25. Private Property Rights are Superior to Collectively Owned Property on ALL Accounts

26. Free MInds, Free Enterprise, & Free Markets Produce a FAR more Productive & Free Community

27. Unleashing the Creativity & Innovation of Unique Individuals is The Secret to Many Things

28. Human Beings Prosper Most in a System of Protected Rights, Liberties & Freedoms

29. Human Beings Should NEVER Establish a Centralized System of Control that Attracts Power- or War-Mongers

30. Free, Unfettered Communication & Sharing of Ideas is the BEST Way to Discover The Truth

31. An Individual Human Being is Sovereign in their Home and on their Land

32. The PEOPLE, as a Whole People, are Sovereign in their Communities, States & Country

33. The People are Superior to the Counties, which are Superior to the States, and the States are Superior to the Federal State, as Expressly Enumerated

34. The United States has been Organized as a Constitutional Republic Under Common Law

35. Common Law is a Bottom-Up Law Common Among the People, Evolved in Society over Many Centuries

36. Working Exclusively for “Greater Good” SELDOM Works to the Good of ANYONE Except the Power Elite

37. In Civil or Criminal Complaints, Individuals are Presumed INNOCENT Until Proven Guilty

38. Free Minds — Freedom of Ideas, Speech, Publication & Religion — is Critically Beneficial to Society as a Whole

39. The JURY of 12 TRUE PEERS is the Fairest Form of Prosecution and a Protection Against Bad Laws

40. Accumulation of Resources, Goods, & Tools, and Proper Application Thereof, Lead to More Prosperous Life

41. Unjust Weights & Measures (fake money) is Destructive to Society. Hard Money is Critical to Long-term Social Success

42. Multi-Generational, Extended Families and Local Communities provide MOST of what “The State” Poorly Attempts to Provide

43. Division of Labor, Specialization of Skills, Provides Great Improvements to ALL in a Community

44. Yet Excessive Specialization, Too Narrow a Focus in Life, Causes Many other Problems

45. For Humanity to Evolve & Excel, Each Generation Must Teach the Next to Be Better than The Previous One