What Is Yoga?

YOGA: The Quality of Attention or Mindfulness one pays to or invests in whatever they are doing at any moment.

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Yogic Meditation, Mindfulness & Reflective Thinking

YOGA: The Bringing Together, (according to a Sanskrit Concordance) the “Yoking” of various Elements of any potential system or process, be it material (physical) or psycho-emotional, or in business ventures, or any of life’s endeavors, leading to higher states of Peace, Freedom, Prosperity and/or Physical / Mental / Emotional Health for each Unique, Individual Human Being.

YOGA: The Merging of Mind, Emotion & Physical Structure into an Integrated Whole System, at which point some people say a “Spiritual Experience” Emerges.

YOGA: Is an Introspection in to the Feeling, Thinking, and Meditative Self, leading to deeper & more expansive Self-Knowledge, Insight & Wisdom.

* “Meditation” in Western Culture: For those, especially Christians, who believe “meditation” is “anti-Biblical,” they have been terribly deceived by the “translators” of the Bible who’ve hidden or eliminated VERY important elements of the Teachings of Jesus. One of those teachings was the critically important concept of meditation, known by a different name in the times of Jesus. That name was “Naphsha.”


The Psycho-Spiritual Phenomena of the New Testament, based on Old Testament Tradition

Naphsha is an Aramaic word used by Jesus (and Buddha) in their teachings, such as the Sermon On The Mount, referring to a state or process of mind that would very clearly be called “meditation” in today’s Western terminology.

Naphsha referred to the linking or unification of the Conscious and sub- or un-Conscious minds of a particular Human Being, under the Guidance of a LAW.

That LAW, of course, was — and I will say STILL is — the Ten Commandments and the (approximately) 700 sub-Statutes in the Decalogue, the first five books of the Old Testament in the Bible. Buddhism had its Noble Truths, and Yoga has its Yama’s & Niyamas, with essential similarities.

More technically, the word Naphsha refers to a preconscious aspect of the mind, somewhere between the brain stem, limbic system, and cerebral cortex, allowing for linking between conscious processes and ones deeper, sub-, or un-conscious Self.

And herein lies a NEXUS between Eastern & Western Spirituality.


To make a long story short, the psychological and spiritual aspects of Western civilization were, essentially, removed from the social and religious discourse by translation. … Or lack of translation, more accurately.

WHO Did This?

As described by my number three mentor in Life, Kevin Cullinane, there is the Priest-HOOD, the Seekers of Truth. These are Human Beings devoted to exploring & discovering The Truth about Nature, about Human Nature, and about Nature’s God.

Then there is the Priest-CRAFT, those who twist the truth to gain power, prestige, profits, and other benefits. These are the kind of people who do NOT want most Human Beings to know much about the Nature Of Reality, as it gives too much Power To The People, and deprives the power-seekers of their ability to dominate The People in a society or civilization.

In Jungian Psychology, one would say the Priest-CRAFT is “psychically inflated” to the point they desire to dominate other human beings. They dominate, or even rule over, The Masses, The People who are “psychically deflated.”

Eventually, those who are deflated suffer the oppressions of those who are inflated. This is one reason the God of the Old Testament commanded His People to NOT allow a political leadership to be installed in their countries.

Because psychically inflated people are naturally attracted to centralized sources of power by which they can decide and manipulate the psychically deflated People.

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