How To Save America from Insurrection by Deep
State, Communo-Fascist, Techno-Globalists?

CORRECTION: I titled this page 100 Deep State Globalists.
BUT, I got to thinking. David Rockefeller passed away a few years ago.
George HW Bush passed away a few years ago. Zbigniew Brzeziński
passed away a few years ago. Maurice Strong passed away a few
years ago. Robert McNamara passed away a few years ago.
Henry Kissinger passed away this year.

ALL of them were among THE most anti-American, anti-Freedom,
and Deadly People to exist. YET, WHAT has changed? NOT MUCH.
The Evil Deeds of such people has spread down among the Bureaucrats
and Elected Officials that we could probably see a THOUSAND of
them pass away. But WHAT would change? … Not Much.

THEREFORE, it is NOT about any one or more of those individuals
or any of their successors, of which there re probably thousands
waiting to move up the line. Their legacies have taken on a life of
it’s own. A systemic debacle in need of a COMPLETE cleansing.
It’s actually been over a 150 years in the making here in what’s
left of America, if not longer.

Are WE The People up to the Task?

[This is a highly condensed version of many books,
papers and various materials on the History, Philosophy,
and Principles of Freedom in America. Yes, it is LONG.
Yet I attempted to distill thousands of pages of material
down to a relatively small document for YOU.]

A Communo-Fascist / Techno-Globalist Insurrection HAS BEEN
Infiltrating YOUR America for Well Over 100 Years.

Slowly, Gradually At First,
but Gaining Power & Velocity in Recent Decades.

save America from insurrection by Chinese communist party

President Xi of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party), with LOTS of Help from U.S. Politicians & Bureaucrats and Russia, Took Over the “Insurrection” from the Soviet Union. He is using Digital & Financial Technology, among Many Other Things, to Overthrow America. … Yet Xi is only ONE of MANY Elements of the Insurrection.

SO …
WHAT Are YOU Going
To DO About It? …
Before It Is TOO LATE?

make america great again

There Are MANY Things That CAN Be Done
to Save America from Insurrection by the
Far Left “Progressive*” Democrats and
more openly Communo-Fascist Factions …

But YOU Must Be Willing to DO Them.
Or At Least SOME of Them.

Because NO Leader Can DO It FOR Us.

As Trump Proved,
Someone like Trump can Buy Us Some Time.

[* So-called “Progressives” are actually RE-gressives, attempting to return to a far more PRIMITIVE system of government where a FEW “elite” people own EVERYTHING & control EVERYONE, and the MANY — the masses of people turned into serf or slaves — own nothing and must conform to the “collectivist” agendas of the Ruling Class, the self-proclaimed “elietes.” — This can NOT be allowed to continue one MINUTE longer.

Bit Unless WE The People Remember & Embrace the Original American Paradigm that ALL Power is INHERENT in The People (That’s You & I), and that Government Officials are supposed
to be Our Servants, and WE are The MASTERS …

And if WE Do Not Start TAKING ACTION Upon That NOW
(better yet, Yesterday),
then America Can Never Return to Its Former
Greatness, Freedom & Prosperity.

Otherwise, Mao Tse-tung’s famous saying will take over America, that being:

“All political power comes
from the barrel of a gun.”

(Mao on Right in Below Image)

Power from barrel of gun - Mao-Stalin-Lenin-Engles-Marx

Image from:

Among the Most Evil Killers of All Time
— In the Name of Communism —
Mao — Stalin — Lenin — Engles — Marx
(From Right to Left in the above image)

In case you wonder why *They* push so hard to get everyone to give up their Guns, the Full Quote from Mao is:

All political power comes from the barrel of a gun. The communist party must command all the guns, that way, no guns can ever be used to command the party. …

From his book On Protracted War.

One Purpose of this website is to help YOU get Back In Touch with what it Originally Meant to BE an American and a Civilized Human Being in the Thousands of Years old and ever-evolving Western Traditions.

And to know WHY & HOW Communism, Socialism, Fascism, Social Democracy, and other such “systems” (all subsets or forms of Collectivism) are dangerous to freedom & prosperity & often deadly to life itself.

Then we will help YOU Master the Knowledge & Insights (to the degree necessary) providing YOU with the POWER to KNOW what must be done to Restore and Save America from this Insurrection.

Then Help MOTIVATE & ASSIST You in DOING those things.

We Can Make America GREAT Again by
Making America AMERICA Again!

But Of Course, how many people living in America even KNOW what it is, or was, to BE an American? After All …

“America” is NOT Just A “Piece of Real Estate” …

“America” is NOT just a location on a map. America is a set of ideas, morals, principles & practices culminating after thousands of years of economic, social & political evolution.

Question Is, how many, or how much of, those ideas, morals, principles & practices do enough people have to EMBRACE & LIVE to actually BE an “American” and preserve its integrity & prosperity?

YES, that is a loaded question. But it must be answered by anyone who wants to live within the Rights, Liberties, Freedoms & Prosperity Americans enjoyed in the first half of their existence as a free, independent country.

But, did I say the “insurrection” has been going on for over 100 years?

Yes, I did. …

problem with Lincoln and lincolns marxists

Please See Books, Articles, Videos by Thomas DiLorenzo

If you read the books or articles or watch videos about Lincoln’s Marxists and The Real Lincoln, or The Problem With Lincoln, you’ll see that socialists were over-running America from long before Abraham Lincoln became president and started the (un-)Civil War.

In fact, much more detail on early socialists is available in the book by Arthur R. Thompson, In The Shadows of the Deep State, and published by the John Birch Society at

In Shadows of Deep State - 4th edition - council on foreign relations

Insightful book on Powers That Be such as the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) by Arthur R. Thomson at John Birch Society










An even Deeper Dive into his work is another of Arthur Thomson’s books:

To The Victor Go The Myths & Monuments: The History of the First 100 Years of the War Against God and the Constitution, 1776 – 1876, and Its Modern Impact — Kindle Edition

Then Lincoln, by his support for the so-called “American System” (which was anything BUT “American” as I am using the term here), helped usher in and legalize Crony-Corporatism, one of THE primary aspects of life under the European Kings that American Colonists were trying to get away from by coming to the American continent. (In those pre-American Revolution days, it was called mercantilism.)

You can read about that in my FREE e-Book, The Original American Paradigm, by Clicking on the Link Below and scrolling to the bottom of the page:

Here is a Quote from my e-Book on The Original American Paradigm

Abe Lincoln was well known to be an unhappy, maybe even a sick man. As I described in my Report on “Who Are They?” titled Homo-Narcissisus-Degener-US, maybe Good Old Abe had a genetically or metabolically driven, excessive, sociopathic power drive?


Regardless of WHY, he was in many ways THE Primary Man in American History who turned America AWAY from its Founding Principles and toward nearly the exact opposite of what the Revolutionary War was fought for. A war to free us from the clutches of European & English forms of totalitarian government and mercantilism. …


“According to Senator John Taylor of Virginia, Hamilton and the nationalists proposed ‘a national government,’ nearly conforming to that of England. … By Colonel Hamilton’s project, the states were fairly and openly to be restored to the rank of provinces and to be made as dependent upon a supreme national government [what we now call the federal government ~DSL], as they had been upon a supreme British government. …


“Jefferson and his followers understood completely what they were up against, and they considered it an outrage that their political adversaries were determined to adopt the very system they had fought a revolution to escape from. Jefferson called it ‘consolidation bottomed on corruption.’ Jefferson ally U.S. senator John Taylor of Virginia said that Hamilton’s proposed mercantilist scheme was ‘undoubtedly the best which has ever appeared for extracting money from the people; and commercial restrictions [i.e., tariffs] … are its most effectual means for accomplishing this object. No equal mode of enriching the party of government, and impoverishing the party of the people, has ever been discovered.’


“The ‘British system without the British,’ as Murray N. Rothbard* described the original Hamilton-Morris scheme, had finally come to America. Gone were the days when strict constructionists like Jefferson and Madison would make principled constitutional arguments against such an unconstitutional use of tax dollars. Constitutional scruples were thrown out the door — as Lincoln’s corporate bene-factors must have known would be the case. The policy and practice of federally funded corporate welfare was born. Abraham Lincoln is thus the Founding Father of crony [corporate] capitalism in America — even more than Hamilton, Morris, or Henry Clay.” [Emphasis added]

~ Thomas J. DiLorenzo
The Problem with Lincoln: The False Virtue of Abraham Lincoln … Regnery History. Kindle Edition


* Murray Rothbard, along with Ludwig von Mises, were among THE leading edge Thinkers & Educators on Free Markets, Free Minds, & Free Enterprise [and Severely Limited Government]  in the 20th Century. They were advocates of the Austrian School of Economics. … See Rothbard’s and Mises’ work at At the home page, do a Search for “rothbard”, and then on “mises”.


SO … There You Have It …


That’s Quite An Indictment of Good Old “Honest Abe” Lincoln! He was THE Front Man (acting on behalf of his behind the scenes Power Elite who were the Powers Behind the Throne) who returned America back toward the very thing we had fought the Revolutionary War to free ourselves of. …


Or at least nearly so.


But of Course, Abe was only bringing back what was the primary state of affairs for many hundreds of years in the West, and maybe thousands of years worldwide. He was, most likely, a product of the Old Ways of Civilization. That being, belief in a reliance on rulers and states who could manage society and people to everyone’s alleged benefit.


Or at least the benefit of the Ruler. … Yet Lincoln was bought & paid for by the very people who would, someday in America, become what we today call the Power Elite, the Establishment, and so on.


And did you see the mention of Jefferson’s “… political adversaries were determined to adopt the very system they had fought a revolution to escape from. Jefferson called it ‘consolidation bottomed on corruption.’ …” ???

That is today THE predominant theme in Washington DC and on down through the ranks to the local city councils: centralization of operations, consolidation of power, and corruption (usually monetary gain) at the foundation of it all. Because GREED is the initial factor getting so many politicians and bureaucrats to “buy in” to “the system.”

And that was the centralized, crony-corporate “American System” as opposed to the DE-centralized “Original American Paradigm.”

And as we will see in these various web pages, Collectivism, the father of communism and its various siblings, are all just covers, or fronts, for those people who want to consolidate their power so they can participate in corruption, which usually produces lucre.

• The word Profit means to advance or to move ahead, often involving money, but not necessarily, and is a good thing.

• Lucre (lucrative) is money often gained in a dishonest or dishonorable way.

So the Quest for Power & Lucre, and Control Over Other Human Beings, led to the development of collectivist ideas including communism. Communism is an EXCUSE to take power away from other human beings, control them, and to eventually make them into serfs & slaves.

Or DEAD if they do not cooperate.

ALL the “nice things” they say about “cooperation” or “community” or “sharing” or being “socially conscious” (forms of “socialism”), and so on, are just con-jobs run om people to seduce The People into giving up their minds, and eventually, their freedoms.

Or they become DEAD if they do not cooperate.

So the Communo-Fascist Insurrection in America began, at the latest, with Abraham Lincoln and the (un-)Civil War. Yet there are MANY examples of attempts at establishing socialism, if not outright communism, even in the early 1600s, long before the British American Colonies declared their independence from the King of England.

One Important Factor to Save America
from Insurrection …

To solve a problem, especially something as BIG as how to save America from insurrection, in a thorough & relevant way, it often pays to know as much as possible, within reason, about how the problem came about in the first place.

(You can, of course, get too deep into “research” & “learning” and never make an informed decision and then never Take Action.)

Yet enough knowledge helps prevent inadvertently doing things that caused the problems in the first place.

For Example, you often hear or read people talking or writing about restoring democracy or strengthening our democracy. Or they send soldiers to foreign countries to save our democracy while getting killed or maimed in the process.

Yet “democracy” is a dangerous thing, depending on how you define democracy.

Here is an Excerpt from my e-Book titled Make America AMERICA Again … One YOU At A Time … Also available at:

Do YOU Really Want A “Better Democracy”?

Article IV, Section. 4. [US Constitution] The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them from Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic Violence. … 

Why did the Constitution say “Republican Form” of Government rather than a “Democracy”?

MANY politicians & “experts” today talk about restoring or preserving “our democracy.” Some say there’s no real difference [between a republic and a democracy]. Do they even KNOW what a Constitutional Republic even IS? And how it works? … DO YOU? … And why it’s vastly different from a majority rule democracy?

If you’re going to FIGHT for something, You better KNOW what it is!!! …

Basic Structure of American Government:

(1) DEMOCRACY (Of The People)

Government OF The People, FOR The People, BY The People
The People are to Maintain Control of The State (AKA, Government) NOT allowing “bad actors” to take control of The State. … Voting, by itself, is NO WHERE NEAR enough. The People MUST
keep Very Close & Frequent Vigilance over their Servants.


WE The People elect (hire) Representatives to Administer & Manage CERTAIN, Limited Affairs of ours. The Representatives are (supposed to be) the Servants, WE The People are (supposed to be) the MASTERS. These are clearly outlined in the Constitution.

Elected & Appointed Representatives serve — in part — to act as a “buffer” between The People and Events / Emergencies of the Day. This provides a barrier between uninformed, emotionally driven, short-term, knee-jerk, political reactions (often leading to VERY bad legislation) versus proper laws and statutes.

(3) Democracy (Majority Rule — Socially Degenerative)

“Democracy” usually degenerates into, or is set up as, Majority Rule. That is a recipe for disaster. … One Person, One Vote, with no limits (limits such as Unalienable, Constitutional, Natural Rights), usually devolves to “MOB-ocracy.” … Chaos often results.

[Instead of a Pure Democracy … ] The Founding Fathers of America created a Constitutional Republic operating under Natural (or God-Given) Rights, Common Law (the Morality, Laws & Ethics Common Among The People) and Limited, Representative Democracy.

A complex system of Checks & Balances between branches & levels of government was erected to hold at bay those who would try to grab for power to take over the economy, the money, the people, or the country, or other parts of it.

Individual, UN-alienable Human Rights were acknowledged as PRE-Existing the State (NOT “FROM the State”) such that NO MATTER WHAT “the Majority” decided by voting, there were certain things that could NOT be taken away from, or done to, any Individual Human Being.

This included [but NOT limited to] the Rights to Life & Liberty, to the Pursuit of Property & Happiness. They were not promised or guaranteed to RECEIVE or HAVE property or happiness, only the right to pursue it and keep it by their own efforts & lawful protections. The only major restriction or limit on Rights is NO person could interfere with another human beings’ rights without penalty.


And OH, By The Way, did you notice in Article IV, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution that it said: “protect each of them [the States] from invasion”?

What happened to THAT? Our southern border is without a doubt in process of being invaded by tens of thousands of foreigners coming here illegally, soon to be far more (hundreds of thousands*), and the federal government is encouraging it, and doing nothing about it. THAT is a failure to follow their Oath of Office as their job clearly delineated in the Constitution and should be prosecuted as such.

* A United Nations document “suggested” that as many as 600 MILLION illegal foreigners should be migrated to the United States. (!!!) That is twice the current population of the U.S.

ANYWAY … despite their Great Efforts to guarantee a Constitutional Republic under Common Law, the Founding Fathers knew it would, ultimately, be up to The People to protect & maintain the Rights, Freedoms, Liberties & Potentials of Prosperity the Constitution made possible.

The Legend is that a woman approached Ben Franklin at the Constitutional Convention, asking what kind of government had been provided to The People of America. Ben replied, “A Republic, ma’am, if you can keep it.)

Which, of course, we know today means that We The People must remain vigilant to retain the benefits of the Republic.

The Founders knew that eventually, the “government” would become corrupt and then evil. Then destructive. …

And then, they want YOU Dead if you do not cooperate.
(Have I mentioned that yet?)

OR, you’ll be in a “re-education” labor camp doing “whatever” for the Powers That Be.

And of course, the Powers That Be in Washington DC are trying to tell you the “riots” on January 6th, 2021 were an “insurrection.” ( “J6” )

Well, as the facts have been coming in, J6 was NO SUCH THING. In fact, it looks like the “insurrection” was planned by & triggered by the FBI with cooperation from Nancy Pelosi and DC Law Enforcement. Then they made feeble attempts to blame it on Trump and his followers to discredit and prosecute him and the MAGA Movement to keep him from running in the next election.

Yet the FBI has a LONG history of intentionally creating crimes, setting up people, and entrapping them in various crimes created by the FBI!

And, whatever it was, J6 pales in comparison to the severe damage and treason committed BY the Powers That Be at many levels to try to destroy the American Constitutional Republic and replace it with a communistic form of fascism and a globalist “new world order.”

*They* have been actively pursuing this since the mid-1800s, more than 150 years ago.

SO … WE The People have our work MORE than cut out for us!

SO … How DO We Save America from Insurrection by the Communo-Fascists who want to rule the world and everything and everyone in it?

[How to Save America from Insurrection will

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