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This Page has a “Sister Page” about The SOLUTIONS at:

SOLUTIONS to Our Problems:
What We The People Can DO NOW …

Most Important Issues
Facing America Today in 2022

PLEASE NOTE: This list could be updated or changed weekly, sometimes DAILY. So, if you are a Recovering Perfectionist (like me), you keep waiting to “get things right” … but they never really ARE right since they change so often. At some point, you have to just GO with what you KNOW, and Update as you GO. … Please keep that in mind if you are in your Learning Curve, that we do NOT have a lot of time. … And Please Remember, The PERFECT is the Enemy of the Good Enough!

1. REPAIR ELECTIONS: — FIX 2020 Fraud — Restore Paper Ballots / BAN Voting Machines

2. Restore NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY — U.S. OUT of United Nations, WHO, IMF, World Bank, & ETC.

3. STOP Border Invasion — Restore American Culture & Values — NO Foreign Aid or Non-Defensive Wars

4. Restore ECONOMIC POWER & Energy Independence — Restore Sound Money

5. Restore LOCAL HEALTH & MEDICAL FREEDOM — Full Drug Corp. Liability / NO Monopolies

6. CHINA INFILTRATION & INVASION of AmericaUnrestricted Warfare … The U.S. State Department assisted Mao Zedong’s Communist Takeover of China in 1949. Most U.S. Presidents have helped transfer MUCH power & wealth to China ever since.

In 1999, Chinese Military (under CCP, Chinese Communist Party) published Unrestricted Warfare: China’s Master Plan to Destroy America, describing, in detail, their planned Methods of overpowering and subjugating (or KILLING) America & Americans. …

Their Long-Range Plan is to Overthrow America. Because they need the resources, such as farmland to feed their people. …
ALL interactions with CCP must be terminated & rolled back … NOW!

A. FREE FLOW of INFORMATION from ALL Sources: U.S. & State Constitutions Protect Freedom of Speech, The Press, & Redress of Grievances BECAUSE “The State” is USUALLY DEAD WRONG on MOST Important Issues! INFO DE-Centralization produces far better results than Centralized Control & Censorship.

B. RIGHT to DEFEND One’s Self from Criminals, Foreign Invasion, or Tyrannical Government — 2nd Amendment Gun Rights — Citizen’s Militia for DEFENSE.

C. IN-Alienable RIGHTS: Innocent Until Proven Guilty, Speedy Trial, No Witness Against Self, To Be Secure in Personal Effects & Property (Privacy)

When it comes to taking on the Challenges of dealing with THE most important issues facing America today …

— You Don’t have to DO Everything! —

… just a Few of them will be a BIG Help … But I offered you a few options.

But Your, My, and Your Family & Friend’s Futures DEPEND on what YOU do or do NOT do NOW. …

This time has been LONG approaching, for many decades now. …
But NOW, that Time is HERE.

BELOW are a few suggestions on what the issues in America today are and some ideas on what TO DO about them. And they are only MY opinions. Other people might give you entirely different lists or solutions.

When you are done here, you can go to the Sister page on SOLUTIONS, to get more insight and ideas on the Bigger Picture. Resolving the Bigger Picture might solve a LOT of the little items too.


FIX 2020 Fraud First — Paper Ballots / NO Machines

Among the major problems affecting society today are problems with the Election Process. There is HUGE information on the CERTAINTY that Election Fraud occurred in the 2020 Election.

You can find some of that evidence on this website at Election Fraud 2020 …

And the Electronic Voting Machines are among the biggest problems.

PLEASE SIGN the PETITION to END Electronic Voting Machines and RETURN to Paper Ballots:


MORE Extensive Information on election fraud from Mike Lindell is at FankSpeech.com:


In Arizona, you can JOIN the Arizona Free Enterprise Club for FREE and get involved in improving the Election Laws & Procedures:


Also go to the AZ FREE ACTION page ( under the Club In Action tab, also known as the Voter Voice page at AZ FREE ) and sign up for Legislative Updates and how you can EASILY send messages to your various Legislators:


ALSO, Please GO TO the John Birch Society’s Restore Election IntegrityPage:


The JBS page on Elections is VERY comprehensive.
I would strongly consider joining the JBS. … I am becoming a Chapter Leader in the Sedona / East Yavapai Region, so if you have any Questions, please contact me via email at info (at) americanyogi (dot) us


Get Us OUT of United Nations & WHO

THIS is a CRITICAL Issue …

The United Nations (U.N.) is NOT what most people think it is. The U.N. is a primary tool to establish a Communo-Fascist / Marxist / Techno-Globalist Government, especially in America. Yes, the U.N. operates worldwide, but the United States of America are their MAIN target, because WE are preventing them from achieving their Major Goals.

Over the last several decades, the John Birch Society (JBS) has probably done THE most on this Troubling Topic about the United Nations and one of the U.N.’s Major “Projects,” Agenda 2021/2030:

https://jbs.org/un/ and also go to https://jbs.org/agenda2030/

Read about the U.N. and Agenda 21/30 at the JBS website and you will learn why and how MANY Of our problems today are caused by membership in the United Nations.

And you’ve probably heard about the upcoming Worldwide Power Grab by the World Health Organization (WHO) being facilitated by the Biden Administration. If we were OUT of the United Nations, we’d be OUT of the WHO too! … But time is short right now, so here are TWO legislative Actions to take, one to Nullify the WHO, the other to DEFUND the WHO. BOTH approaches are important …



For an Extensive Article on the subject of the WHO Power Grab, Go To …


[UPDATE: There has been a temporary hold on the upcoming WHO actions, yet we can-NOT be complacent. We must roll them back ASAP.]

And if you are in a hurry and don’t need more information, Take Direct Action at these two pages without so much explanation. (Again, they are similar but have a slightly different focus. One is about Nullification of the WHO, the other about Defunding the WHO.) …

Take ACTION without the Explanations here

Nullify the WHO’s tyrannical schemes

enact H.R. 419 to Defund the WHO

3. STOP Foreign Invasions of U.S. Borders

Restore American Culture

America is being infiltrated by tens and even hundreds of thousands of human beings who have NOT become REAL AMERICANS. This includes people from Mexico, South America, China (Communists), and many other countries, including Islamic countries who wish to instate Islamic (sharia) Law in America.

Bringing Communism (which has been here in the U.S. a LONG time) or Sharia Law into America (a more recent phenomena) are in the process of or will completely erode the very foundations of American Life & Culture. America will become completely UN-livable compared to what you are used to, if at all.

Many, maybe most, NON-naturalized “migrants” have very foreign perspectives and ideas about the very meaning of life, how we should live, and what our governments should be doing, or NOT doing, to or for us citizens.

With that lack of desire or understanding about What it MEANS to be an American, they cannot participate in American Politics and Civil Society in a compatible way with us. Therefore, many, if not most, of the Rights, Freedoms, Liberties, Morals and such are not something they will work or fight to retain. Many of them, Islamics and Communists especially, will very aggressively work against those principles.

Ironically, people who have come to America because they WANT to BE Americans, and went through the naturalization process (which takes Much time, energy and expense) are FAR more knowledgeable about what it means to BE an American than many, possibly most, Americans who were born here.

And the United Nations years ago published a document stating they believed, in one possible scenario, that around 593 MILLION (that’s 593,000,000 !!!) foreigners should be allowed to migrate to America with NO immigration or naturalization requirements.


QUOTING from the document [ (g) Scenario VI ]:

In the case of the United States, under the most extreme scenario, the report states, “It would be necessary to have 593 million immigrants from 1995 to 2050, an average of 10.8 million per year.”

“By 2050, out of a United States total population of 1.1 billion, 775 million, or 73 per cent, would be post 1995 immigrants or their descendants,” adds the report.

[To be fair, they presented other scenarios too, but this one really stands out!]

( BTW, I tried to find the original document on the UN website. However it has been removed from the site. Yet the PDF file linked above is still available there as of this writing, on 5/21/2022. )

What this REALLY is is what’s called Balkanization. This is an ancient practice of moving foreign people into an existing region and culture to dilute that culture so there was less common sense of identity or heritage and therefore much less willingness by The People to work or fight together to retain their culture that’s been targeted by a foreign power. (In America, that “foreign power” has actually been here from many decades.)

The people who want to run the world, and everything and everyone IN the world, are using Balkanization to destroy our American Culture. They do this so they can deprive us of our rights, liberties and prosperity.

Because ever since the American Revolution, the United States has been THE major obstacle to, the thorn in the side of, the Global Elite’s achieving their world domination.

IF they can erode the Moral, Philosophical, & Spiritual Sense of Being American, they can achieve the levels of control, of domination, over the American People that stands in their way of becoming the Rulers of ALL the Peoples of the Earth.

The website Act For America has had a major initiative on preventing such things for many decades.:


And while the JBS Agenda of getting America back to its Constitutional Foundations and Getting Us OUT of the United Nations will resolve many of these issues, an excellent resource on understanding the wars around the world (many if not most being unnecessary) and on the Anti-War Movement is:


Their ANTI-Motto is “War is the Health of the State.” A Quote from Randolph Byrne.

I also Recommend anything by Ron Paul, whom you can find at his Ron Paul Institute. … When he was in Congress, Ron was probably THE most strict advocate of and Constitutional Protector, possibly in history:


Finally, if you are not sure how terrible and destructive communism & socialism really are, please go to the The Epoch Times Sections on The Specter of Communism and the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party.


& Energy Independence — End Climate Hysteria —
Return to Sound Money

An Excellent Resource for many aspects of the political and economic realities of what’s happening NOW, is Steve Bannon’s Warroom. Especially when Steve Cortes or Peter Navarro are on. Jack Posobiec and Boris Epshteyn are excellent political commentators. Mr. Harnwell is their very capable Foreign Correspondent.

You get hard hitting, concise, relevant news, twice a day, from Steve Bannon’s group. And Bannon has an excellent understanding of the issues at hand, as do his co-reporters.


An Excellent Source for Daily News is also The New American website, published by the John Birch Society:


For more in-depth, historical, and philosophical information about economics and politics, check out:


On Climate Change Fraud (especially the “warming” part) …

To help END the IGNORANCE & DISS-Information on Clmiate Change I recommend these resources among MANY others:

Tony Heller’s YouTube Channel  — Tony Heller’s Website at RealClimate

And Climate Change Dispatch aggregates relevant articles from everywhere:

Climate Change Dispatch


Full Liability for Drug Corporations / NO Monopolies.
DE-Centralize Health Care FULLY

The so called “federal authorities” like the CDC, the NIH, the FDA, and so on are WRONG most of the time. Health care should remain a VERY local issue, between YOU and your Doctor. Highly centralized and consolidated power structures should have advisory or information functions ONLY. They should have NO legislative or enforcement authority at all.

There are MANY websites and organizations devoted to health & medical freedom today. These are among the most pressing social issues in America today. … Here’s just one that has been on the Front Line of the COVID Crisis”


For the latest on the most recent and most dangerous health & medical trends imposed by authoritarian, tyrannical, state-protected groups, here are a few resources:

Attorney Tom Renz Takes Down Big Pharma

The Breggins Publications — YOU Are The Prey:
An Extremely Comprehensive Expose of the Deep Medical State

Robersons Kennedy JR. —
A Thorough Expose of The REAL Dr. Fauci & His Many Atrocities

Dr. Malone at Substack

For “Alternative” or Natural, Whole Health Healing General, and excellent resource is:


6. CCP — Chinese Communist Party — Plans To Take Over America

The CCP has for many decades been open about their desire to become THE leading nation on Earth.

Again, as described above, if you are not sure how terrible and destructive communism & socialism really are, please go to the The Epoch Times Sections on The Specter of Communism and the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party.

Or, you can go to my page on this website:

The China Problem

Or you can go to The New American online magazine at:


and use the Search Box to find news on ” china “.

Thank You for taking the time to read through these suggestions on what the most critical issues facing America today are.

And Again, when you are done here, you can go to the SOLUTIONS page, to get more insight and ideas, and a more specifc Action Plan.

I hope you find the time to check some of them out, and then PLEASE


As Dr Malone said, Quoting Thomas Jefferson:

Action will delineate and define you.

Paur Revere Award for Warning American

Who Knows? Maybe You’ll Get An Award Like THIS Someday?

Thank You For Reading!
David Scott Lynn (DSL)
DSL: The Dynamics Of Social Law

info (at) americanyogi (dot) us