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This Page has a “Sister Page” about The (Current) Main Issues at:

Most Important Issues Facing America Today in 2022

What WE The People
Can DO NOW …

1. THE SOLUTION: Restore State & U.S. Constitutions, Common Law & FREE-Enterprise

2. YOU & Your VOICE Are THE Ultimate & ONLY Source & Vehicle for REAL SOLUTIONS to Happen!

3. We The People MUST Become EDUCATED on Our Rights, Liberties & Lawful Principles

4. We MUST Become “Civil Educators” & Communicators to ALL — NO Excuses —

5. We MUST Put FULL PEACEFUL PRESSURE on Our Bureaucrats & Politicians (the Servants)

The Constitution IS The Solution … The Declaration of Independence & Sate & Federal Constitutions are STILL Fully Legal & Lawful Documents. HOWEVER, they are NOT self-executing. WE The People must KNOW & ENFORCE the Provisions of the Constitution upon our Government Officials, and we Must DO IT NOW Before it is Too Late!

• Bring Power & Activity BACK to LOCAL Level
• REDUCE Centralization of Power ASAP

B. ENFORCE Constitutional OATHS of OFFICE:
• KNOW LIMITED Duties of Politicians & Bureaucrats
• Vigilantly Monitor & HOLD Them Accountable

C. Develop Parallel, Alternative Economies: Money / Currency, Food Sources, Security, Communication, Health / Medical, Transportation

One of the BIG PROBLEMS in the United States today is We The People …
… were sleeping at the wheel, and “our” politicians & bureaucrats started paying more attention to the people with bags of cash — and perks and favors and offers of cushy jobs and on and on — than they were to WE The People.

And let’s face it, politicians have Big Egos. They like people who pay a LOT of attention to them, as long as it is favorable. And far too many of We The People paid VERY LITTLE attention to them. … We were “too busy” living our lives.

Little Did We Know what that might have cost us in the future. And that future very well might be NOW. All those Crazy Conspiracy Theories years ago are turning out to be Conspiracy REALITIES over the last few years.

In the 1930s to 1980s, Soviet Communism was The Enemy. From the 1980s on, Chinese Communism was, and still is, The Enemy. But while a hybrid of communo-fascism IS a major problem, it has been over-taken by Managerial, Technocratic Globalism (New World Order), the Rule of High Tech, Academic & Financial “Experts” who believe they can monitor and control EVERYTHING and EVERYONE.

And that means Full Control of YOU and ME! …
NO “Elected Representatives” necessary, if you ask the Technocrats!

Here is a brief article on the issue:

Learn more about Technocracy & Globalism here:

So WHO did you think “our” politicians & bureaucrats were going to “take care of”? … When the Globalist Technocrats can print money & create influence by the boatload, and buy off the politicians, WHO is going to get all the attention?

Certainly NOT Us! … It is time WE turn that all around.

WE, a whole LOT of “We,” must start paying a LOT of attention to *them* by way of peacefully & respectfully “encouraging” “our” politicians & bureaucrats to see things our way.

We The People need to, literally, flood the State & Federal Houses with phone calls, emails, letters, personal visits, video calls, and every other way we can think of to “encourage” them to refocus their attention on US, not the Guys & Gals with the bags of cash & “favors.”

And we need to send SUBTLE messages — NOT THREATS (at this time) — that they will not get support for their political campaigns from us until AFTER they turn this boat around. Or at least show signifiant progress and commitment to do so.

And YES, the Republican Party contains our biggest problems. Too many RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) and Neo-Cons (ex-Progressives who were disillusioned with the Democratic party and infiltrated the Republican party starting way back in the Reagan administration) are running the show. So, as the saying goes, the Democrats are going toward Global Socialism in a Speedboat. The Republicans are going toward Global Socialism in a Rowboat.

We The People who want to CONSERVE the Principles of the American Constitutional Republic must take the Republican party back over again.

One way to do this is the Precinct Committee Strategy. While it is a Volunteer position, the time commitment is not that big, and it does not cost much. Please See a detailed description of it here:

SO … We need to Get Busy and spend a half-hour a day or a couple of hours a week and a day or two a month contacting everyone we can and going to meetings to start refocusing the attention of our Politicians & Bureaucrats on what WE want them to focus on.

(There are MANY other things we can do than what I have listed above and below, as you will find if you go to other pages on this website, and to other people’s work. But I tried to provide The Basics. Otherwise, people get overwhelmed and end up doing NOTHING.)

But First, we need to have a Game Plan and a Base of Knowledge on how to FIX 2022 America so we know what to say and how to say it. …

1. THE PRIMARY SOLUTION is to Restore:

• State & U.S. Constitutions
• Common Law
• FREE-Enterprise

BUT … to do that, we MUST get America First people elected to state and Federal offices. We can no longer allow Neo-Cons and RINOs to control the Republican Party.

AGAIN, to achieve that, please see the Precinct Committee Strategy:

And we cannot allow another — YES, I’ll Say It — STOLEN ELECTION to occur.

But we need to KNOW who to choose, what principles they stand for, and which principles will get America back on track to its former greatness and livability.

(I have a LOT of information on this website on the Election Fraud. Go To:

Election Fraud 2020

After a LOT of looking around, one of THE Best Resources for Solving the Problems in America today is the John Birch Society.

Their website has a wide range of Information, Education, Ideas, & TOOLS — actual Usable Systems — by which to Understand & TAKE ACTION on many of the various issues facing America today.

This link will take you to their Get Your Vote Back page:

I also HIGHLY Recommend the Arizona Free Enterprise Club. They are an excellent source for Arizona Issues and have a very good system for communicating with State Officials quickly & easily.

And they appear to have become very effective in a very short time:

Here is a Direct Link to their Legislative Action webpage:

2. YOU Are THE Ultimate & ONLY Source …

& Vehicle for The SOLUTION to Happen!

Once Again, I believe the John Birch Society, is among the oldest, if not THE oldest, and in many cases the Most Effective, organizations still operating in America whose Sole & Soul Purpose is to Help Americans Like YOU Take Back America!

For Example: their several webpages on the Power of 500 Strategy give you a Great Perspective on what can be done. … And it all STARTS with YOU! … And Then US …

3. We The People MUST Become Educated on Our:

• Rights

• Liberties
• Lawful Principles
• Moral / Religious Foundations

ALL Power is In The People! … 

“…deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, …”

~ Quoting Declaration of Independence.

[The “governed” is We The People.]

All power is vested in, and consequently derived from the people; that magistrates are their trustees and servants, and at all times amenable to them.

~ The Virginia Declaration of Rights

Section 2. All political power is inherent in the people, and governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed, and are established to protect and maintain individual rights.

~ Arizona Constitution, Article 2, Section 2

The Arizona Constitution says in Article 2:

Section 1. A frequent recurrence to fundamental principles is essential to the security of individual rights and the perpetuity of free government.

So, HOW do we get a “recurrence of fundamental principles”?

YES, You Guessed it! … Please go to the EDUCATION tab in the top menu of the Website. Click on that and you’ll see many Educational Resources, ESPECIALLY the Most Important, that being the Fact that The Constitution IS The Solution!

OR, go Directly to The Constitution is the Solution webpage and begin your education RIGHT NOW.

There are many other Constitutional Education Organizations out there, and many are VERY Good. Yet the JBS will give you what you need to know to get the job done.

YOU can also get more and deeper Constitutional Education at the below websites. After the Basics from the Constitution is the Solution (above) go to the Tenth Amendment Center, and do a Search for items on Nullification. (The JBS discusses Nullification too, but it is a BIG subject if you really dig into it.)

The Tenth Amendment Center Main Page

Nullification is a very important tool for keeping the federal government from imposing their anti-Constitutional will on State and Local Communities: 

Your Local Sheriff, if he or she understands and applies the State & U.S. Constitutions, and obeys the Oath of Office they ALREADY TOOK and are obligated to know and follow, is central to protecting your Rights, especially interposing between any rogue federal official and you. Please check out Sheriff Mack’s association at:

Sheriff Mack’s Constitutional Sheriff &
Peace Officer Association

Krissanne Hall is a Double Barrel Shotgun of knowledge and insight on all things Constitutional:

Krissanne Hall & Liberty First Society

4. We MUST Become “Civil Educators” & Communicators

— NO Excuses !!! —

Some People say, and believe, The United States Constitution let us all down. That it did not do the job we were all told it would. … This is FALSE!

WE The People let the Constitution down! …

I hate to give any credit to George Bush, but he was correct. The Constitution — BY ITSELF — really IS “just a piece of paper.” … Without the vigilant attention & protection of We The People to make sure it is enforced, the Constitution can do NOTHING without us.

Those who say it failed have it backwards, and obviously have no idea what the Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution said, nor what they meant, nor what the Founding Fathers said about it:

When it was ratified, almost EVERYONE knew what they meant, and what its principles were (and still are), and that The People were responsible to protect the integrity of the constitution.

Today, you are hard-pressed to find one in a thousand people who know what the Original Documents even say. Too many believe it is the elected officials job to “Protect the Constitution.”

BUT, the Constitution was written by people who KNEW that the people in government were the MOST likely to NOT protect the Constitution! They believed — they HOPED — future generations of Americans would remember that responsibility. … That did not work out too well did it?

When it was written, and ratified, it was well known that The People had to keep a Vigilant Eye, a Persistent Overview, on the people in the government. OR, *they,* the supposed to be servants, would do exactly what they have done over the last 150 years.

That is to slowly STEAL the Constitution out from under our very noses. Because we were not paying enough attention, if at all. Or if we heard such things, we wrote it all off as some wacky Conspiracy Theory and did not pay much attention.


NOTHING is More Important than Large Numbers of Patriotic Americans like YOU and ME exercising our Constitutional Authority to Monitor, Advise, Direct, and, if necessary, Discipline our Government Servants to follow the Constitution TO THE LETTER.

*They* are the Politicians, the Bureaucrats, and the State Employees whose job it is to run a certain number of VERY LIMITED, Constitutionally defined tasks to “run the government.”

They can NOT be allowed to slip ONE IOTA off course. Because then, it NEVER STOPS. They just keep taking more, and more, until there is nothing left of our Rights, Liberties, Freedoms, and Prosperities.

THEY have forgotten that *THEY* are the Servants, and WE are the Masters. And they have nearly taken over EVERYTHING!

But Guess What? … WE The People forgot all that too. Or we were never taught in the first place. … We let *them* go too far, and *they* have nearly achieved their goals of becoming The Masters and taking over America and “fundamentally changing it” as Barak Obama promised.

SO … We The People need to WAKE UP and Reclaim & Maintain our positions as The TRUE Masters. But we cannot and will not do so if we do not Understand and ACT on that Principle.

WE must get enough Knowledge & Confidence that WE are Correct, that WE are the Masters, and WE are Obliged to keep The State within its proper boundaries. …

That is IF we want to live as Free Human Beings with Rights, Liberties & Property … and the Resulting Happiness!

But if we do NOT Act, and Act NOW, the Servants will complete their objectives of becoming OUR Masters. … And they are VERY close to completing that objective.

So WE The People must Very Aggressively Proclaim Liberty Throughout The Land, and exercise our Responsibilities if we want the benefit of being the Masters instead of the Servants. … That does not mean you have to be a jerk or impolite. But we need to be strong and persuasive in our presentations.

WE must be the Paul Reveres warning ALL The People of America of what is really happening, and WE must help them Learn & Understand THE TRUTH about the American Constitutional Republic, what it stands for, and how to get it BACK!

And we must Encourage & Support them in Learning & Taking Action. This is a Big Project, and we need as many hands on deck as possible.
And We NEED them NOW. … Your Work is Cut Out for You …

To Learn More about all of the things we’ve briefly discussed here, you can start by wandering through the pages of this website. You can start at the Topic Index page and see what looks interesting to you …

Topic Index – Sitemap


on Our Bureaucrats, Politicians & Government Employees

While we are Arming our Fellow Patriotic Citizens with The Truth, we must start the process of opening up pathways of communication with Our Bureaucrats, Politicians & Government Employees.

We must Lead the Way, showing our families, friends, and acquaintances how it’s done, and DO IT. … Hopefully, they will Follow Your Lead.

We can all use the tools at the John Birch Society to start that process.

Please Go To their webpage at:


As I mentioned above, you can also look into using Arizona Free Enterprise Club for Local Issues if you prefer. Main Page & Legislative Action page:

AND, if you need more concise, focused information on what is going on “out there,” their New American Magazine will help a LOT.

And the JBS has a Freedom Index and Scorecard with which you can see your legislator’s Track Record of voting. And if that record is “weak” or “terrible,” you can ask them WHY they were NOT voting for the bills that would support the American Constitutional Republic, which is what they took an Oath of Office to Uphold, Protect & Defend.

The New American Freedom Index for solutions to america's problems

And that is an Ace In The Hole, that if they do not cooperate, and you cannot get them voted out, then you let them know you and your friends are looking at the Questions of why they are violating their Oath of Office and what you can do to enforce it.

And YES, some of us should be devoted to researching everything we can about our legislators and what our remedies are. Either to keep them out of office in the first place. Or to know what they can be prosecuted for if they take things too far.

Hopefully, it will not come to that. Peaceful Persuasion, a fundamental principle of American Government, is always better, IF possible.

The New American Magazine, available in Print or Electronic Download, will keep you Very Well Informed about what is happening around the nation and the world that affects our interests.

And the New American focuses on the most relevant, fundamental elements of what we all need to be working on. It is too easy to get distracted by “tangents” that do not get to the root cause of the problems. That consumes too much time and energy.

FOR EXAMPLE … We are now facing a BIG problem with the new amendments being proposed to the World Health Organization (W.H.O.). And yes, it HAS become very important and urgent.

YET … if we had all gotten focused on the root problem of getting the United States OUT of the United Nations (U.N.) when it was first suggested many years ago, that would have cut the problem out at the root. Because the W.H.O. is a subset of the U.N. …

No U.S. in the U.N., no W.H.O. in the U.S!

The New American Magazine, plus the JBS Action Alerts, will help you stay focused on the biggest issues on the state and national, even international, levels.

Yes, you might have local issues that need a lot of attention. But look to see if your local issues would clear up or go away if a more fundamental problem were solved first.

I offered the links on the ISSUES page, but here are the pages on the United Nations and World Health Organization again:

enact H.R. 419 to defund the WHO

And for an in-depth article explaining the entire WHO Power Grab, Read This:

The Below Items are vastly important.
Yet we must get started with the above tasks before we can have any lasting effects in recovering society from the ground up.
And we might need to regain some power and control over the legislative branch to prosecute people for violation of Oaths of Office.


• Bring as Much Activity As Possible Back to LOCAL Levels
• REDUCE Centralization & Consolidation of Power ASAP
• Look Into Local Preparedness or Parallel Economy Projects

In Northern Arizona, especially Yavapai County, look into the

Yavapai County Preparedness Team

B. ENFORCE Constitutional OATHS of OFFICE

• Learn & KNOW the LIMITED Duties of Politicians & Bureaucrats
• Vigilantly Monitor & HOLD Them To Those Duties
• Consider working toward Your County becoming a Constitutional County

For that last item, go to Sheriff Mack’s website: .

Thank You for Reading about possible solutions to the problems in the United States today. Please let me know if you have any questions, concerns, or ideas.

David Scott Lynn (DSL)

DSL: Dynamics of Social Law

info (at) americanyogi (dot) us