What is Wrong In America?

What are the Biggest Problems in America today in 2021 / 2022?

What is Wrong with American Culture today?

A LOT of People are VERY Concerned about What is Happening in America.

A LOT of People have MOUNTAINS of information about the problems we face.

A LOT of People are VERY Afraid for their future and that of their children.

A  LOT of People can explain how the American Constitutional Republic under Common Law got eroded and almost destroyed under the Collectivist, Communo-Fascist rule that has been taking over in our country for the last hundred plus years.

MAYBE You are not so sure there is a problem?

If So, THIS page is for YOU.

THE CHALLENGE IS, I am not here to discourage You or scare You. I am here to INSPIRE You into SEEING what is happening and UNDERSTANDING the Issues and the Background behind them, and then DO something about it all.

But YES, it CAN be kind of scary once You see the Reality of the Situation.

THAT is why I have my 10 Critical Steps of things you can DO almost immediately that can Make a Difference in the Future of America, and in YOUR Life, and that of your loved ones.

General Breakdowns In / Complaints About American Society

The Biggest Issues in America 2020

National Issues in America Today

• Electronic voting machines (versus paper ballots) are subject to VAST miscounting & outright election fraud.

• The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) infiltrating nearly all major institutions in America & Arizona.

• Allowing Communo-Fascist / Collectivist Ideologies to infiltrate America, eroding the Constitutional Republic.

• Trade Deals giving Aid & Comfort to CCP, who OPENLY declared “non-kinetic” WAR on America in 1999.

• Public Officials openly praising & inviting such trade deals, as in “Trading with the Enemy,” a potential crime.

• Giving Aid & Comfort to ANTIFA, BLM, Taliban, ISIS, & others bent on destroying “The Great Satan” (U.S.).
Tragically, using certain criteria, the “government” of the United States (NOT the country itself nor most of The People) DOES fit the description of “Great Satan.” … The “United States” is Now the OPPOSITE of “America.”

• Public “servants” profiting off such trade deals at GREAT monetary & social expense to The People of America.

Gross Erosion of the Constitutional Guarantee of a Constitutional Republic by allowing in foreign law & ideologies, including post- or Neo-Marxist & (closely related) Neo-Nazi Fascism at highest levels plus elements of Sharia Law.

• Selective Prosecution, Elimination of “Innocent until proven Guilty,” loss of “Equal Protection” under the Law,
with an astonishing degree of erosion of Rights & Freedoms in general.

• Implementation of “Smart City” ideas/technologies (United Nations Agenda (2021/30 + Internet of Things) for CONSTANT PEOPLE CONTROL by all-pervasive monitoring via High Tech & Centralized, Technocracy.

• Non-Sensical, Anti-Factual, Anti-Science allegations of Carbon Dioxide as a “toxic poison” & “reducing carbon footprints,” near bankrupting or destroying any state or nation attempting to abide by such anti-human actions.

Unrestricted Migration / Invasion of southern border leading to the dissolution of American Culture (Balkanization), diminishing will & ability of The People to resist foreign or domestic take over & loss of rights & freedoms. Such immigrant & intellectual invasions have ALREADY deprived many Americans of such cultural self-knowledge.

• Large numbers of public “servants” at ALL levels of government NOT FOLLOWING THEIR OATH OF OFFICE & lawfully sworn promise to protect Americans from enemies, foreign & domestic, is rampant & pervasive. Yet NO pen-alties are imposed on them. … FBI & DOJ have been taken over by post-Marxist / Maoist infiltrators / seditionists.

• Installation of a “president,” by VERY dubious means, and who is in less than a year making ALL of the above and below problems FAR worse:

• Biden Admin is breaking laws because the Executive Branch is supposed to protect America from invasion. The Southern Border has reopened under the Biden Regime, allowing large number of illegal aliens to enter the U.S.

• While many might be legitimate, some significant portion of illegal aliens are carrying disease, drugs, are engaged in human trafficking, and other criminal elements are entering the U.S. indiscriminately. We The People want LEGAL immigration of people who go through the Naturalization & Assimilation process.

• Alien Invasion & other policies advocated by Far Left Progressives & U.N. support the Cloward-Piven Strategy, OPENLY designed, with leftist public support (see below), to “sabotage and destroy the [U.S.] welfare system,” creating chaos among the poor who would revolt, making great demands on government and general public.

• Biden Admin canceled Keystone Pipeline, ending approx. fifty thousand of American Workers’ jobs, AND, with other reversals of policy, is reversing newly found U.S. Energy Independence. This leads to much higher energy costs, vast shortages, & more potential international resource conflicts leading to military interventions.

• Biden’s DOJ appears to be treating parents protesting radical teachings in schools as “terrorists.”

• Biden Admin commanded a U.S. Military retreat from Afghanistan with disastrous consequences:

1. Hundreds, possibly thousands of U.S. Citizens working for the U.S. government were left stranded in now hostile Kabul, Afghanistan, and are at great risk of harm or death at the hands of the Taliban and others.

2. 13 U.S. soldiers (and many others) were needlessly killed or maimed by Taliban terrorists during evacuations.

3. Civilian attempts to secure airplanes to evacuate American Citizens from Afghanistan were stopped by the U.S. State Department. This lends credence to (but NOT proof) to the idea that these citizens were intentionally left behind to serve as hostages for the benefit of the Taliban and Chinese CCP.

4. Thousands of “Afghan Nationals” were brought to the U.S. … The negative results, such as 700 of them disappearing without a trace, leading to suspicions they were INTENTIONALLY brought here to further the Far Left Progressive’s multi-decade plan (i.e., Cloward & Piven Strategy) to destabilize life in America.

5. $83 billion (approximately) of advanced military equipment was left in Afghanistan. This equipment will be used by the Taliban and other parties for their military ambitions in the Middle East. Chinese (and possibly Russian) military & engineers are reportedly already in process of reverse engineering said equipment, giving the Chinese greater access to control of the Middle East & further securing their Belt & Road initiative to gain economic power & control over trade & influence across Eastern Europe, Middle East and Asia.

6. Bagram Air Base, one of the largest in the world (originally built by Russia), costing millions of U.S. dollars to upgrade, will now be available to Chinese & Soviet military and regional strategic operations.

7. Vast mineral deposits of Rare Earth Minerals, especially lithium, are in Afghanistan. Chinese / Taliban Alli-ances give CCP huge economic, strategic & military advantages over the United States in part due to the many decade-long sellout by U.S. politicians to build up Chinese Power & Wealth at expense of America & American Citizens. The “kinder, gentler China” theory promoted by early Pro-China Advocates was an OBVIOUS fairy tale from start. The U.S. has become more like China’s Communists rather than the other way around.

where the minerals are in Afghanistan

8. Such Biden Admin actions in Afghanistan now give the Rare Earth mineral lithium near-monopoly to the Chinese / CCP, critical to battery technology & manufacture. Given the Biden Admin is backing wholly irrational & dangerous (on many counts) elimination of fossil fuels & switching (allegedly) to an all-electric economy, and that all-electric requires massive battery storage, the CCP (which controls most if not all business in China) now have major strategic advantages over the U.S. as China makes most of the batteries! … This is in great part because U.S. politicians & bureaucrats, as well as many corporate business entities, have over many decades intentionally transferred vast amounts of capital, technology & manufacturing over to CCP controlled China, to the extreme detriment of American Citizens & Workers, and U.S. Security.

9. The idea that the above points were due to Biden’s “incompetence” is beyond any rational or honest analysis. This was very likely a PREMEDITATED & PLANNED operation designed to continue U.S. transfers of power & production over to the CCP. (This is an extensive subject & discussed further below.)

10. COVID-19, a highly modified “virus” re-engineered first in a North Carolina BSL-4 Bio-weapon laboratory facility, then transferred to a Wuhan China lab, became the excuse to “shut down America,” and LockDown Americans. MUCH damage has occurred as the result. Anthony Fauci appears to be a major facilitator of this entire debacle.

11. JUST TWO results of the COVID scare are: Severe Labor Shortages of workers staying home. Another is & will be the breakdown of Supply Chains for food & other necessities, leading to a lot of problems.

Thank You for Reading,
David Scott Lynn