Here is a Biographical History of How I, David Scott Lynn
(DSL), developed my
 beliefs about Politics, Economics,
Law & Social Progress.

WARNING: It is more of a “Small Book” than a Long Article!
But You can Read as much or little as you like.

My DSL History – Biography —
MAGA as a Life-Long Progression for Me

Are You Deeply Concerned About What’s Happening
To Americans In America Today? … 
Are You Worried
that America is on the Wrong Track and there are
some Very Big Problems we MUST FIX NOW? …
BEFORE it’s Too Late? …

Are You Ready to Be THE ONE to
Help Make America GREAT Again
( MAGA )?

MAGA - make america great again

And Make America AMERICA Again?

It Takes Each ONE of Us to BE Responsible for Our Unique, Individual Future, to Take On The Challenges, as Individuals, and as a Group of Individuals Working Together,
for Our Common Future.

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We Are Being LIED to about COVID-19 & Pseudo-“Vaccines”?

And That Big Pharma has RUINED Health Care in America?

We Are Being LIED to about Climate Change & “Global Warming”?

And They’ll TAX & SPEND us into Bankruptcy?

We Are Being LIED to about Alleged “Dangers” of Oil & Gas?

And That We’ll Run OUT Of Energy & Freeze in the Winter?

We Are Being LIED to about INFLATION & the Economy?

And Too Many JOBS are Lost or “Going Away”?

Weak Borders are Eroding the Very FABRIC of Our Country?

And Our Welfare System will Implode?

The Chinese Communist Party is Planning Hostile Actions?

And OUR Military is Being Destroyed?

Our “Educational” System is HARMING Our Children?

And They Don’t Even KNOW What Freedom Means?

Our Rights, Freedoms & Prosperity are Being Taken Away?

And It Might Become Impossible to Get Them Back?

Our Country Is Being STOLEN Before Our Very Eyes?

Those and many other Problems will NOT be Solved until
We The People Take Back CONTROL of America?


On The Style of this Report:

I admit some or many people will not like the graphic & typographical “style” of this report. It might be too colorful and even gaudy! … However I have my reasons for styling it this way.

America IS At WAR

WE The People of America are in a LITERAL WAR to Regain & Maintain the Foundations of OUR American Constitutional Republic.

War: a state of armed conflict between different nations or states or different groups within a nation or state. … 

But it does NOT have to be “Armed Conflict.” Other definitions of WAR are:

• a state of competition, conflict, or hostility between different people or groups.
• a sustained effort to deal with or end a particular unpleasant or undesirable situation or condition

First, there’s an INTERNAL War between the PRO-Freedom Individualists and the ANTI-Freedom Collectivists. This is WE The People versus “THEY” The Dictators. … The Dictators believe THEY should be controlling EVERYTHING, and I mean that literally.

They are the Technocrats who want EVERYTHING hooked up to computers so they can monitor EVERYTHING, and CONTROL what each human being can or cannot do. These are the Sociopathic* Power- & War-Mongers who are pathologically driven to control other people.

* Sociopath: a person with a personality disorder manifesting itself in extreme antisocial attitudes and behavior and a lack of conscience.

Many, if not most of them have what is more technically known as antisocial personality disorder (ASPD). This generally includes narcissism (the world revolves around ME) with little concern of how their drives & actions affect other human beings. … But to feel powerful, they NEED to CONTROL other human beings.

THAT is why they want everything to go electric, so they can put all of us, and everything, on an electric grid they can very precisely turn on and off at will. (This is NOT Science Fiction, it is VERY WELL documented. It is very well developed in China and is called the Social Credit Score. … Speaking  of which …)

Then, there is at least one EXTERNAL War we must prepare for. Although this was is ALREADY being waged on the shores of America but by covert means. As I discuss in my various Reports, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), in 1999 (that’s 30 some years ago), by way of their military book Unrestricted Warfare, described the means by which they planned to wage war against America. And they HAVE been doing so ever since. … They’ve been doing it economically, technologically, diplomatically, socially, and so on. And very successfully so, and for decades now. … And THAT is very well documented as well.

By the way, Hitler’s NAZI Germany was able to track, control, and herd Jews into the Concentration Camps because they had … COMPUTERS provided by IBM, the American IT company. … It is highly advanced computational power the Power Elite are attempting to trap us with by scaring us all into their tracking & control systems. And THAT is a major factor in their well-documented laboratory development of COVID-19 & pseudo-“vaccine” efforts. (Because it is NOT really a “vaccine.” It is a genetic modification system. It is also considered by very knowledgeable people to be a BIO-Weapon.)

CAUGHT Between Computers & Sociopaths

The history of nations who have already LOST this war against Communism (Russia and China for the biggest and most well-known) is well available for all to read and see from numerous sources. That’s one reason the History of REAL socialism, communism, and fascism is NOT taught in our school curriculums. Because the American Educational & Media Systems have been taken over by sociopathic, subversive elements a LONG time ago.

But socialism and communism are only Front Movements used by the Power Elite, the Deep State, and New World Globalists to take over ALL countries and the People in them. They have already stated publicly, repeatedly, written in their own documents, that they want to reduce the population on Earth by about 90%.

“Communism” is only a tool — a Con-Job — to deceive enough people to get a foothold among the most susceptible & gullible people in a society. Unfortunately, the Useful Idiots teaching this stuff to American children in schools and college & university students have NO IDEA what they are doing.

As Yuri Bezmenov, the highest-ranking defector from the “Communist” Soviet Union said back in 1984 (in an interview with G. Edward Griffin), Soviet indoctrination had already been operating fully in America for a few decades, and had already achieved far more than the Soviet KGB had hoped for.

Norman Thomas ran as the U.S. Socialist Party Presidential Candidate several times in the mid-1900s. He said …

The American people will never knowingly adopt Socialism. But under the name of ‘liberalism’, they will adopt every fragment of the Socialist program, until one day America will be a Socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.Norman Thomas

“Norman Thomas and Gus Hall, (the U.S. Socialist and Communist Party Candidates,) both quit American politics [in the 1960s], agreeing that the Republican and Democratic parties had adopted every plank of the Communist / Socialists and they no longer had an alternate party platform on which to run.” [Emphasis added]Editors Note at

America Is In An Information War
— It Is Info-Guerilla Warfare —

This is all Very Important Stuff. It MUST get known by enough people if we are to reverse the takeover the STEALING of America. …

YES … This is an INFORMATION WAR. And it is running on everyone’s computer and bookshelf now. Because most of the Main Stream Media is bought and paid for by the Deep State, Power Elite. THEY control that side of the information flow.

This means we must use EVERY grass-roots opportunity & avenue to get the important information OUT to The People who can & will DO something about it. My job is to sift through all the material I’ve studied over the last FORTY Plus YEARS — and it is a LOT of material — and deliver the most important information to You & Anyone Else Who Will Listen.

So I’m working on being like a Clearinghouse & Distributor of Information.

Getting People To READ & Learn

Problem Is, in the Age of Firehoses of Information, too many people DO NOT READ thoroughly. If they read at all, they SCAN the material. So if they are most likely going to SCAN, how do you make the most of that?

Some of THE BEST people in the world at getting OTHER people to read stuff are the Direct Marketing and Internet Marketing professionals. Not only do they get people to read a lot of complex information, but they also get them to Buy Stuff! And when people pull their credit cards out, you know the information was presented in a way that they assimilated the info.

One of the Secrets of these Professionals is the Right MIX of Education & Motivation in the materials they distribute to people. But getting and keeping their FOCUSED ATTENTION is the greatest challenge.

And what we are facing right NOW is a Marketing Problem! The solving of which can help the Information War.

Marketing: the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.

Advertising: describe or draw attention to (a product, service, or event) in a public medium in order to promote sales or attendance.

Marketing & Advertising is about getting people to do something you want or need them to do. It does NOT need to be a monetary transaction. And We The People need a LOT more people to DO SOMETHING about what is happening politically in America.

Becoming A Marketer of FREEDOM

You might not want to CALL it marketing. But THAT is what it IS. Just because you are not selling them a product or service does not make it any less than a “marketing challenge,” regardless of what you call it.

SO, I spent a LOT Of time and money over several YEARS learning the tools & techniques of these world-class marketers. And I have applied those tools & techniques HERE.

The main technique is to highlight interesting or important words & phrases that draw the reader’s eyes to the most important material and to NOT give them much time to get BORED. … THAT is the reason to highlight specific pieces of text.

The Idea Is … that if they only read the headlines and highlighted text, they will get at least a basic understanding of what the material is about.

SO, that is what I did, and why I did it. Because if the reader is going to spend any time here, I need to do what I can to get them focused on the most important information.

And frankly, we ALL need to become better marketers & communicators in one way or another. Doing so affects all aspects of life.

NOTE: When I grew up, we always associated the color RED with Communism. Now,  RED is associated with the Make America Great Again movement, the exact opposite of communism! That made it very difficult for me to maintain consistent and meaningful use of colors in this Report. That was VERY frustrating!

HELLO! This is David Scott Lynn.

I don’t know how You arrived at this webpage.
But I’m Glad You Did!
This is a HUGE Topic, and I Sincerely Hope that by Reading some of the Materials here, you’ll Expand some of your Perspectives on some of the Challenges we are facing in America TODAY,
and WHAT to DO about it all, and HOW.

This Report is, admittedly, pretty long. It is more than an article, less than a book. Yet it is intended to be a Broad Brush Overview of the many issues and challenges we are dealing with on Recovering America. “They”— the Power Elite, the Establishment, the Globalists, or whatever you like to call them —  have been working on STEALING America for a VERY LONG time.

One Instructor I had back in the 1990s said, in order to “fix” our situation, and do it without violence (which could harm or kill a LOT of people) . . .

“Things Are Undone,
In The Manner In Which They Were Done”
~ John Nelson, Common Law Counselor & Educator

But to do so, we need to KNOW HOW it was DONE!

You don’t need to know everything. Just enough to SEE what needs to be done and to BELIEVE IN what you are doing. That gives you the confidence to say what needs to be said. And we are going to need some Very Creative Minds to work on these problems, as well as people who will just work on getting the word out. And we need them ALL As Soon As Possible. …

But they need to be operating on accurate and relevant INFORMATION.

Please think of this as an Introductory Booklet, all on one long page. It covers a LOT of ground. You will see the kinds of things I cover, and how I think about them. You can decide if this kind of knowledge will help YOU educate yourself, other people, and then … Your Government Officials. Then, you can decide whether you want to continue further by downloading some of my MAGA Reports.

A STORY of America …
What It Once WAS, Where It’s Going,
the Course of History …

SPECIAL NOTE: If You Are Here Because You Already Know You Want Access to My Special MAGA Reports, and NO TIME to Read “The Story” or the “Background” on THIS Page, You Can See a List of and Access to the DSL MAGA Reports with short descriptions.
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Our Founding Fathers designed our Constitutional Republic such that We The People — that’s You & I and ALL Americans — always Retained our PERSONAL Rights, Liberties & Freedoms. And that, in Great Part, led to the World-Changing Peace, Freedom & Prosperity Americans created beginning in the Early 1800s.

The Founders also Said that We The People were the True Masters of the Government, while Politicians & Bureaucrats were the Servants. …

YES, “THEY” are (supposed to be) The Servants. …

But today, it LOOKS like it’s all BACKWARDS. … And It IS!

Over the years, while most of us were not paying much attention, the American Constitutional Republic was Gradually  STOLEN by the Servants, many of whom are uncontrollably Greedy for Power & Control.

It Is TIME for We The People to Take ACTION,
with Correct Information & Intelligence,
and PEACEFULLY Educate & Instruct “Our
Servants” on HOW America Is Supposed to Work
… and Make Sure They DO IT or GET OUT!

It’s time NOW for the TRUE Masters of America — That’s You & I, and all of us “Regular” People — to STOP BEING “REGULAR” and Reclaim & Maintain our Rights & Powers, our Liberties & Freedoms, our Peace & Prosperity, to Instruct Our Servants on RE-Making America to BE AMERICA Again!

But based on its Foundations, America cannot BE America unless We The People are doing what the Founding Fathers intended for us to be doing. Meaning keeping close vigilance & control over the actions of the Servants. 

And if they do NOT WANT to BE “SERVANTS,” then they can GET OUT and go get another job somewhere where they will, hopefully, do far less damage to America and AMERICANS.

And if necessary, the Big Offenders will have to be appropriately disciplined for their actions. They took an Oath of Office to Defend the Constitution against ALL Enemies, Foreign & Domestic. 

Yet if it turns out THEY, the so-called servants, have been The Enemy, well, See a couple of paragraphs just Below. If they did not know what that Oath of Office meant, or what they were getting into, that was THEIR negligence and is not excusable.

And for those who say “I was just doing my job,” well, their job was primarily dictated by their Oath of Office, codified into Federal Law:

Oath of Office for Federal Officials

~ 5 U.S. Code § 3331 – Oath of Office

An individual, except the President, elected or appointed to an office of honor or profit in the civil service or uniformed services, shall take the following oath: “I, [AB], do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.” This section does not affect other oaths required by law. [Emphasis added]

Federal Criminal PENALTYfor
Violation of Oath of Office

Federal criminal law is explicit and direct regarding a violation of Oath of Office by federal officials including all members of Congress. The law requires the removal of the office holder as well as a prison term or fine for the offender.

18 U.S.C. 1918:

“Whoever violates the provisions of section 7311 of title 5 that an individual may not accept or hold a position in the Government of the United States or the government of the District of Columbia if he (1) advocates the overthrow of our constitutional form of government [and] shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year and a day or both.”


advocate:  To plead in favor of: defend by argument before a tribunal or the public: support or recommend publicly.

~ Webster’s Third New International Dictionary

Advocate:  To speak in favor of or defend by argument. To support, vindicate, or recommend publicly.

~ Black’s Law Dictionary

Anyone who is paying attention and is INFORMED & Reasonably Intelligent … KNOWS that the Far Left Democrats & Communo-Fascists (with a LOT of HELP from the RINOs [Republicans In Name Only] ) in our country are aggressively ADVOCATING for the OVERTHROW of the U.S. Constitution and the American Constitutional Republic Under Common Law that the Constitution guarantees us all. …

They are doing it EVERY DAY!

And of course, they are overthrowing US, The People, at the same time! And throwing the U.S. under the bus while they’re at it!

If You Do NOT Know any of that, Please Click HERE to See Some Evidence

Yet We Must Remember … In America, created under the principle that our government was created BY the People, OF the People, and FOR the People, then, WHO is Ultimately Responsible for what happens here in America?

It is WE The People who are
Ultimately & Personally Responsible.

It is important to realize that most people today had or have no real idea about any of this. Although quickly growing numbers of people DO now know because it is getting SO obvious! … As I write this, today, around 40% of DEMOCRATS believe the 2020 Election had some significant problems with it.

We were born into and grew up in a period of time where civilization had a “break” from the rigors of social development. Things went pretty smoothly, like on a Cosmic Autopilot, for many decades.

We grew up believing the politicians & bureaucrats would, for the most part, “do the right thing,” even if they made mistakes along the way. Most human beings do not have strong or overtly evil intent in their heart or mind. So they don’t notice it too much when other people DO have evil intent, especially when those people work hard to conceal it.

Few of us saw that the Powers That Be behind the scenes were working tirelessly, as far back as the un-Civil War, if not longer, to turn America into their Personal Royal Kingdom, or the modern equivalent of that. They were quietly and openly STEALING the Kingdom!

OR, some of us DID see this happening but felt powerless to do anything about it. When we tried to sound the alarm, we were written off or dismissed as rabid Conspiracy Theorists. But today, many, if not MOST of those “conspiracy theories” are turning out to be Conspiracy Realities!

Now, today, the evidence of all that stealing happening is OVERWHELMING, and so much so, no one who is reasonably well informed can deny that it is time to take action, to hold accountable those who were guilty of, and are, STEALING the Kingdom.

“If the Guilty are not held Responsible,
It is the Innocent who shall Suffer.”

~ An Old Arabic Saying

Government Servants Are Our AGENTS.
And WE Are The Masters.

That’s WE The People, of Course. …

It is the Principle of Agency.

We “hire” our politicians & bureaucrats and DELEGATE some of our Collective Powers to them. As our AGENTS, they are supposed to do their job as instructed.

I do not like the word collective, as so much damage to everyone is done in the name of the so-called but semi-mythical “Greater Good” of “The Collective.”

But yes, free individuals can VOLUNTARILY collaborate and work together to achieve common purposes in a “collective” (group) effort. Yet we must be VERY careful that the “Greater Good of the Collective* “ does NOT override the “Greater Good” and Preservation of each Unique, Individual Human Being.

* “The Collective” does NOT really “exist” as a “thing” except as an intellectual tool or construct of the mind — an “abstraction” — to refer to groups of unique individuals pursuing similar ends together.

Abstraction: (in the philosophical sense) to FAIL to take account of.The map is not the territory. The map is only a general outline of the subject or topic.

The worst collectivists tend to think of and treat The People as just means to an end, just cogs in the wheel, as cattle to be harnessed or cultivated.

Collectivist thinking generally fails to take account of the uniqueness and value of each human member of the collective. That is one reason it is too easy for collectivists to sacrifice the well-being, the property, the freedoms, or even the lives of human beings that do not agree with what “the collective” or the “greater good” dictates.

HOWEVER, if one is CONSCIOUS of the nature & limitations of abstractions, they can be EXTREMELY useful as tools of thinking, of organizing thought.

The DANGER of Collectivism is the members of a “collective” will very often sacrifice the rights, the well-being, or even the very life of an individual who disagrees with the collective. Yet The American Paradigm of Government says the lives and ideas of ALL people — young, old, or incapacitated — are important and must be preserved and expressed.

(As in, free speech of the 1st Amendment of the Constitution and RIGHT to Life, Liberty, (Property,) & Pursuit of Happiness in the Declaration of Independence.)

Yet we Americans draw the line where those who want to overthrow our system of government can ONLY EXPRESS their ideas about it. They cannot take action to overthrow, especially if it is violent action.

And to be legitimate and installed as principles of government, they can ONLY use the Constitutional Political Process to install their ideas from OUTSIDE the government, requiring they Peacefully Persuade a significant majority of Americans to abandon the Rights, Liberties & Way of Life guaranteed to them by their Creator, or by Natural Law, and protected by the Bill of Rights and Constitution.

There are a LOT of Americans who will NOT go along with THAT!

I know I’m being repetitive here, but this MUST get figured out:

Those who would End America as We Know It CAN NOT, or SHOULD NOT, be allowed to use the Resources & Time of being a government official or employee to destroy the very thing that gives them the power in the first place, that being our Constitutional Republic under Common Law. It appears to ME that there needs to be a STRONG limit and control on what a person can do if they accept employment by The State.

NO MATTER HOW “well-intended” they might be, overthrowing America by a government employee or official should be considered some degree of TREASON.

Because We The People were GUARANTEED a Constitutional Republic under Common Law with a Representative Democratic element. We should not be paying the salaries of anyone who is attempting to undermine that guarantee. No one should be using The State to destroy our Constitutionally designed and protected form of The State.

Yet beyond that legal mechanism in the Constitution, they, the Collectivists, CANNOT, or SHOULD NOT take overt, covert, subtle, or forceful action to overthrow the existing, Constitutional political & governmental system without suffering severe political and legal consequences.

And SO FAR, since they KNOW they can never get a majority of The People to go along with such self-destructive CRAP, they use trickery & subversion to implement their vision of how Life on Earth and in America should operate.

Excess Power & Control, Communo-Fascism,
& Far-Left Democrats

Problem Is, collectivist ideas the Far Left Democrats & Communo-Fascists hold DO appeal to certain people, and there are a LOT of them.

The Two Primary Groups are:

• Those who crave Power & Control over other human beings. And they know how to manipulate the Resources of The State to achieve their ends.

• Those who believe “the World Owes Them a Living” and want HANDOUTS and Special Protections from everyone else. And they learn how to manipulate The System to get THEIR ends delivered too.

The polarity between those two groups creates the WELFARE State or Redistributionist Society. Or, in the extreme, a fascist, socialist, or communist state. (The real differences between those three systems are minimal, as they are ALL far left-wing* authoritarian.) Meaning, in part, the Wealth of the Producers is RE-distributed amongst the consumers, those who generally do NOT produce more than they consume. … Producers generally DO produce MORE than they consume.

Left-Wing: One of the Great Con-jobs of the 20th Century is convincing so many people that the Fascists or NAZIs were or are “Right Wing.” That, of course, depends on how you define “left” and “right.” But by the most common and historically accurate definitions, Fascism is LEFT-wing, NOT right-wing. Because left-wing fascism means MORE government, right-wing Americanism men’s LESS government. …

I go into that issue in depth in my Make America AMERICA Again: One YOU At A Time MAGA Report.

The problem is, those who want Power & Control quickly figure out how to gain support from those who want Handouts. (Or, as Carl Jung described, those who are psychologically diminished or deflated such that they search for a “power source” to make them feel more whole or powerful.)

Combined together, those two groups add up to be a LOT of motivated people. Yet they do NOT seem to be in the majority. At least, not yet. The REAL radicals are probably no more than 5 or 10 percent of the population. Another 20 or so percent just aggressively want handouts but are not radical communists.

(Many recent estimates are that almost 2/3rds of the country STILL believe more in the Original American Paradigm than socialist or communist systems.)

The Con-Job of Social Security
& The Looming Financial Tragedy

One BIG Problem is the otherwise conservative people who THINK they “invested” their money in Social Security and therefore deserve the payments from The State. They do not think of those payments as “welfare” or “handouts.”

Well, if the Local Mafia Boss tells you that if you give him some money he PROMISES he’ll give you a good return on it, and you give him the money, who are you going to blame after he leaves town and disappears? Or goes to jail?

Am I daring to compare the United States Federal Government to your Friendly Neighborhood Mafia Boss?ABSOLUTELY YES!!!

The U.S. Social Security System is probably one of THE biggest Ponzi schemes in history. None of that “money” was ever invested. It went right into the General Fund to pay bills. The only things in the Social Security “Trust Fund” are IOUs. Also known as UN-funded liabilities that as the U.S. population ages and retires, those liabilities will probably crash the system.

So those who gave their money to the “Federal Mafia,” then someday get screwed, are NOT going to be very happy! But they’re contributing to the collectivization of America by not recognizing what the political and economic realities are.

It is tragic what the Federal State did to buy off the support & votes of The People. But pursuing corrupt methods to gain political support is always a dangerous path. When the bills come due to start paying off all the entitlement programs started in Washington D.C. to benefit the political class, the money is going to disappear VERY fast.

It will be Musical Chairs without enough chairs for everyone to find one.

Types Of Conservatives / Republicans
(NOT Necessarily the Same Thing!)

WORSE, are the so-called “Conservatives” who are on the other side of the equation, and are actually RINOs, Republicans In Name ONLY. (They are NOT the same as truly “Conservative Republicans” because MANY RINOs are quietly “going along to get along” and letting the Far Left Democrats & Communo-Fascists take control of America so they can cash in in various ways.) And these “RINOs,” are profiting in various ways from what are truly anti-Conservative principles.

Real Conservatives tend to NOT like politics much because they do NOT want handouts from the other groups, so they are NOT generally using The State to get stuff. And Real Conservatives, not being wired the way the collectivists and redistributionists are, do not generally think the way the collectivists do. So, the Conservatives are not using political power sufficiently to defend themselves anywhere near as aggressively as the Far Left Democrats do. …

Yet as the far-left pushes the negative moral degeneration of America, more and more Americans wonder why NOT take those handouts?

But all that is changing now. Formerly silent, or even sleeping, Conservative Republicans are waking up by the thousands and getting involved in politics to defend themselves and their country. … Hopefully, it is not too late!

More On “Republicans”: Too many people use the term “republicans” in a collectivist sense. They are using collectivist-style thinking and group ALL republicans as the same as in group-think abstractions. Therefore, they fail to take account of the fact that there are RINOs, who really should be in the Left-Wing Democrat Party. They are mostly opportunists who make their money off of screwing Conservatives and selling out to, for example, Transnational Corporatists or the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). … 

The tendency, then, is for them to go along to get along, to be tolerant, and let the Far Left Democrats do (get away with) what they want to do without too much resistance.

Then there are Mainline Conservatives, who fit MUCH better into the Republican Party than do the RINOs. They are just regular people, who want to be left alone, don’t want to bother anyone, and don’t like Big Government, except, many of them DO like Social Security, which is of course a contradiction. …

THEN, there are the Tea Party Republicans, who are even more Fundamentally Conservative, and VERY oriented to the Constitution & Founding Principles of America. Many of them have actually READ the Constitution!

And THEN we have the NEO-Cons, the most DANGEROUS of them all. We can also call them Rockefeller Republicans. They are former Democrats, many of whom were at one time Trotskyites. They believe in the International Communist movements. During the Reagan / Senior Bush Administration (and continued by Clinton, Junior Bush & Obama) they gave up on the Democrat Party and infiltrated the Republican Party, turning it into the WELFARE / WARFARE Party! They are Transnationalists, or Globalists, or the International Bankers, and believe in New World Order kinds of thinking.

They are perfectly fine with getting rid of everything that made America GREAT in the first place, including YOU. … And ME!

Which Means …


And WHAT are “Conservatives” Conserving?

They are conserving the Morals & Principles of Western Civilization and the American Revolution. And the Declaration of Independence and the Constitutional Republic under Common Law.

It would hope to know what those are!

YET … the Power & War Mongers and the Handout Seekers have taken almost total control of the United States Government and Political Processes. They have introduced the Power of Corruption so deeply into ALL American Affairs & Life it is almost too hard to believe.

And THEY are bleeding us dry, and literally OVERTHROWING our very system of government, overthrowing the Original American Paradigm.

To those who have eyes to see … It is right in front of you. … As long as you do not watch CNN, MSNBC, and all those other bought & paid for corporate propaganda distribution channels.

Now, even though I do not like “collectivism” in a philosophical sense, We The People DO have to acknowledge that just one of us acting alone will not likely take on and overcome the Power of The Mega-State, or the Deep State. But if enough of us get together and coordinate our understandings, objectives & actions, then there is a far greater likelihood We The People can handle the challenges and prevail over The Servants who are, with NO exaggeration, …

Stealing America BLIND.

Some History Books Say at the beginning of the American Revolution only 3% of the American Colonists were motivated to take on the British King and separate from England. And they who WERE willing to take on the King knew full well that if they failed, they would be tried, sentenced, and HUNG for Treason.

(And many of them DID pay a very high price, including they or their families being killed.)

But when that 3% DID take action, many more English Colonists, soon to be Americans, followed the trend and got on board the Revolution.

Yet, well before getting to the point of needing a 2nd American Revolution with GUNS and CANNONS, like the owner of a company with employees, WE Are Responsible to make sure Our Government Servants are doing their jobs properly.

And voting every two or four years, while important, is nowhere near enough supervision of our Servants.

To prevent a Violent Revolution, if it is even possible, we must reclaim our powers and rights, take back control of the government at federal, state, and local levels, and pretty much start all over again. Or at least roll back to before World War One, or better yet,  the un-Civil War, when Abraham Lincoln began overthrowing the Original American Paradigm.

What IS Our Job?

We MUST be monitoring, observing, and analyzing what the SERVANTS are doing, then inform, instruct & correct them if they get too far off course. Conceivably, with 150 million people (about half the country), if we had never lost control, that many people could do this in an hour or two a week (in addition to keeping informed) or a day a month.

There would probably have to be more conversations or meetings with local people, however, to keep everyone clear on what’s going on in their communities. At the Founding of America, Town Meetings were VERY common and necessary for social cohesion.

As our Founding Fathers warned us, Freedom REQUIRES Eternal Vigilance of WE The People, to keep government servants in line. … This is NOT Optional. … Yet most of WE The People dropped the ball a LONG time ago. …

We Fell ASLEEP At the Political Wheel. … And the car is about to CRASH into a HUGE WALL.

Car Crash into the wall before MAGA

WE got away with it, more-or-less, for many DECADES. Because the Laws of Human Nature do not always operate as fast as the laws of physical reality.

If you step off a cliff, the laws of gravity operate instantly, giving you very fast feedback. But as the Bible says, when it comes to the laws of human nature, the sins of the father are not visited until the third or fourth generation.

BIBLE – Old Testament: Numbers 14:18

“The Lord is slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love, forgiving iniquity and transgression, but he will by no means clear the guilty, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children, to the third and the fourth generation.”

(I am NOT a Bible Thumper. However, after resisting it for many years, and after a LOT of study, I believe it is irrefutable that MUCH of the Original American Paradigm is based on, or emerged from, The Bible. I think it is very helpful to understand how much of our way of life emerged from Biblical Principles. HOWEVER, way too many Christian Preachers today have almost NO IDEA what I am talking about here. In part because so many of them just threw the Old Testament out, for all practical purposes.)

Now, that verse from Numbers above might sound “mean” and “heartless” of God to punish the Kids for what Dad did. But all that’s being said is that it sometimes takes a LONG time for human nature to deliver its reactions to human behavior.

For Example: United States Politicians adopted the Federal Reserve Act in 1913. That system established a Central Bank, and blatantly violated both Biblical Law, American Common Law, and also United States Federal Law. But because the Laws of Human Nature do not act as fast as physical laws such as gravity, it took time for the Laws of Nature, or Nature’s God,  to catch up.

It has been almost 110 years since the Federal Reserve Act was passed. If we start at 1913 and assume a generation is 25 years, 110, divided by 25 is around 4.4. So the crime of establishing the Federal Reserve Bank is now being, or about to be, punished approximately FOUR generations later.

The Law the FED violates is that ALL of our “money” must be fully uniform, with NO inflation. NO “funny money.” Or no counterfeit money. And the Bible and the Constitution say money should be Gold & Silver. Yet Roosevelt abandoned the Gold Standard within the United States (domestically) in 1933.

Richard Nixon, the “sort of maybe conservative,” took the United States off the Gold Standard internationally in 1972.U.S. dollar purchasing power since 1913 - MAGANOW, with the money supply being eroded by more than 95% since 1913, and counterfeit money being produced for much of that time, we are now, it seems, about to pay the price. Inflation is starting to grow more than in forty years. TRILLIONS in debt might be coming due, with nothing to pay it back with except by counterfeiting even MORE money. (That is a topic of economics, money & banking. We will explore THAT in the MAGA Reports, as well.)

And the United States, formerly known as AMERICA, has also adopted ALL of Karl Marx’s Ten Planks of the Communist Manifesto, with some help from Friedrich Engels. Reading the Manifesto shows what their very clear plans & objectives were and are. And ALL of those main plans & objectives were included in the Communist Manifesto.

One of the Ten Planks of Communism was / is the Federal Reserve System.

(That is one of the many things I go into in my DSL MAGA Reports, the OVERT infiltration of Communo-Fascism into America, which got its start way back in the 1930s, if not sooner. There is even strong evidence pro-Marxists were in the administration and military during Abraham Lincoln’s presidency!

They have been RELENTLESS, and with a LOT of help from sympathizers within the United States, including the U.S. State Department! … And NO, communism did NOT die out with the fall of the Soviet Union.)

But while we were not paying close enough attention, and not taking necessary action, the Far Left “Servants,” which includes quite a few RINOs, (Republicans in Name Only) slowly, quietly, worked to STEAL America out from under us. They nearly got away with it. … But ONLY if we do not act NOW …

And the Ten Planks of the Communist Manifesto have TODAY become almost fully integrated into American Society. Or VERY nearly so. And NOW, “They,” the Far-Left Democrats & Communo-Fascists, are not even being quiet about it.

CAN WE, The REAL Americans, Recover?

It is now time to Regain & Maintain control of the Political Ball. And we must do it NOW. There is NO TIME left to waste or hope.

The 2022 Elections are less than a YEAR away. To win back the Congress (Senate & House of Representatives) and Presidency will take a LOT of work. ESPECIALLY if we cannot get the electronic voting machines replaced with a Paper Ballot System.

And to get full forensic audits in enough states, we must make sure the states preserve the ballots, which are scheduled to be destroyed in about 9 months. Without the ballots, no audits. One top priority right now is contacting our state officials and beginning a campaign to preserve those ballots.

I recommend you do a Web Search for Mr. Jovan Hutton Pulitzer. He is probably THE leading expert on paper ballots and election integrity. He also has hundreds of patents and is a very smart guy. And he is on LOTS of internet platforms. And he is VERY educational and VERY committed to Saving America.

My DSL MAGA Reports include a list of Ten Critical Steps a person can do to help this Save America Project.

Recovering many of the State level Legislatures, Attorney’s General, Secretary’s of State, and even many Governor positions needs to happen. And just because they were or are Republican does NOT mean they were or are on our side.

Governor Ducey of Arizona, a Republican, is on video gushing over doing business with China. Yet China has VERY overt and well-established plans to overtake America if they can. They, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), are NOT our friends, folks!

Please just notice, conditions today are NOWHERE NEAR as dire as they were in 1776 when our Founding Fathers signed their own Death Warrants if they failed to overthrow the British Armies and Navy. In comparison, we have things very easy, if We The People just sit up, take notice, get some education and some instructions, and JUST DO IT.

SO, who the Heck am I to be Talking to You about all THIS?

Who The Heck AM I (DSL)?

At one level, I’m just a middle-class guy from the south suburbs of Chicago who was for several years a Structural Steel Ironworker, most of the time as a foreman.

Then, after several changes of professions, including a few years working with some of the top Commodity Traders on the Trading Floor of the Mercantile Exchange and Tax Shelter Attorneys in Downtown Chicago, I ended up being a Whole Health, Soft Tissue Practitioner! … How the heck did THAT happen?

Well, let’s rewind the tape a bit.

Whose More Corrupt, the Financial Industry?
Or the Health & Medical Industry?

Moving from being a Heavy Construction Worker to the Financial District in Chicago in 1981, I became Not Happy with how corrupt the Financial World was, and was appalled by the kinds of people working on the trading floors. There were a LOT of drugs and alcohol and late-night partying and such. It was, admittedly, a very high-stress, fast-moving job. But I often thought to myself, if the American People ever figured out who was managing their money and how, they would NOT be too happy about it.

Yet I was told I was a “budding genius” in the field of stock & commodity technical (chart) analysis, and I was working with the men who brought the very first commonly available computers for individual traders to Chicago. I probably could have been very successful. But I wanted something FAR more satisfying & helpful to my fellow human beings than charting the ups and downs of the prices of “stuff” and hanging around drug users.

I had, at age 13, by way of martial arts, gotten into Zen-style Meditation, and read a number of great Spiritual Books in my teens. And by the time 1981 rolled around, I had a few years of part-time experience as a yoga teacher and an informal hands-on muscle therapist. …

So in 1981, I switched careers and became a full-time muscle (or soft tissue) therapist on the Near North Side of Chicago. I was only 28 years old at the time.

Some Insight Into Free-Enterprise Capitalism, Free Markets & How They Work … and Do NOT Work

But you know what? I discovered that the Health Care World, even the so-called “alternative” and “natural” healing arts, was in many ways subject to even MORE corruption than the financial world was! But working side-by-side with some of the top traders in the financial business, I had learned a lot about how things REALLY worked in “The Money Industry” and the world in general.

And I must tell you … when it comes to How The World Works, I got FAR more out of talking to and reading the writings of some of those so-called Right-Wing Financial Analysts and Conservative Newsletter Writers than I did from all those “spiritual” books I had read.

Because to be great investors — unless they strictly “play the numbers” (trading purely on short-term price swings) — they need to know a LOT about a lot of things. And what they invested in, they needed enough people to want and purchase those things if they were going to be truly successful.

We still had a country where We The People decided what we wanted and needed, and could NOT have stuff pushed to us or forced to buy it by the government. With the exception of Social Security, of course! (Although THAT is one of the things changing pretty fast here in America. From medicine to solar panels to cars. The Feds think they should control EVERYTHING!)

Companies succeeded or failed based on whether they produced good products at reasonable prices. If they did not, they went out of business. No handouts or bailouts to keep poor management operating.

And the Knowledge & Understanding of How Things Really Work has to be VERY ACCURATE or else they lose a LOT of money from investing poorly. So I learned a LOT more from the investors at the Commodity Trading Floors than I did from most of those so-called “spiritual” books that lived in mostly abstract, utopian fantasy worlds.

But some of the very astute people I knew — like Norman S. — who had in 1980 already been down in the Chicago Mercantile (Commodity) Exchange for many years, were very discouraged with how corrupt and out of integrity so many of the New Breed of Market Traders and Market Analysts were. Even in 1980, the markets had become mostly gambling casinos rather than serving truly valuable financial and economic functions. (Which they had at one time.)

The Original Purpose of the
Commodity —$$$— Markets

The commodity markets originally served as a kind of insurance function. Farmers and manufacturers who frequently needed to buy lots of raw materials could not afford the uncertainty of significant or extreme price swings. So they would “buy contracts” with “Market Makers” who would willingly absorb the risks of big swings in prices of the commodities (raw materials) the manufacturing and agricultural people needed. …

Yes, for every market maker who made a big win, there was an equivalent number who had big losses. Yet they did so voluntarily. They were not forced to participate. And even the successful ones usually had some losses, but they also had on average enough wins, sometimes BIG wins, that they could absorb the losses in some trades yet profit over the long haul. But this was better than taxpayers having to Bail Out the Losers, as we do now — the banks, the money markets, and various corporate entities — and have for a long time.

The Federal Government (FedGov) long ago proved they are NOT good at picking the winners and losers in business … or anything else, for that matter. They just protect their favored Special Interests. … And YOU are probably NOT one of them! … I know I’M not!

NOW, here’s the Bigger Issue … When I asked Norman S. what percentage of market functions still served legitimate purposes like the commodity insurance function, he thought for a while, then regretfully said “Maybe 3%.”


All the rest was just passing money back and forth and “scalping” a few cents per contract here and there. But if you are trading a lot of contracts, it can add up pretty fast.

It was, basically, a mini-CASINO Economy! But when you have a LOT of contracts trading every day, even if you only win 55% of the time, it adds up. … Especially when today’s financial industry is a HUGE marketplace in the many billions, if not trillions of dollars.

The problem with THAT is they were profiting without actually adding anything of value or substance to the economy. …

THAT can only go on for so long. Yet by abandoning moral & practical law, by finding ways to manipulate the markets with computers and such, and by allowing everything to get so complicated and therefore easy to cover up & conceal, THIS Casino Economy is at “nuclear bomb levels” of volatility and potential explosiveness.

IF the proverbial pin punctures the bubble or the bottom comes out, the potential, if not inevitable, IMPLOSION, will most likely be beyond anything we have seen in known civilizations.

Being Able To Communicate About GOOD Capitalism versus BAD Capitalism Is A Necessary Skill

The Main Reason I mention this is there are many elements of “capitalism” that started out as “good” and “useful” things. Yet some of the capitalists got corrupted, in great part by cronyism.

Politically, “cronyism” is derogatorily used to imply buying and selling favors, such as: votes in legislative bodies, doing favors to organizations, giving desirable ambassadorships to exotic places, etc.

ANTI-free-market capitalists used the political system to gain, keep and protect their markets, rather than practice TRUE free-market competition.

It is important to get VERY familiar with the significant and many differences between Free-Enterprise, Free-Market Capitalism, and Crony- (or Political- or State-) Capitalism. (There are other things it could be called, such as crony-corporatism.)

But we cannot throw GOOD capitalism out the window while getting rid of the not-good parts of NON-free-enterprise capitalism. To Repair America, this is a CRITICAL distinction to be made, and important to be able to COMMUNICATE that difference to other people who might not understand such things.

And MANY people do NOT. … Partly because they went through the standard U.S. educational system, which is mostly an indoctrination into statism, collectivism, and the welfare, warfare, lawfare state.

Erosion of Integrity & Honesty

Another Astute Friend, Mr. Sam, described how when he started trading on the commodity trading floor maybe 20 years earlier (so about the 1960s), the trading pits were places of VERY HIGH INTEGRITY and HONESTY. If someone made a trade with you, and they lost, no matter how much it cost them, they would honor the trade, and complete the contract.

Now, as he was telling me the story way back in 1981, many of the newer, younger breeds of traders would try to convince you you were mistaken, that NO, they had NOT made that trade with you. …

The idea of Telling the Truth no matter what had been lost, or at least was going out of style.

And that was in 1981, forty+ years ago today!

WHY Do I Bother To Say All This?

Honesty & Integrity Is Necessary To
Live As A FREE People & FREE State

The Commodity Trading Pits were considered by a lot of people to be the Ultimate in Free Market, Laissez-Faire Activity. Yet for the markets to work smoothly, it required a strong sense of integrity & honesty within each trader’s own self. If the trading markets had to have a “police force” to monitor all the exchanges & contracts between traders, it would never have worked. Because the trading pits were FAR too fast-moving, some trades between traders lasted only seconds or minutes. The only real records were often in their own heads or their own cards they took notes on.

Self-imposed & self-controlled morality was the only way it could work well.

THE LESSON? One principle of the Original American Paradigm was founded on TRUST and HONESTY. And each American had to be self-monitoring, self-disciplining, self-controlling.

Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.John Adams
James Madison wrote that our Constitution requires “sufficient virtue among men for self-government,” otherwise, “nothing less than the chains of despotism can restrain them from destroying and devouring one another.” James Madison

To have a society with a minimal police force, and to allow the most freedom of creativity, innovation, action, & productivity, most people had to be mostly honest. MOST people had to honor their agreements and contracts MOST of the time.

I’m old enough to remember the days when most people did not lock the doors of their homes. If you left something on the front seat of an unlocked car, (almost) no one would take it. If someone found something that was not their’s they would try to return it back to the rightful owner. If you shook hands on a deal, most of the time, the hand-shakers would honor their agreement.

When One’s Word & Name Were
Of Highest Importance

Because as Western Civilization developed, for many centuries, MOST people ONLY had ONE THING that could be of Great Enduring Value: THEIR WORD.

Many, if not most, men and women would not compromise their reputation because they did not have much else. Very few people had much personal property. And if their reputation got diminished, their ability to work with other people was greatly diminished as well.

The Family Name meant everything and was protected as much as possible by being honest & reliable.

Sure, there were exceptions, there were of course dishonest people … and even criminals. But for the most part, MOST people were relatively safe from such fears or concerns.

The Many Myths of the Wild, Wild West have been pretty much demolished, as well. Researchers went through vast numbers of newspapers, death certificates, and such. They concluded that the vast majority of Americans never heard a shot fired in anger their whole lives.

Moral Relativity & The Breakdown of Society

Then, over the years, for example, the highly corrupt saying and practice of Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers came into style. Moral Relativity rather than a Common Law Among the People came into style. A general sense of entitlement (meaning: people owe me a living) enforced by The State rather than voluntary charity came into popularity.

It did not help that some “social philosophers” were pushing the principle of Moral Relativity. That meant that each person had their “own reality” and that it was not proper for anyone to “judge” another person’s experience of life or sense of morality. It got so bad that when Einstein published his Theory Of Relativity, some socialist philosophers tried to claim he proved that morality was relative.

This upset Einstein a lot, and he tried to rename his theory The Invariance Principle. But it was too late. Those philosophers completely turned the meaning of the Theory of Relativity upside down, making it appear that everything was just a matter of the point-of-view of the person observing reality.

In reality (pun semi-intended), the things being measured were dependent on WHERE in space you measured from — the physical point in space you were viewing from. It was NOT about the person’s “consciousness” or their “mental point-of-view.”

Nevertheless, the cultural impact of Einstein’s theory extends far beyond the laboratory or the science classroom. As the twentieth century unfolded, Einstein’s theory of relativity quickly became a symbol and catalyst for something very different — the development of moral relativism. Einstein was not a moral relativist, nor did he believe that his theories had any essential moral or cultural meaning. He recoiled when his theory of relativity was blamed or credited for the birth of modern art (Cubism, in particular) or any other cultural development.

The philosopher Isaiah Berlin defended Einstein against any such charge:  “The word relativity has been widely misinterpreted as relativism, the denial, or doubt about, the objectivity of truth or moral values.” He continued, “This was the opposite of what Einstein believed. He was a man of simple and absolute moral convictions, which were expressed in all he was and did.” … Fair enough. Albert Einstein was not a moral relativist and his theory of relativity has nothing to do with morality. The problem, however, is simple — [yet] Einstein’s theory of relativity entered the popular consciousness as a generalized relativism. The issue here is not to blame Albert Einstein. He is not responsible for the misuse, misapplication, and misappropriation of his theory. But, in any event, for millions of modern people relativity was understood as relativism. And that misunderstanding is one of the toxic developments of the modern age. Dr. R. Albert Mohler Jr. president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

This helped begin the society-wide erosion of “right & wrong,” and so the moral compass of The People began to erode.

In his September 19, 1796 Farewell Address to the nation, George Washington stated: “Of all the dispositions and habits which lead to political prosperity, Religion and Morality are indispensable supports. In vain would that man claim the tribute of Patriotism, who should labor to subvert these great Pillars.” …

William McGuffey, author of the McGuffey’s Readers, which were the mainstay of America’s public school system from 1836 till the 1920’s, wrote: “Erase all thought and fear of God from a community, and selfishness and sensuality would absorb the whole man.” [Emphasis added]


Collectivist and Communo-Fascist “philosophers” who dominate the schools and universities today are fully committed to teaching Moral Relativism to their students. This is a primary key to eroding the moral fabric of any society. And if your society is becoming “redistributionist,” where the primary job of the government is to take from the producers and give entitlements to the users, then THEFT in the form of “Taxation” is becoming a basic principle of your society.

Even Health Care supposedly “became a right” people were “entitled” to. Yet health care must be delivered by someone, and often equipment or substances are necessary to deliver the product or service. Those who are required to deliver such services and products to people are no better than serfs or slaves. …

Even if you are a well-paid slave, you are still a slave.

In the Original American Paradigm, no human being could be forced to serve another human being unless the person voluntarily agreed. Otherwise, that would be called slavery or serfdom.

Enter the FedGov, making health care part of their package of “services” to The People. And like pretty much EVERYTHING The State touches, it began the process of centralization, consolidation & corruption.

Power tends to corrupt, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

~ Lord Acton

Intervention by The State generally leads to corruption, which, among other forces, leads to increasing prices, decreasing quality, decreasing availability (shortages), and an erosion of basic things, like the Doctor / Patient Relationship.

Because NOW, the doctor has to worry more about the insurance companies, the State’s medical licensing boards, and the pure peer pressure to practice the “professional standard of care.”

Even if the doctor thinks what the patient needs is NOT what the average doctor is recommending for the same general diagnosis. In medicine, patients frequently have similar symptoms, but NOT the exact same underlying conditions

CASE IN POINT: Recently, with the COVID-19 breakout, there were VERY effective and inexpensive therapeutic drugs and nutrients that had demonstrated strong effectiveness in early treatment of patients for COVID-19 — with LOTS of supporting medical data (hydroxychloroquine had 83 medical studies proving its value, Ivermectin won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2015 as an essential medicine for HUMANS!).

Yet because certain well-placed people like Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates had significant “interests” in certain patentable & profitable drugs such as the mRNA Gene Therapy we now VERY mistakenly call a “vaccine,”* these well-placed people were able to suppress low cost, highly effective treatments and force The Medical System to focus only on the non-“vaccine.”

* The word “vaccine” was redefined to allow Fauci & Friends to feed at the trough of federal funding and receive complete liability protection from any harm caused by them.

Many thousands of people DIED as the result of that medical misdirect.

And now? The falsely described “vaccine” is killing or maiming many MORE people, by the many thousands.

To me, the many & same forms of corruption I observed in the financial world were already well established in the medical world, maybe more so, all the way back in the 1970s and early 1980s.

They actually got their corruptive start back prior to 1900 when the Rockefeller Empire discovered they could make medical drugs from chemicals derived from petrochemicals.

One Difference Though, was that the health & medicine field has a veneer, a surface appearance, of helping people, so the corruption is not as obvious. … Yet it is THERE, and over a hundred years worth has been operating.

Yet to make my point, though, here is a quote from an M.D., quoted in Robert Kennedy Jr.’s new book, The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health (Children’s Health Defense) (p. 23). Skyhorse:

“The first step is to give up the illusion that the primary purpose of modern medical research is to improve Americans’ health most effectively and efficiently. In our opinion, the primary purpose of commercially funded clinical research is to maximize the financial return on investment, not health.”John Abrahamson, M.D., Harvard Medical School

WAR Is A Racket!
And The Health of the State

It was not till many years later that I found out the financial industry was really an “enabler” of many or most of the other corrupt practices in the world, especially financing the mostly needless military interventions around the world. Even Abraham Lincoln’s un-Civil War was started mostly over, rather than slavery, financial issues, taxes & tariffs, and consolidation of POWER into the hands of fewer, well-positioned people.

But if you are positioned properly, with the right connections, wars are a VERY profitable enterprise. This is why most, if not all, wars the United States were involved in, from the un-Civil War forward, were NOT fought for the reasons we were told.

“War is a racket. It always has been. It is possibly the oldest, easily the most profitable, surely the most vicious. It is the only one international in scope. It is the only one in which the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives. A racket is best described, I believe, as something that is not what it seems to the majority of the people. Only a small ‘inside’ group knows what it is about. It is conducted for the benefit of the very few, at the expense of the very many. Out of war a few people make huge fortunes.” ~ War is a Racket, “Smedley Butler quotes are some of the most influential in the world in regard to military and war.

At the time of his death in 1940 Major General Smedley Darlington Butler was the most decorated Marine in American history. His 16 medals included two Medals of Honor and the Brevet Medal, all for separate acts of heroism. Following his military service Butler revealed a supposed plot to overthrow the U.S. government, as well as published War Is a Racket, a scathing criticism of American wars for profit.”General Smedly Butler, 1935

Slavery was a minor part of the issues of the un-Civil War until much later in the war, when Lincoln was losing support for the war. And it was, of course, NOT very “civil” at all. … The number of dead & maimed, and the sheer destruction of the south, remains one of the worst wars in history.

The 14th Amendment & Consolidation of Power
— Institutionalizing Crony-Corporate Capitalism —

Very Long Story, All Too Short … the un-Civil War and the resulting 14th Amendment brought about the eventual extensive Consolidation of Power to the Power Elite — the Establishment Bankers, Industrialists, Merchants, and such, and eventual legalization of Communo-Fascism in America — of which the power & money transfer was pretty well established by 1913, over 100 years ago.

Remember that Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto was published in 1848, and some of the people in Abraham Lincoln’s government were called the ’48ers. (SEE Lincoln’s Marxists by Al Benson Jr. at Amazon Books or videos on YouTube.)

And there has been a slow bleed of American Wealth & Prosperity ever since. But that “bleed” is accelerating at an enormous pace today. More “money” (actually currency, which is FAKE or Counterfeit Money) has been printed in the last few years than all the years since the Federal Reserve was founded in 1913.

The most aggressive Power Seekers get into the business of creating LEGALIZED FAKE Money, also called “modern” banking. This gives them the wealth to expand their powers beyond belief. … But legal or not, it is no different than counterfeiting in its short- and long-term effects.

(If you have not read The Creature from Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin, that is a MUST READ book if you want to know the Real Story of the 20th Century and the “Money Powers.” OR, as a shorter intro, Robert Kiyosaki’s excellent book, Conspiracy of the Rich is an excellent primer.)

A Budding ANTI-Communist?
Was Dick & Jane A Communist Plot?
And What About Spot?

I wrote my first paper on anti-Communism when I was 16 years old, for a Communications Class in my Junior year of high school. It was titled “Dick & Jane Is A Communist Plot!”

As an example of what I wrote: “Who would want America’s little children to think in grammatically perfect, three-word sentences? … ONLY the Commies of course!”

I’m not sure how I got to the point of being able to write that at only 16 years old. I think I probably heard a lot of conversations between my Dad and Uncle.

Yet I do remember back to when I was in first grade. Our teacher, Mrs. Barbara H., taught us the Dick & Jane, Look Say Method of reading. That method was, by a few educators in those days, considered one of the Camels Nose In The Tent signaling the beginning of the Dumbing Down of America by collectivists. Although the dumbing down got its start in the late 1800s when, starting in the Northeastern U.S., the Power Elite gradually began taking over education in America.


Under the orchestrating baton of Nicholas Butler, President of Columbia University and President of the Carnegie Endowment, an organization was formed in 1884 called The American Historical Association.  …

The Commission on the Social Studies is remembered today for its role in launching what has come to be known as progressive education. The self-admitted goal of progressive educators was – and is – to de-emphasize academic excellence in favor of awareness of social and political issues. That’s the first half.

The second half is that those issues must be presented so as to promote three concepts: (1) National sovereignty is the cause of war and must be replaced by world government; (2) Personal property should be eliminated because it leads to selfishness, and (3) people will not assist or cooperate with each other in freedom so they must be forced to do so by the state. Since those are key features of collectivism, the unspoken lesson that students learn is that collectivism is good and is the wave of the future. [Emphasis added]

~ By G. Edward Griffin
The Chasm: The Future Is Calling (Part One)
© 2003 – 2010  Revised 2010 April 4

But Mrs. H. ALSO taught us Basic Phonics at the same time. And I was able to somehow discern there was a BIG and important difference between Look Say and Phonics. And later in life, I realized traditional phonics had helped my thinking process be much better than if I had only learned the Look Say Method. It was only years later I fully appreciated how critical to effective thinking phonics was for me. And probably for lots of other people too!

“The look-say method of reading, introduced in the 1920s by Columbia Teachers College, was the educators’ way of breaking the power of the alphabet. This method trained children to recognize whole words. This was a step toward Chinese/Asian education, where memorization of thousands of symbols is vital for literacy because of the absence of an alphabet. The educators’ trinity of Dick, Jane, and Spot were supposed to redeem youthful Americans from the tyranny of phonics.

The trinity’s task was to turn readers into memorizers, thinkers into repeaters. Ultimately, it was designed to turn entrepreneurs into bureaucrats. It would re-make pupils into the image of a tenured professor of education. … The result was a steady decline of literacy that continues to our day.” [Emphasis added]

~ Dr. Gary North, Economist & Historian

It was only MANY years later I read things like Why Jonnie Can’t Read. They could have also said, Why Jonnie (or Janey) Can’t Think.

My Time With Union Construction Workers

When I was an Ironworker (heavy construction putting up steel-framed buildings around Chicago) I had first-hand experience of how corrupt and bad certain unions were for productivity and quality, not to mention price. And some unions tended to breed laziness and opportunism among union-protected workers. … (I could tell you some stories!)

I decided these “Union stories” would take too much time and too many words to do the issues justice here. But I did want to mention I had a lot of direct, first-hand experience of the many problems that many unions cause in America, as did my Dad, who was an ironworker before me. He was everything from an apprentice to a journeyman to a superintendent to a steel construction business owner.

How Big Pharma Controlled, and
Suppresses, Alternative Medicine
— Persecuting Whole Health Physicians —

I’ll skip over some stuff here, but when I got into the health care industry, I was in the alternative health end of the field. I started meeting some pretty far-out (even weird) people and seeing some pretty far-out stuff about how The Medical System, or The Medical Establishment, worked. Or did NOT work! Much of it many people would call “Conspiracy Theories.”

YET … What one of the things I was doing was learning about and talking to licensed medical physicians who had been harassed, prosecuted, or even SWAT-teamed by the “medical authorities” for doing things like prescribing herbs or vitamins/minerals for things like cancer, heart disease, and other conditions.

At one point, a friend of mine, who owned a nutritional product company, and I took a couple of week trip around the east and southeast of the United States to interview several attorneys who specialized in defending alternative-oriented medical doctors, osteopaths, and chiropractors. Some of the physicians had been jailed, had their licenses or credentials taken, deprived of many doctor’s privileges, driven out of the country (!!!), and so on.

One of the attorneys we interviewed actually gave the two of us a TWO-DAY Private Seminar in his office on the whole field of the VERY REAL “conspiracy” to destroy alternative health care.

Back in Chicago, an Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine practitioner I knew personally, who was EXTREMELY well trained and credentialed, was arrested and perp-walked … for no good reason we could ever figure out. It was a kind of sting operation. But it was known the “authorities” liked to scare all us “alternative” practitioners now and then to keep us from getting too well known.

One of the top, most respected Whole Health Physicians in the COUNTRY at the time, Dr. Bill Mauer, DO, was repeatedly harassed by the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation. What saved him was, he had patients who were influential Illinois State Legislators. So he had some protective political pull. Otherwise the “medical authorities” kept trying to shut him down.

CHICAGO (AP) _ The American Medical Association led an effort to destroy the chiropractic profession by depriving its practitioners of association with medical doctors and calling them ″unscientific cultists″ or worse, a federal judge has ruled. U.S. District Judge Susan Getzendanner described the conspiracy as ″systematic, long-term wrongdoing and the long-term intent to destroy a licensed profession″ in ruling late Thursday on a 1976 antitrust lawsuit.

Ms. Getzendanner’s decision said the nation’s largest physicians’ group spearheaded a physicians’ boycott designed ″to contain and eliminate the chiropractic profession.″ … ″For example, in 1973 … an AMA official described chiropractors as rabid dogs and killers.″ [emphasis added]API

SNEAK PEAK at My MAGA Reports:
One(s) Who Would Be King

The Rockefellers — Medical Monopoly —
World Control

Here’s more of the kind of stuff I’m discussing in the MAGA Reports

Medical Monopoly Conspiracies, you have probably heard, were initiated MANY years ago by John D. Rockefeller of Standard Oil fame (or infamy). When he discovered oil and gas products could be used to make chemical-based pharmaceuticals (medical drugs), he began investing heavily in such processes and products.

While he was at it, in order to reduce or preferably eliminate his competition, he initiated programs that looked philanthropic on the surface. But in reality, they were designed to discredit and get rid of so-called alternative, natural, homeopathic, naturopathic, osteopathic, herbal, and any other non-chemical-based alternatives. … He called it Scientific Philanthropy!

America’s Energy Dilemma

Now, I mention Rockefeller because he is VERY instructive into the nature of what we are dealing with in America and in the World today, and have been for over a century. John D. started out providing very good things for the public. Human Progress depends in Great Part on how much energy is available to replace the muscle power of men, horses, oxen, etc.

The steam engine made a huge difference in how much energy and power could be generated and launched the Industrial Revolution. The 1800s saw the exponentially largest explosion of human productivity ever seen in history to that time. (And most of it was done without significant involvement of the federal government!)

Steam was the main source of power. Then, oil-based products turned out to have a VERY high “energy density” per volume of product.

“The energy density of oil is 35 to 45 gigajoules (10,000 kWh) per cubic meter*. When measured using the methods presented, solar energy has a density of 1.5 microjoules per cubic meter, over twenty quadrillion times less than oil. Human energy density is approximately 1000 J/m3, while other inexhaustibles such as wind and tidal [water]  have energy densities of 0.5 to 50 J/m.”[emphasis added] COMPARISON OF ENERGY DENSITIES OF PREVALENT ENERGY SOURCES
Paradox Of Rockefeller’s Energy Success
versus Medical Corruption

So in the early days, Rockefeller did a great service to humanity by providing abundant, cheap energy which was critical for humans to get out of the muscle-power age. Just the amount of horse manure that piled up on city streets was a major problem. And all that energy built the America we know, fueling automobiles and construction equipment and farm tractors and such to feed people and so on.

Even China benefited early on. The Rockefellers introduced kerosene lamps to China in 1863. They donated millions of lamps to Chinese people, who of course now bought the kerosene on a regular basis. (There’s that Strategic Philanthropy again!)

To this day, oil, gas, & coal are the most efficient energy source except for nuclear, depending on how you calculate the various factors. Solar, Wind, and Biomass has such a very low energy density, it is going to be a LONG time before they can produce anywhere near the energy we need. Otherwise, we are going to suffer VAST decreases in quality and safety of living.

Without PLENTY of energy, Human Beings will be returned to a far more primitive way of life. And the population will reduce itself dramatically from starvation. (Food production requires tractors and other such heavy machinery and running such equipment on electric engines, challenges that are FAR off in the future, if possible at all.) People will have to go back to using fire to heat their homes. Mobility will be drastically reduced.

Please See the book The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels by Alex Epstein.
Or go to his website

Good Guy, Bad Guy

Rockefeller might never have been an across-the-board, or even much of a “good guy,” as in someone you’d like to hang out with. (Unless he was feeling generous that day.) He might well have been a cut-throat businessman.

Yet his contribution to energy production was long-term and highly beneficial to the vast majority of human beings on Earth. (Although Barak Obama told the African People they could not participate in the common energy resources much of the world has access to because it would, he claimed, “boil the planet.” That claim of alleged Global Warming has a LOT of problems with it, which we will be covering in the DSL MAGA Reports.)

Anyway, by providing something that was VERY USEFUL to nearly everyone on Earth, Rockefeller became the richest man on Earth for a long time. And THEN, he started to work on using POLITICS to further reduce or eliminate his competition, consolidate his power, and pretty much started remaking the World in His Vision.

Although he never was a “king” in any official way, he probably lived better than any king in history, and probably had far more POWER than anyone in history up to his time. But he was pretty good at wielding it “from behind the scenes.”

HERE, is where it gets even more critical to understanding our world today, and the danger of allowing too much power to consolidate into too few hands:

Rockefeller Births America’s Biggest Enemy

You have probably heard the TRUE story that Henry Kissinger and Richard Nixon were big players in “opening up China” to the West and the United States. …

Well, it’s a little more complex than that.

“The Rockefeller dynasty is more responsible for the creation of the twin-engined US-China financial system than any other group of people. The family saw China’s potential as a market early on. John D. Rockefeller Sr., the family’s patriarch and founder of the Standard Oil monopoly empire, sold his first kerosene to China in 1863 and made his first charitable donation to Christian missionary efforts in China that same year. Commerce and philanthropy would come to define the next several decades of Rockefeller’s engagement in China. The synergy between trade and charity was strong and definitely intentional.”

So, building on that foundation, we find the U.S. State Department helping Mao Tse Dong take over China in 1949, and initiating his Cultural Revolution soon after that, with millions of lives destroyed. SOMETHING was already going on LONG before Kissinger and Nixon “opened up” China.

And in 1998, two Chinese Colonels (now Generals) in the Peoples Liberation Army PLA), controlled by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), wrote Unrestricted Warfare. Here, they describe how they will wage war against America by “non-kinetic” means. That is economic, technological, social, and so on. And they have been doing so ever since 1949 when they established their 100-year plan.

The Chinese, directed by the CCP, have infiltrated so many aspects of American Life it is very hard to believe anyone let it happen. But if you read books like Blacklisted from History: The Untold Story of Senator Joe McCarthy—And His Fight Against America’s Enemies, by M. Stanton Evans, you can see the assistance of the U.S. State Department was well established even back then. The book How the Far East Was Lost: American Policy and the Creation of Communist China, 1941-1949 by Anthony Kubek(Author), George W. DeArmond(Editor), Charles CallanTansill(Foreword) further makes that case.

The following short review introduces an idea that is no longer very controversial, given that so much proof has come out over the last few decades, but …

“Charles Callan Tansill, one of the foremost American diplomatic historians of the twentieth century, convincingly argues that Franklin Roosevelt wished to involve the United States in the European War that began in September 1939. When his efforts appeared to come to naught, Roosevelt determined to provoke Japan into an attack on America  …”

From a Review on

~ Tansil wrote Back Door to War, 690 pp, Regnery, 1952.

In fact, Communist infiltration, mostly by the USSR was being investigated in Congress in the 1930s. But the investigation got sidetracked. That is also described in Blacklisted by History.

Anyway, China now believes they are winning, and are ahead of schedule. Certain CCP members claim China won a war against America in 2020. Could they be referring to the COVID-19 “virus” or (more accurately) Bio-Weapon released from the Wuhan lab? …

Many China Watchers believe China is the biggest threat to America today. But too many U.S. crony corporations and politicians/bureaucrats are gaining so much power and making so much money from their business with China that they can’t give it up.

In 1999, two Chinese military offices published a book — Unrestricted Warfare — declaring and explaining the various methods by which China would wage war against America.

In conjunction with power and war-mongers in The United States, the Chinese might well have waged medical war against us. But they did not do it alone. They needed the help of the United Nations and the United Staes Government.

Many of the Power Elite, the New World Globalists, the Transnational Technocrats & Transhumanists, have very often claimed they want to aggressively reduce the population on Earth. They also believe Chinese “Market Communism” is THE business and governance model for the world of the near future.

So let’s put a few things together here:

There is little to no doubt the COVID-19 “virus” was engineered first in a laboratory in Fort Detrick, North Carolina. The documentation of that is plentiful and available, and it was since early in 2020. (Do a Search for “Dr. Francis Boyle”.)

COVID-19 Bio-Weapon

Origin of COVID-19 Bio-Weapon

Then, when it was realized they were violating U.S  Bioterrorism laws, the project was transferred to Wuhan, China.

The “vaccine,” which is NOT a vaccine by strict medical definition, was first patented in 2002, twenty years ago. The Fauci-backed perpetrators had been trying to get the mRNA Gene Therapy (which again, is NOT a vaccine) onto the market for many years, but could not get it going. The COVID-19 “virus” (which has NEVER been isolated) was “computer-generated” as a justification to get the mRNA Gene Therapy onto the medical market.

This has all been well documented. One of the leaders of that anti-Fauci research is Dr. David Martin. If you go to and type “dr david martin” in the Rumble search box, you will get a number of videos with him being interviewed. These are EXTREMELY IMPORTANT videos. … You can find his Attorney General Document with his legal evidence on COVID-19 and the not-“vaccine” on his is main website at:

David Martin’s HOME Page

[Opens in New Window]

(I discuss much of the above material in my MAGA Report, Making America AMERICA Again: One YOU At A Time, which you can get access to near the bottom of this page.)

But these stories are NOT “Conspiracy Theories.” They are VERY REAL “Conspiracy Realities.” … You can read court cases and documents proving it.

To Be, Or NOT To Be
A Licensed Serf of the System?
Another BIG Turning Point

Back to the Corruption in the Medical System … for me, in 1981, when I was considering going to medical school, chiropractic school, or physical therapy school, I was asking myself: If licensed practitioners, including medical doctors, were getting persecuted, even SWAT-teamed for doing alternative therapy, what good would it do me to get licensed?

ANSWER: Not Much. … Given those conditions, if I was going to go into the health or medical field, I was NOT going to go in to be a Serf or a Slave of The System. So I was an underground practitioner for a few years.

For sake of time, I’m skipping over MORE important parts of the story, but in 1987, the Illinois legislature, under pressure from the American Medical Association, changed the penalty for violating the medical practice act from a misdemeanor to a felony. FOUR of my Clients were attorneys. They had all said they liked what I did for them, but it was only a matter of time before I was prosecuted. … And AMA headquarters was only about 6 blocks from my home.

Was I Now A Criminal?
THIS was Highly Upsetting to Me

So I came to a Turning Point in my Life. I had to find out why, and how, in the Land of the Free, and the Home of the Brave, I would be considered a “felon” for VERY SUCCESSFULLY helping people relieve their neuromuscular, myofascial & joint problems, with a fully Western & Scientific approach to yoga therapy and hands-on muscle therapy?

I thought it would take me a few months to get to the bottom of it. …

Yet, YEARS later, I still considered myself an Advanced Newbie at understanding this area of Life on Earth. … Even now, after forty years of studying it, I’m still amazed at how much MORE there is to know.

More on this later, but in the Fall of 1987, I set out on a path to find out what had happened to America and Americans.

I quit doing muscle therapy and took a job managing a construction project from Friday evenings to Sunday evenings, about 30 hours per weekend. That left me 30 to 40 hours per week, Monday thru mid-day Friday, to study all these political, economic, and social issues.

I started learning HOW and WHY SO MANY PEOPLE in America were being deprived of viable solutions to their health care issues that were safe, non-invasive, and relatively inexpensive. … And why The Establishment wanted to prosecute people like me as a felon for providing such services. (Reading G. Edward Griffin’s World Without Cancer was a major contribution to my knowledge base on the Medical Monopoly.)

It cost me thousands of dollars and a few thousand hours to find out. Of course, I soon realized the Medical Monopoly was just a portion of the overall Social Paradigm that was overtaking our world. … And while the HOW is pretty complex, almost mind-boggling so, the WHY is pretty simple …

I read dozens of books and hundreds of articles. I talked to and studied with a number of experts on various aspects of everything.

And I’ve come to only one Major Conclusion …

The Main Problem Is:
Excessive Desires & Drives for
Power, Profits, Prestige & Privileges,
Much of it by Sociopaths & Psychopaths

Psychopathy, sometimes considered synonymous with Sociopathy, is characterized by persistent antisocial behavior, impaired empathy and remorse, and bold, disinhibited, and egotistical traits. ~ Wikipedia

Psychopath is sometimes defined as “a person suffering from chronic mental disorder with abnormal or violent social behavior,” which would be a stronger form of sociopath. ~ Apple American English Dictionary

There are too many people in the world who are VERY greedy and figure out how to get control of crony-corporate enterprises who do NOT make their profits very honestly, or outright fraudulently. They are NOT into Free Enterprise or Free Market Capitalism. They prefer Political Capitalism, Monopoly Capitalism, or State Capitalism (all pretty much the same thing, just different names).

Those forms of “capitalism” are actually fascism, (the merger of business and state) or more accurately, Communo-Fascism. That’s because these same people also promote the Ten Planks of the Communist Manifesto written by Karl Marx. And those Planks ARE installed in America, and for the most part, and have been for many decades, starting with the un-Civil War.

Such people often care little for the feelings, thoughts, well-being, or finances of their targeted “customers” or victims. … Yet rather than become outright criminals, many of them stay just within the lines of legality so that they don’t get into much trouble.

Big Pharma is ONE of them. Big Energy is another. Then there is Big Agra (agriculture). The Military / Industrial / Banking  Complex is another. …

The list goes on. … And on.

Although, if you do an Internet Search for the term “criminal prosecutions of pharmaceutical companies”, you’ll discover that a number of, for example, drug companies have broken both civil and criminal laws in many ways, and have paid significant fines for doing so. YET, they make so much profit, those fines are considered merely the “cost of doing business.”

This is ironic because supposedly, we trust the drug companies to take care of our health concerns. Yet they have been caught covering up injuries and deaths caused by, for example, vaccines. So much so that the FedGov had to, in 1986, give the drug industry federal liability protection because the drug companies would not have been able to pursue manufacturing and distributing vaccines due to the injury and death rates.

Here is an excerpt from an article posted by the National Vaccine Information Center, an internationally known resource founded in 1982 by parents with children who had been injured by vaccines:

Like prescription drugs, vaccines are commercial pharmaceutical products that carry two risks: a risk the vaccine product will fail to work and a risk the vaccine product will cause harm. However, unlike with prescription and over the counter drugs, manufacturers of vaccines and doctors who administer vaccines have no liability when a person is injured or dies after being given a recommended childhood vaccine licensed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as safe and effective.

In 1986, Congress passed the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act and codified into law government acknowledgement that federally licensed and  recommended and state mandated vaccines can and do unpredictably cause injury and death.  The Act created a federal vaccine injury compensation program (VICP) alternative to a vaccine injury lawsuit against drug companies. By 2019, the VICP had awarded more than $4 billion in federal compensation to vaccine injured children and adults. [Emphasis added]


Part of the problem is the insulation of the human being(s) if they’re operating behind the legal shield of a corporation. Some theorists assert that a “corporation,” though it cannot really be separated from the people behind it, “does things” it would not do if the people involved did not have that liability shield.

Some say the value-neutral corporation insulates the people running or working for the corporation from much or any sense of Moral Culpability.  But of course, the corporation (which is just the legal shield on paper) does not “do” anything. It is the people behind that DO the “things.” (Another justification for them to go to robots as much as possible.)

WHAT’s More Critical Than GREED?

But more important than greed in business, there are too many people who have a sociopathic degree of need for Power & Control over other Human Beings. These are the Men (and a Few Women) Who Want (at least metaphorically) To Be Kings & Queens of Earth. Some of them are satisfied to run a city or a state. Some of them are okay with just a country. But some of them truly want to be in charge of THE WORLD.

THEN, there are the lower-level People who are willing to work for the Rulers. They just want to be in the well-paid & protected King’s Royal Court.

Tragically, the psychopathic willingness of the Ruler to kill people is often acted out NOT by the Ruler him- or herself. But they “delegate” the power to murder to the worker or enforcer, who is usually protected by the Ruler. AND such Enforcer Jobs ALSO attract psychopaths who cannot wait to get out into the streets and rough people up.

So the ruler can kill a lot of people without ever having to “pull the trigger” him- or herself.

But in the Original American Paradigm, The People had no such power to murder people. So they could NOT DELEGATE such power to anyone. Yet, the United States government, which replaced the Original American Government long ago, somehow “discovered” such power and gave that power to itself.

Abraham Lincoln was a perfect example of extreme extension and abuse of power that did not really exist. This is a subtle but Critical Distinction we need to know:

Lincon had the mental & physical capacity to do what he did because enough of The People went along with him. But Lincoln did NOT have the Legal Power to do so. MORE importantly, though, the rest of The People in America did NOT stop him.

Now, a lot of people tried, but a lot of those people were shut down, arrested, and jailed … one federal legislator was actually deported to Canada!

Some historians argue that from the un-Civil War throughout the 20th Century, it was THE most deadly period of time in Earth’s known history. Yet Lincoln overturned several of the most important principles of the Original American Paradigm in the process of killing well over 650,000 men in battle. And who knows how many others as “collateral damage”?

From the website, we hear the phrase, “War is the health of the State,” which describes a Major Theme of what my websites ( and ) are all about:

Our politics are libertarian: our opposition to war is rooted in Randolph Bourne’s concept that “War is the health of the State.” With every war, America has made a “great leap” into statism, and as Bourne emphasized, “it is during war that one best understands the nature of that institution [the State].” At its core, that nature includes an ever increasing threat to individual liberty and the centralization of political power.

In 1952, Garet Garrett, one of the last of the Old Right “isolationists,” said it well:

“Between government in the republican meaning, that is, Constitutional, representative, limited government, on the one hand, and Empire on the other hand, there is mortal enmity. Either one must forbid the other or one will destroy the other.” [Emphasis added]


NOT ENOUGH of the American People stood up to Lincoln. 80 years after the American Revolution and Constitution, enough Americans had lost sight or touch with the Original American Paradigm. And Lincoln successfully turned the American Constitutional Republic into a Semi-Dictatorial Empire. Lincoln did it internally within the U.S. among the American United States. But remember, up until the un-Civil War, the States of America were STILL considered Independent States who had entered into a compact* of cooperation on CERTAIN things.

* Compact: a formal agreement or contract (or treaty or covenant)
between two or more parties

Yet that principle & compact got overthrown, the Southern States were thwarted in their desire to secede from the Union, and they were STOPPED, not by legal action, power, or persuasion, but by sheer force.

And then, a few years later, Teddy Roosevelt took the Drive to Empire from national to international with the Spanish-American War and his attacks and killings on the Phillipines. Some 100,000 Philipinos were killed there.

Let’s go a little deeper …

IS Something Wrong with America?

Not Sure About America's Problems?
If you are not sure about the things I’m saying above about the specifics of what exactly is going WRONG in America, I have a brief list of much of the stuff we’re dealing with, with short explanations of them. It’s a webpage just for You on at What’s Wrong in America. — CLICK anywhere in this box.

SO … Do YOU Feel & Think there is something drastically WRONG in America today? Are You Concerned about what’s happening NOW … in Arizona (where I live)? in America? in the World? … and in the very near & not-so-distant future?

If you have children, are you afraid of what kind of world they will have to deal with as they grow older?

If you do NOT have children, are you concerned about your own life in the not too distant future, and the life and well-being of the society you live in and the people in it?

Are You trying to make sense of the World in which we are now living? Where it looks like a lot of things are going in the Wrong Direction? A VERY Wrong Direction? Does it look to YOU like a lot of NON-sense is going on? Or hard to make sense of?

Well, as they say …  JOIN the CLUB.

It’s a VERY Big Club. … And YOU are Welcome to be in it.

Carlin Dumb Down

But as George Carlin the Very Insightful Comedian said many years ago, there is …

ANOTHER Big Club …
and YOU Ain’t In It. …

And neither am I. … (At least I hope not!)

Beginning around the un-Civil War, these people — some names for them are the Power Elite, the Establishment, the Transnational Globalists, the Crony-Corporatists, the proponents of the New World (dis-)Order — developed much of their wealth at first by being successful industrialists; building railroads, canals, & turnpikes (roads), manufacturing businesses, agricultural farms & products, and so on.

Then, they took that wealth and started buying political power in various ways.

If you’ve read The Underground History Of American Education by John Taylor Gatto, or others of many books on the subject, you know these industrialists became bankers and other such financial professions and wanted to turn their organizational business control skills into an “organizing” & “controlling” of human beings.

They were centralizing their operations and consolidating their power. They got strong control over the educational system as well, so they could organize, condition, & control the childrens’ minds, molding them to be good wards & minions of the State.

NOW, I am not a Bible Thumper, but the early thinking of the Original American Colonists was highly influenced by Biblical Teachings. To grasp how the American Republic was originally formed, we must understand the thinking, and sources of that thinking, in addition to whatever our understanding already is of how America was formed, and why.

(Whether America is, or ever was, a Christian Nation is not very important to this current discussion. We have to start from where we are at. … But the idea that most of the Founding Fathers were deists ignores a LOT of the religious history of Early America.)

Consolidation of Power — A Human SIN?

Sin: an immoral act considered to be a transgression against divine law or an offense against God.
In Aramaic, the language that both Jesus and Buddha spoke, the word Sin is an archery term meaning to miss the target. And Evil is where the arrow goes when it misses the target.

That sort of takes some of the Fire & Brimstone out of it, does it not? … However …

Law & Religion Were Synonymous in Early America
with Anti-Authoritarian Government

Like it or not, most of the Human Beings who founded the Original American Paradigm believed in Biblical teachings, which included a Divine Law. That’s the Ten Commandments with several hundred ordinances or substatutes.

(There is some disagreement about how they should be counted. One source says 613. Some say more, up to 700. … AND, a lot of people would say the Ten Commandments just make sense, even if NOT commanded or revealed by God.)

Reverend Mayhew (along with several other preachers and ministers) in the mid-1700s was considered a major force in preparing the American People for separating from King George of England, and if necessary, the Revolutionary War.

Mayhew taught in his sermons that, in accordance with 1st Samuel of the Old Testament, and many other Biblical passages, Resistance to a Tyrannical King was Obedience to God.

The Bible made it VERY clear that True Believers should never allow a king — (or in our more modern understandings, any other kind of power structure) — to be set up that could achieve or accumulate or consolidate power in such a way that it would eventually be used against The People.

In ancient, Biblical terms, it was “Do NOT take a King to Rule over You, or it will be a snare unto you.” … I’m certain that would mean NO Emperor, NO Pharaoh, or NO Ceasar, or … how about … NO President with a Legislature?

The Founding Fathers apparently thought the Will of The People would keep their new FedGov restrained and controlled. Yet Human Nature raised its head once again, as it always does. And The People lost sight of their Morals & Principles. They allowed the FedGov to grow and grow to grotesque dimensions, with little to no restraint on the POWER of FedGov.

Militarization of Society Warned
Against 3,500 YEARS Ago

And as the Biblical story goes, God said to Samuel (Saul) that he would give the people of Israel a King (because they were begging for one). God did say he was not happy with the Israelite demand for a King, which they had done before. But then God described to Saul how it would all turn out. And he described how a thoroughly militarized society would become their fate. And they would end up being serfs or enslaved by their King. …

But despite the warnings, the Israelites took their new King. And they paid a big price.

So the Israelites “offended God” by asking for a King to Rule over them.

And by the way, although it is somewhat hidden from plain view, or used to be anyway, America too has today become a thoroughly militarized society. The Military / Industrial / Petrochemical / Banking Complex (which are all highly related and integrated) has overtaken America almost in total. … It’s almost like One Big Company Town supporting the military. (I’m exaggerating some, but not too much, I think.)

And right now, today, “They,” the Power Elite, are in the midst of making their Big Power Grab, to take away as many of our Rights, Liberties, Freedoms & Prosperity as possible and subject us all to a more top-down dominated system of society.

This is behind almost EVERYTHING of significance going on today.

Be it COVID-19, Climate Change, Endless Military Interventions around the World, the Military being feminized, Energy Prices going sky-high, Political Correctness, Border Wall wide open, Food and Household Product shortages coming, Micro-Chip shortages for making new cars, machinery, etc. and on and on and on …

wanna be kings

Klaus Scwab —
Wanna-Be King (or Emperor) of the World

Much of it has to do with the Great Reset promised us by the likes of Klaus Schwab, the head of the World Economic Forum and wanna-be dictator.

They even wrote a book about it: COVID-19: The Great RESET by Klaus Schwab & Thierry Malleret by Forum Publishing, 2020

Schwab and people like him literally want to re-engineer society in the vision they have for the world. …

And YOU Ain’t (necessarily) In It. AT ALL!

Because these are the same people who have been openly insisting for DECADES that there are FAR TOO MANY PEOPLE on Earth. So they have to get rid of a few. …

A few BILLION that is. … Some of them want to go down to 500 MILLION! Meaning they will have to kill about 7 BILLION people!

WHO Was God? Who Was The King?
The Hebrew God or King George?

Let’s Go Back to the Early Colonists … then, 200 years ago, they found themselves in a Tough Situation. The First Commandment in the Bible was “Thou Shalt have NO other gods before me.” … And there is a good reason it is the First Commandment.

Yet here they were — subjects of the King of England, who had one set of laws — trying to set up a New Life in the New World in New England. AND, they wanted it to be a Biblical, Godly Kingdom, with a God who had a DIFFERENT set of Laws than the King did! Actually nearly OPPOSITE Laws. … THIS was a real conundrum!

It took them almost 200 years to figure it out.

And Guess What? … The Original American Constitutional Republic has (or at least had) ONE set of laws as written in the Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution under Common Law. And they were working to get rid of the King’s Law, or what today we might call the Admiralty Law.

And yet today’s Federal Government has an almost EXACTLY OPPOSITE set of rules of our Original U.S. Constitutional Republic and has in great part returned to Admiralty or King’s Law. (They do not actually qualify as “laws” in the philosophical sense, but that’s another conversation for another day.) …

And “They,” the Power Elite, the Technocratic Globalists, are doing everything they can to get rid of the laws of Original America as of 1776.

Because the United States Constitution DEPRIVES the politicians & bureaucrats — and Those Who Would Be Kings — of the Power & Control they firmly believe THEY should be given, or will TAKE if they can get away with it. …

Question Is, will we let them take it? Will we let them do EXACTLY what many of the Founding Fathers were most deathly afraid of? Problem Is, they’ve almost DONE it already!

If We The People do not get control of the next Election, it is very possible the Far Left Democrats, the anti-Progressive Post-Marxists, the Social Democrats, will change the fabric of the Laws in America so far and badly that they will destroy America.

For Just ONE Reason, CHINA is watching Very closely for its opportunity to turn America into a tributary state. They have made it VERY CLEAR that is their PLAN. And their Bought & Paid for operatives in the United States — starting at the top with Joe Biden, and with several of the U.S. State Governors — are more than ready to cooperate with China.

And deathly afraid are not too strong a words. Because when the 55 Signers of the Declaration of Independence did so, they KNEW they were signing their own death warrants if they lost their fight against England and the King.

Yet as many of them said, It is better to die on your feet than live on your knees as a slave.

Another Question Is, where do YOU stand on that assertion?

A Core Concern for Humanity

Excess consolidation of power was one of the biggest issues during the Debates on the Constitution. The Anti-Federalist Papers (versus the better known Federalist Papers) were VERY clear on this. Consolidation was one of Thomas Jefferson’s biggest fears as well.

Way back around 1812, that was already one of Jefferson’s greatest concerns for the future of America. And as we discussed a few paragraphs ago, even the Ancient Hebrews, 3,500 years ago, were warning us of the dangers of allowing any political structure to become consolidated enough to run roughshod over The People … because they — the Power seekers, those who would be kings — usually end up doing so.

Lord Acton’s Warning (almost) Never Fails:
“Power TENDS to Corrupt. Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely.
Great men are almost always bad men.”

Factory Laborers in 1800s - pre-MAGA days

The Good Old Days! …
If Only the Power Elite could have kept us in our places!

And “They,” the Power Elite, did NOT want most human beings to be deep thinking, highly intelligent philosophers. They wanted MOST people to be laborers who were not that creative or smart and would just work the fields or factories as directed to do.

Yet it’s too hard to control people who are really smart, insightful, and innovative. …

So the Powers That Be Wanted a Dumbed-Down Population.

One could easily argue that most of the biggest problems we have in the world today are the result of these megalomaniacal, power-seeking, authoritarian-leaning globalists thinking they are so smart and wise that they can control us and the world, and everything in it, and keep us under their rule.

Daniel Rothbart, writing about a book titled State Domination and the Psycho-Politics of Power, Conflict, and Humiliation discussed the …

“… psycho-politics of governmental manipulation, in which a vulnerable population is disciplined by contorting their sense of self-worth.” … [That kind of says it all. ~DSL]

Here is Planned Parenthood Founder Margaret Sanger:

“All of our problems are the result of overbreeding among the working class.”

Some observers of the Power Elite — the Power Mongers, the Wanna-Be Kings & Queens, or those who will work for the rulers in their “Royal Courts” — operate as if they are sociopathic people, and might very well be so. Although some of them are highly motivated & intelligent and are often the greatest innovators in society, and sometimes very charismatic.

They are ALSO among the greatest problems of society. And they need to be kept out of positions of excess power to keep them from making trouble for us all.

And politics, or getting control of a political system, is the Perfect Place for power-mongers and war-mongers to congregate and exercise their quest for control of people and society. One problem with government, as currently conceived, you cannot easily FIRE these people when they do dumb or bad stuff. …

Corporations, Limited Liability
& Crony-Corporatism

In business, the Corporate Structure serves to help consolidate power too. But it is far more difficult to do in a truly free market. That’s a main reason why so many government agencies were created. Their main function is to protect the interests of the major corporations and institutions. It’s called Regulatory Capture.

The FedGov Agencies make doing business so expensive, the Little Guys cannot afford to compete. Just attorney’s fees alone for complying with government regulations are prohibitive for the average start-up business.

By the way, “Big Business” is not necessarily the same as “Corporation.” The people in a Big Business with no corporate veil are more constrained by Society & Morality. But corporations with the veil have been given artificially limited liability, helping insulate the people in the corporation from consequences of bad deeds or bad results.

The Ancient Hebrews, their “religious” beliefs aside, I think, got it right, at least in principle. Never establish a power structure that will attract the most corruptible people in society in the first place, and that can affect large numbers of people with relatively small actions. The Ancient Hebrews were possibly the Original Libertarians!

The problem there was that every new generation or so wanted a King to rule over them, just like today. Too many people do not have the self-trust or imagination to have the vision of how to live without a Mommy / Daddy State taking care of them.

I believe human beings would do FAR better to rely on the self-organizing synergies occurring in radically decentralized systems.

“Self-organization denotes a process by which a structure or pattern emerges in an open system without specifications from the outside environment.”
~ Scott Barton, Chaos, Self-Organization, & Psychology

I believe the Ancient Hebrews, at some level, “preconceived” the science of Chaos Theory, which includes Self-Organizing Systems Theory. That’s the idea that natural phenomena can self-organize and evolve from the bottom up, from the grass-roots up.

Such systems do NOT need top-down or external control. In fact, such external or top-down control is often detrimental to the system.

This is why the Hebrew political system, the Hebrew Republics, were organized from the bottom up, rather than top-down. The People spontaneously organized their own lives, families, and communities, growing from the grass-roots up, rather than relying on some over-arching or distant authority figure to control or command them from above.

The Hebrews had Judges, but the judges did not have any Political Power of FORCE, only the Power of WISDOM.

Here is a good and relevant quote from the Psychologist Carl Jung:
“The most dangerous things in the world are immense accumulations of human beings who are manipulated by only a few heads.”

Radical DE-Centralization
& Disbursement of Power

One of the Issues we discuss a LOT in the DSL MAGA Reports is the whole idea of Radical DE-Centralization and Radical Humanity. We discuss why Radical Humanity is better than Transhumanism, and how DE-Centralization is superior to the consolidation of power and centralization of operations.

We are not completely against hierarchical or centralized operations, as long as they are the product of the free market & free enterprise (NO government subsidies or special interest privileges or protections), they really are the best way to do certain things (which the customers and employees will decide by not purchasing or not working for the company), and have no “insulation from reality” provided by The State.

As long as workers can leave freely and the business can be terminated by no one wanting their services, and no special privileges or bailouts from the State, they are free to experiment with centralization all they want.

But with politics, there is NO reason good enough to allow power to centralize or consolidate into too few hands. Because of the Near Inevitable Tendency for centralization to attract and accumulate too much power, and abuse of power, because they have the power of the guns and money supply, they are too dangerous.

And by the way, NO government should have superior firepower to The People, and NO government should have a monopoly on money. And it appears the Constitutional idea that No State shall coin anything but gold and silver for payment in debts seems reasonable. 6,000 years of monetary history demonstrates that NO State can be trusted to not inflate the money supply by printing paper currency.

Can We Turn This Around
& MAGA Again?

Can We Recover and Make America

Some of the Good News is that Other Big Club I and George Carlin mentioned above is VERY small in number compared to OUR Big Club! You Can See The TINY DOT, a YouTube Video by Larkin Rose ( ). Please note in the picture the Big Green Arrow pointed at The Very Tiny Dot.:

See The Tiny Dot at Larken Rose’s Website or at YouTube

When 320 Million Americans feel intimidated and scared by 535 Congress Critters* (who are POSSIBLY) elected to the Federal Congress, you know something is VERY wrong. … Even with a few thousand, or even a few million “enforcers,” the contrast just does not add up. … I’m not great at math, but that’s a ridiculously small percentage of people controlling all the rest of us.

smiley frown 435 U.S. Representatives plus 100 Senators in Congress = 535 Congress Critters

IRS Employee numbers vary a lot, up to 90,000+ in 2016, but down to 74,000 in the last few years. But Biden is now contemplating hiring 87,000 MORE agents. But still, the ratio between 320 million and even 200,000 or two million is way out of proportion.

Problem IS, that Other (not so) Big Club, right now, has significant control of MOST of the Wealth & Power — and the Police & Military — in America, and in your and my community. The Military / Industrial / Petrochemical / Banking Complex is pretty intimidating.

The American People DO have Millions of Guns, though!

Mostly Peaceful Protests?

But the Power-Mongers are using their Power to impose their will on American Society. Such as how they are using the FBI to raid the homes of law-abiding citizens who showed up to a Vastly Peaceful Demonstration in Washington DC on January 6th. Many estimates are there were well over a million people there, and only a few hundred showed any disorderly misconduct. A few dozen got physical with fighting and breaking things.

But we have videos showing (most probably) federal agents or informers, like Ray Epps, provoking people to violence, starting the day BEFORE, while other officers were opening the fences and letting people in the Capitol building. Other videos show ANTIFA people changing into Trump-style clothes and causing trouble.

ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter operatives can do all kinds of damage to people & property in many cities all across America, but they have been labeled “mostly peaceful protestors,” even though buildings are burning in the background, and people are being beaten up and even shot in the process.

And very few of the provocateurs went to jail … OR they were bailed out with very low bail requirements. The same is true of the riots during the summer of 2020. And our supposed Vice President, Kamala Harris, led the parade to provide bail money for the accused rioters.

"mostly peaceful" protestors burning a city in contrast to truly peaceful MAGA rally

MSNBC Reporter telling us how Mostly Peaceful it is at the Riots … with Fires Burning in Background!

In Washington DC on January 6th, many estimates are that over a million people showed up, and a few dozen to a few hundred people got unruly, and a relative few did some real violence or property damage. No patriots were caught with guns, though.

BUT, we now have VIDEO EVIDENCE that many of those committing violence were really government-paid infiltrators there to cause trouble and incite riots.

This was, of course, what the Far Left Democrats needed to interrupt the proceedings in the Senate where they were about to take a ten-day period to investigate the many charges of Election Fraud.

AND, on one side of the building, the barriers and fences around the capital had been, at the last minute, cut down and removed, so if you were in one area, there was no indication to The People that they were violating any rules when they approached the Capitol Building. And many people reported, and we can see on some of the videos, that the police just waved them through.

MAGA Rally to Make America Great Again in Washington DC January 6

THIS is a LOT of People! … Washington D.C. on January 6th, 2020
And NO Fires Burning even though it is pretty COLD there in January!

But those who got caught up in the craziness, who were being heckled or coerced into going into the capitol, most of whom did NO violence at all (which is proven ON VIDEO), and some of whom were INVITED into the capitol by the Police …

NOW, the vast majority being otherwise Peaceful Demonstrators are being called insurrectionists.*

* Insurrectionist: a violent uprising against a government or authority.

Some of their stories after the events of January 6th are horrific in the context of what is/are normally called “right” and “rights” in America.

Yet the VAST MAJORITY of those people showed NO signs of violence or malice at all. They had no idea what was going on, and that they were being set up.

In my view, it appears there really WAS an “insurrection,” but it was Far-Left Democrats who planned and initiated it with weaponized state agencies assisting them. This story is coming out now, and it is up to We The People, as just ONE of many examples, of the stories we need to get out to our friends, families, and neighbors so they learn the REAL Truth, not the crap they are seeing on CNN, MSNBC, and o on.

For Great Reporting on how the Riot really started at the Capitol Building on January 6th, 2021, please check out the relevant articles at … They make a VERY convincing case the January 6th Riots were initiated by government-paid operatives who wanted to undermine the Patriotic Intentions of the Law-abiding Demonstrators, the Peaceful Protestors. Report on January 6th False Flag Riot – Part 1 Report on January 6th False Flag Riot – Part 2

You can also see this story and video at where Steve Bannon interviews Darren Beattie on Darren’s articles on — If you are in a hurry, move forward to the 19-minute mark:

VIDEO of False Flag Jan. 6th Capitol Riot from via

Can The Original American Paradigm
Arise Again?

If you know anything about the Original American Paradigm, and things like “innocent until proven guilty,” and “equal protection under the law,” and “right to a speedy trial,” and “rule of law versus rule of men,” and “no cruel or unusual punishment,” and so on and so forth, you KNOW the Politicians, Bureaucrats & Operatives of the Federal Government and other Paid Agents, are using all this to CREATE hate & discord, and FEAR, in the People of America.

ALL of those few above-mentioned principles are being strongly violated by the Federal Agents NOW at the prison in DC where the mostly peaceful protesters are caged up under extremely harsh conditions.

SO … WE The People MUST Face Reality, Right Now. …

That Reality Is … When it comes to how America lost its way … We KNOW what happened. We KNOW how it got that way. We KNOW Who Did It. And We KNOW what we MUST do. And we KNOW WHEN we must do it.

YES, there are details that need to be worked out.

But that WHEN is NOW. … TODAY. Tomorrow. This Week. … But not much later than that. … We do NOT have as much time as the more optimistic among us might think. In fact, it should have been done 50 or more YEARS ago, when it would have been a LOT easier to do.

But Do Not Forget the Numbers I Mentioned Up Above in The Tiny Dot … They are VASTLY In Our Favor …

If we do it legally without violence, it might take a LONG time to unravel the issues and pull back from the abyss. So we need to start NOW and can never let up.

Yeah, that means little or no TeeVee and less messing around with our hobbies. …

But those who want to just go out and shoot or hang the Bad Guys and just get them out of the way have never seriously thought through the whole thing, and probably have never talked to people who know a lot about war. And there is a long line of people, maybe even worse people, who will step up to replace the ones who got killed.

But once a few even well-intended Patriots go down that path, it is unlikely anyone but the most mercenary and brutal among us will like the result AT ALL. Because killing a bunch of them is a LOT more likely to escalate into a kinetic war, as they call it nowadays than it is to just end the problems.

And “They” have made it EXTREMELY CLEAR they are willing to do a LOT of damage to get their way, or keep from going to jail for the rest of their lives.

Odds are, knowing how these people think, they are just HOPING a few vigilantes are going to do something violent. Because then, they will have their long-sought-after excuse to go Scorched Earth on anyone they can use as a scapegoat. And there are just too many SHEEPLE out there who will just go along with whatever the dictators say or command.

There is a LOT at stake here … and it is RIGHT NOW.

Things are UN-Done in the Manner
In Which They Were DONE

MORE Good News is we DO have Ideas & Knowledge about how “things” in America can be turned around for the better. …

More than 20 years ago I was in a 5-day Seminar with Mr. John Nelson. He was one of THE most knowledgeable & experienced Common Law & Constitutional Experts I ever met. … And I’ve met and studied with a few of THE BEST in the country over the years.

At the end of that 5-day Seminar, we were leaving with FIVE 3-ring binders, each of which was 4 inches thick. Those binders were filled with documentation, photocopies right out of the U.S. State Department, U.S. Supreme Court, United Nations, Library of Congress, State Courts, World Bank, and many other source documents strongly implying that the United States of America, and the Citizens thereof, had been “bought out” or “sold out” by the Wrong People, a long time ago.

By those “Wrong People,” I mean the Communo-Fascist, Technocratic Globalists.

Anti-MAGA Klaus Schwab - dressed like an Emperor (king) from Star Wars

Anti-MAGA Klaus Schwab — dressed like an Emperor (king) from Star Wars

Those we call “They” — the Wanna-Be “Kings” of the Earth — had amassed so much wealth, power & control that they, for all intents & purposes, owned so much of America and the United States Government that it seemed impossible to undo or reverse.

At the end of the 5-day Seminar, all of us Seminar Attendees just sat in silence for a while, not knowing what to say or do. Finally, I broke the ice, and I asked John, “What can we do about all this?”

John hesitated for a while, then said, “Things are UN-done in the manner in which they were DONE.” … Meaning what was done to Americans and America had a very definite philosophy, strategy & process behind it. To undo it, we need to reverse that process. We need to unravel it in all its details.

Jefferey Prather, an ex-military, ex-DEA, ex-Trainer to the Military turned Whistleblower, says America was nearly lost by behind-the-scenes actions over many years. And, he says, it will be behind-the-scenes infiltration, done legally, that will reverse that loss. … I’m studying his material to see what I can learn about that strategy.

To DO all that, you must know what was done, how it was done, why it was done, and what was the Core Strategy & Motivation behind it. Then, we can use the very same processes to reverse and undo what was done.

OTHERWISE, it will probably result in America splitting into two or three separate countries, and/or in a violent “un-Civil War” breaking out. If THAT happens, who knows what the results will be? Like our first un-Civil War, brought to you by Abraham Lincoln in 1861 through ’65, many hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of people could die or suffer in the process.

The Original American Paradigm

My Hope Here is to give YOU enough knowledge & insight about How America was formed, What & How its successes were achieved, How & Who started unraveling all the progress America had made over the last 200 plus years.

tearing up the constitution - not the way to MAGA - make america great againThey started by slowly, incrementally tearing up the Constitution of the United States. They were eroding the Morals & Principles of the American Constitutional Republic and the Original American Paradigm of how to live and how to create a proper government.

The American Revolution was an extension and culmination of the Evolution of Western Civilization. 

But in the Early Days of America, MOST people Knew & Understood the Constitution and the Principles of Rights & Freedom. Because they were only a generation or two away from the people who fought for it in the Revolution and sacrificed so much to gain Freedom for Americans, they took it VERY seriously.

“… Every citizen is taught the history of his country and the leading features of its Constitution. … it is extremely rare to find a man imperfectly acquainted with all these things, and a person wholly ignorant of them is sort of a phenomenon.”
~ Alexis de Toqueville, Author of Democracy in America

To UNDO what was done, we need to understand at least some of the Principles, the History, the Moral & Constitutional Laws that Made America Great the first time around. … That will take some time, but not TOO much time because we do NOT have a lot of that.

And Then, we work to walk it all back on that same path. Unwinding the mess that was made by the REAL insurrectionists. … An insurrection is a violent uprising against an authority or government.

Those who support State Collectivism, Communo-Fascism, Far “Left-Wing” politics, and such things are the REAL Insurrectionists, as they are aggressively attempting to overthrow the Original American Paradigm.

My Job, if you will allow me to accept it, is to condense down what I’ve learned in over 40 years of studying to maybe 40 hours, at most, of what I think the Essential Information & Perspective is. Then deliver it to you in the most digestible, understandable forms possible.

We need to find ways to lawfully hold them accountable for their many crimes.

If that does not work, then, … well … that’s another conversation.

Well, THEY have done violence to America in so many ways you cannot count them, including killing people and destroying property. And they have certainly violated their Oaths of Office, which are punishable offenses.

In The Long Run, though, I am Very Confident We The People will win out in the end. I believe that History, Nature, and GOD are on our side. But until enough of We The People Wake Up it will be rough going. …

So Get Educated and Get Ready.

And Here’s What *I* Am Doing About ALL This …

Over the last two to three months, I have invested about 400 hours in producing the following materials. And that is just the start.

Yet I wrote my very first article on Anti-Communism when I was 16 years old. (That  was titled, Dick & Jane is a Communist Plot!) I started teaching seminars and writing articles about communo-fascism and the Rockefeller-inspired Medical Monoply around 1982.

I’ve done, literally, THOUSANDS of hours and dollars worth of self-study and taken a big handful of seminars on these issues over the last forty years or so.

There was about a two-year period where I spent 30 to 40 hours per week doing nothing but studying every relevant thing I could find. I studied philosophy, international geopolitical economics, the foundations of Western Civilization, and the American Revolution, I studied Constitutional Law and read a few hundred Supreme Court cases as well as took a Paralegal Course.

In 2008 I realized Global Warming & Climate Change was going to become a Big Thing in political battles, so I spent about 1,500 hours studying that.

I could say more but I’ll leave that for my BIO page.

The Point, however, is if you are new to this stuff, YOU don’t have the time to randomly sift through everything right now. So MY JOB is to help you learn the Most Important, Most Useful Information on these issues. That information will help you intelligently discuss these issues with other interested people who are also ready to take Effective Action to Restore America, including government officials.

You also want to know enough to not get caught up in ideas that are against the principles of restoring America. It’s like people who say they want to “Restore our Democracy.” Well, that’s okay if you define and think about Democracy as a government OF, BY & FOR The People. But if you define democracy as Majority Rule, THAT will be a Big Problem. We should know why the Founding Fathers did NOT want a democracy, how and why Majority Rule causes problems, and how the Founding Fathers limited its negative effects.

You Probably Do NOT Have To
Argue with a far Left-Winger

And NO, you do NOT have to know enough to argue with a Far Leftist Radical who’s made a life of arguing these issues. I believe there are PLENTY of people in America who are already wanting to go back in the direction of the Founding Principles.

You do NOT need to fight with a leftist. It can be far more frustrating than it needs to be, and I would just focus on people who are already on our side of the political fence.

There are plenty of people who know something is wrong, are willing to do something, but they are just not sure what the problems really are, nor what they can do about them.

YOU can be the person who helps them understand what the problems really are, and what they can do about them.

I think Steve Bannon at Bannon’s (an excellent daily new source with a VERY positive attitude) is correct. Almost two-thirds of the country is far more conservative than even they realize. They just have not been pushed far enough yet.

And those who are in the middle of the road are seeing that the Far Leftist policies being implemented NOW are destroying this country. One poll shows 40%of Democrats now believe the 2020 Election had at least some sort of fraud involved.

And many Democrats are continuing the trend of abandoning the Democrat Party. And not many are going the other way.

It took me 40 years to learn what I know. I believe YOU can learn enough to be an effective Patriot in less than 40 HOURS.

— Welcome to the DSL MAGA Reports —

DSL — The Dynamics of Social Law

After reading thousands of pages of materials and watching or listening to countless hours of video or audio equational materials, I thought it might be helpful to distill all that information, knowledge, insights, and such down to a much shorter set of materials.

I’ve got much of that down to a couple hundred pages in several publications. Much of them are available below, starting with:

The World Is Watching
Special Reports

world is watching - summary - maga

World Is Watching — 25-page SUMMARY

25 pages — With a Letter to Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich, encouraging him to take the lead in America’s States — by way of each State’s Attorney General — going to the U.S. Supreme Court on the vast number of Election Fraud issues.

The report is also a Memorandum for Patriots in Need of More Information about What’s Happening to America and Americans, and What to DO About It. It includes the TEN CRITICAL STEPS Mentioned Below. … It’s HOW & NOW.

To DOWNLOAD the 25-page SUMMARY, CLICK the above TITLE or Cover Image! … You can Pay ZERO, or Pay What You Want!

The World Is Watching America Cover 2

World Is Watching — 83-page FULL REPORT

83 PAGES — Includes the Letter to Brnovich, the HOW & NOW, and the TEN CRITICAL STEPS. Far more Complete Information on the above-mentioned issues, More on How We Got Here, more on What to DO About it.

To DOWNLOAD the 83-page FULL REPORT, CLICK the above TITLE or Cover Image! … You can Pay ZERO, or Pay What You Want! … SUGGESTED PRICE is $17


(These are substantially done, but could use more work. But right now, I have to start focusing on doing even more of the things I suggested in these reports that we all do. If you get one or more reports and want updates, please make sure I have your email to send you update links.)

MAGA - Original American Paradigm - Washington

The Original American Paradigm
(Included with Full Report)

8 pages (for now) — A description of some of the competing ideas for how the United States Government should be organized and how much power it should have, and how that has gone over the last 200 years. … A description of Important Elements of the Original American Paradigm. — This will be added to as time allows.



5-page excerpt — from The World Is Watching Report. Things You can DO today, this week, to help Restore America and solve some of our problems.

Overview of Challenges to MAGA

(included with the Reports)

2-Page Overview — like a Cheat Sheet — of some of the most significant Challenges we are facing in the Political, Economic & Social domains of life today. … There are nine topics with concise explanations of various challenges we are all facing. … You might think there are other as or more important problems to include. You would probably be right, most likely. …

Yet I was trying to condense something down into one sheet of paper, double-sided, that would give some highlights to show other people with just enough solid data to be useful. … Sometimes, if you can distill things down to bare minimal essentials, they are not so intimidating … The trick, of course, is to NOT Dumb Down the issue at hand.

America At War - MAGA - Mindmap

America At War: With Itself & Others

(included with the Reports)

1-Page Mind Map — TOPICS in DSL’s Political Guerrilla Training — This is a  It is like  Table of Contents or Visual Cheat Sheet of many, maybe most, of the things we’ll be covering in my publications and another program you’ll be hearing about. It’s meant to be a reminder of the things we need to pay attention to. But NOT all at once! You will most likely find some of your particular specialties here. … And help others find theirs!

(coming soon)


20 pages (It might get a little longer). Explanation of Who “THEY” are: The Power Elite, New World (dis-)Order, Transnational Globalists, Technocrats, Transhumanists, etc. — Those Who Would Be Kings & Queens.

TIMELINE of Freedom VS. Tyranny

4 pages now (but will probably be double that when done). A History of the Rise & Near Fall of the Morals & Principles of Western Civilization & the American Revolution, many of the important historical events are discussed.

WHAT is HAPPENING to America & Americans?

Only large fragments right now. — The BAD News: The recent and current events occurring that are signs & symptoms that the American Republic is Under Attack, PROOF that the warnings many so-called “Conspiracy Theorists” or “Alarmists” or “Paranoid People” warned us of over SO many years — all the way back to Thomas Jefferson — are NOT GOING to happen. NO, those things ARE happening, RIGHT NOW, right before our VERY EYES. …

And there is almost NO TIME to waste, NO TIME to sit around and wonder what to do. WE The People MUST Get Organized, Get Educated, and Take Action, ASAP, As Soon As Possible. ( VIDEO & Possible Book )

(coming soon)

Make America AMERICA Again

60 pages now. (This one could get a LOT longer. It’s kind of a Mini-Magnum Opus.) A more comprehensive  Overview & Survey of WHAT made America the most admired country in the World, WHAT were its Morals & Principles, WHO began eroding those principles and WHEN, HOW & WHY did they do it, and WHAT must We The People DO NOW to reverse course, taking America back to what it once was?

A Philosophy, Psychology & Science

In beginning stages right now. — One Man’s View Point on WHAT it is to BE a Human Being, and an America, and HOW Shall We Then Think, Feel, Act & Live as Human Beings? (VIDEO & Possible Book)


Thank You Very Much for Taking Your Valuable Time to Read This.
Please let me know what you think or if you have any Questions.

And PLEASE, Take Some Time To …

Make America AMERICA Again

And Make America GREAT Again

Thank You for Reading & Take Care,
David Scott Lynn (DSL*)
DSL: Dynamics of Social Law