FASCISM is FULL, unfettered, statist, authoritarian power & control over all social & economic activities of people & business in a State. It is a merging of business & state. Fascism was well developed during the Roman Empire, and the Rule is, Power-holders do whatever is necessary to accomplish their goals. Meaning, The State makes the rules as they go, and anything goes, even extreme violence. THAT is their only real “philosophy.”

Roman Fascism was represented by the fasces, a bundle of rods wrapped together with a cord, symbolizing strength in numbers working together (collectivism). An AXE is bundled with the rods, representing the force by which the rods in the bundle were disci-plined to stay loyal to the Supreme State, doing its bidding.

The Roman Fasces Symbol


Lincoln On His Throne
with Fasces on Front

@ Lincoln Memorial

Lincoln throne