Restore America with Election Integrity to Regain & 
Our American
 Way-of-Life — Also Influencing the WORLD …
By Way of (for this moment) Your State’s Attorney General …

Fix 2020 First:

  • Support U.S. Supreme Court Case by STATE AGs

  • NO More Machines, Go To Paper Ballots

  • Save the Ballots — Preserve The Evidence

  • Put Pressure on State Legislators

BTW, I am just ONE GUY with a very small contact base. So how do I think I can make much of a difference with a simple blog post? …

Well, we are ALL just One Person at some point in our lives. And we never know how our words will, or will not, catch the attention of other people, nor what impact it will make. … We don’t know who or what will Go Viral!

Yet it has been said:

Never forget that you are one of a kind. Never forget that if there weren’t any need for you in all your uniqueness to be on this earth, you wouldn’t be here in the first place.

And never forget, no matter how overwhelming life’s challenges and problems seem to be, that one person can make a difference in the world. In fact, it is always because of one person that all the changes that matter in the world come about. So be that one person. [Emphasis added]
~ R. Buckminster Fuller

So PLEASE, if you are so motivated, take what I’ve done here. Copy, it, Modify it, Expand on it, or whatever. And SEE if YOU are “that One Person.” And there WILL be Many “One Persons.”

But get it out there to whomever you know. Maybe one of THEM is That Person? Yet you made the difference that motivated them? RIGHT? … If you credit me, Great. If not, No Problem. … Yet Right Now, the Message is far more important than the Messenger.

As Mike Lindell, Founder & Owner of the My Pillow Company, said when asked why he risked his company and his fortune to do this for America, he said:

“Are You Kidding Me? If we don’t fix THIS election [2020] before the NEXT election, there won’t BE a County, and I won’t have a business anyway.” [slightly paraphrased]

YOUR Time to Recover America and
The Future of the World Is NOW –
Fix 2020 First

YOU Can Participate in an Initiative (Founded by Mike Lindell of My Pillow Fame) to Support the Attorney’s General — In YOUR State — of the 50 States of America to send a Detailed Complaint to the U.S. Supreme Court Regarding the Election Fraud We The People have Vast & Deep EVIDENCE For.

(If You Don’t Know Much About This,
that Vast & Deep Evidence will be Described
& Accessed below on this page.)

If you ALREADY KNOW what this is about and already have enough background info, I’ll save you some time. … If so, I’m STRONGLY SUGGESTING you go to the below-displayed Web Address on Fix 2020 First.

There, you can Send A Message to your State AG requesting they get on board Mike Lindell’s Supreme Court Initiative to examine the Evidence of Irregularities & Fraud in the 2020 Election.

At the webpage, you can select your State, and a semi-automated Build My Email page will come up with the email address for your State’s Attorney General pre-filled. The Subject line and a Suggested Message in the Body of the email are pre-filled as well.

The web page should also automatically open your email program. But if not, go ahead and open your email program on your computer, tablet, or phone. Then open a New Message. Then copy the info from the three fields on the Fix 2020 First web page to the same three fields in your email program (The THREE FIELDS are: Email To, Subject, Message).

You can, and should, somewhat modify the Suggested Message to make it a bit more personal and relevant to any information or perspective YOU might have for your Attorney General. But please keep it respectful & polite, and to The Point.

Again, here’s the Web Page Address for Fix 2020 First:

And what IS The Point?

The Point is working to Restore Election Integrity in our individual States. We need to reverse the so-called “irregularities” and fraud that drastically changed the REAL Results of the 2020 Presidential Election.

Do you need more information about the Election “Irregularities” during the 2020 Election? On the Fix 2020 First webpage, you can see below the above-described Email Address Builder — there are two buttons. One, on the left, is Green, labeled View Complaint,  the other is Blue, labeled View Exhibits.

The View Complaint button takes you to the actual legal & lawful complaint prepared by a team of attorneys to the U.S. Supreme Court, or you can read it below on this page. It is very readable and will give you a LOT of the data & evidence of how Election “Irregularities” or outright FRAUD were committed during the 2020 Presidential Election.

The View Exhibits button will take you to a page with a long list of the many supporting documents proving the elements of the complaint. There is a LOT of info there.

Reading the Complaint, and if you have time & interest, the Exhibits will give you a LOT of the most up-to-date information on the Election Issues.

The Supreme Court Complaint was Driven by Mike Lindell,
the My Pillow Guy, a TRUE Patriot

On that page — —  is a short Video of Mike Lindell, the My Pillow Guy. Mike has, so far, spent tens of millions of dollars of his own money Working On Saving America. He has paid lots of high-tech experts, mathematical & statistical analysts, constitutional attorneys, and supported many others on getting to The Truth of what happened during the 2020 Election.

He’s been flying all over the country talking with the Attorney Generals in many states about the lawsuit & complaint described here. He needs them to sign on to the suit, as it is the State Attorney’s General who have the most undeniable Standing to file this complaint.

For all other suits filed on the Election Issues (except for Antrim County, Michigan) the actual Evidence was NOT reviewed for the viability or validity of the content of the complaints. The judges merely threw the cases out after twisting their minds and the law around enough to declare the plaintiffs had No Standing to bring the complaint.

So except for Antrim County, ANY report telling you the judges declared the complaints were of NO VALIDITY are either severely MIS-informed, or they are blatantly LYING to you. And in Antrim County, the judge DID find actionable evidence, but the prosecutors in Michigan did NOTHING about it.

So the Lame-Stream Media has, once again, successfully led a DISS-information campaign on what is really happening. (Such as the blatant lie that Kyle Rittenhouse was a White Supremacist who shot three black men, carried a rifle over state lines to go shoot people, and was just there to make trouble.)

Mike’s also been funding new organizations, such as Cause of America:

Cause of America helps people supporting Election & Voter Integrity from all over the country share resources and strategies to save the many election integrity issues in America. Because every jurisdiction has its own rules, there is no one strategy that works everywhere. So they are all collaborating to find the best solutions.

People ask WHY is Mike doing all this? WHY is he (nearly) sacrificing his My Pillow business? (MANY retailers and Media Sources cut him off because he is working to reveal the Election Fraud. However, and fortunately, a lot of people are trying to make up the losses by buying his products, which are GREAT anyway!)

It’s because Mike knows, and has publicly stated, if we do NOT get to the bottom of and rectify the disaster called the 2020 Election, and return to paper ballots (getting the very hackable machines out of the loop) then there will NOT even be a country left, as we know it, let alone anyone’s businesses. The fraudulent election process will continue unabated if they are allowed to continue as is.

That’s because the Power Elite, the Far Left Neo-Marxists & Maoists, the New World (dis-)Order Gang, have already gotten control of MUCH of the United States Government & Economy, and further machine-based elections will allow a total take over the U.S. Government. … And none of us will like the results of that one bit.

Because a Communo-Fascist & New World Order, Power Elite Conspiracy that’s been operating in America since at least the 1930s, in some ways since the Civil War, has recently gained a HUGE advantage over We The People who believe in the Principles & Morals of Western Civilization & the Rights & Liberties of the America Revolution.

They did most recently by way of hacking the Election of 2020 (and probably some previous elections). And the COVID-19 “Virus,” whether intentionally or accidentally released from the Wuhan Lab in China, did much to sabotage the 2020 Election.

Yet we were WARNED, years ahead of time, about the possibility/probability of voting machine hacking elections. … But by whom were we warned? …

Please Go To HBO on the Internet and watch the video Kill Chain.

Kill Chain has several well-known left-wing Congress Critters warning us of how the Dominion & other Voting Machine Systems are so vulnerable to hacking as to be a danger. In the early 2000s, 60 Minutes did a similar documentary. But it is now obvious it was THEY, the far-left Democrats, that got control of computer hacking, and THEY are the ones who did the very things they were “warning” us against.

Bev Harris, a leftist who founded Black Box Voting, thoroughly investigated electronic voting systems and got video showing how elections could be hacked. (She was interviewed by Alex Jones at prior to the 2016 elections.)

And Now, the Far Left Democrats, with a LOT of help from the RINOS & Neo-Cons (so-called Republicans that are really Democrats in nature), have begun a rapid, vast, fundamental change in America, just like Barak Obama promised during his presidency. Nearly EVERY element of the American Constitutional Republic, of the Original American Paradigm, are under direct & deep attack.

“They” intend to eliminate the foundations of American Government, Economy & Society, and put themselves in dictatorial control of just about EVERYTHING. Our Rights & Liberties will be severely curtailed, private property will be eliminated, everything we do will be monitored and controlled. And they have been telling us this in their writings and speeches for many DECADES.

It is all q result of a well-thought-out plan that’s been available for everyone to see if they are willing to look. but those of us who tried to sound the alarm were told we were just “silly Conspiracy Theorists.” So almost no one paid attention.

Yet NOW …

IF We The People, as Individuals & As a Group,
Do NOT Get The 2020 Election FIXED, Then the
Very Future of America, and Our WAY-OF-LIFE,
Might Become a Thing of the Past …

This is NOT an Exaggeration.
IF You Believe things will soon or someday “go back to normal,”
You are taking THE Gamble of Your Life.
(We’ll discuss that Possibility further below.)

But First, Election Integrity is a Central Element of our American Constitutional Republic and Way-of-Life. Briefly stated, that means we live under a written Rule-of-Law, with UN-alienable Rights & Liberties, and that the Power of Government comes from The People and, ultimately, God.


Federal Law requires all voter ballots to be preserved for 22 months after an election. This gives time for any complaints or accusations to be investigated and, if necessary, prosecuted.

Presidential Elections are run by each individual STATE, and the State Legislatures have plenary power to control the election process in their state.

Call ALL your State Representatives, but especially the Senate, and tell them you want a Forensic Election Audit in the form designed and performed by the Arizona State Senate for Maricopa County. Many people say it is THE most comprehensive election audit EVER performed.

Tell your state government people you want ALL evidence of the election, including any ballots, PRESERVED for investigative purposes. Finding attorneys who would file lawsuits requiring evidence preservation would be very good.

Who ARE The People?

The People means the “Common, Everyday People,” NOT some Ruling Class of dictators or oligarchs. And because our Rights & Liberties come from God, and pre-exist The State, which We The People Created and delegated powers to, The State has NO POWER to deprive or infringe on The People of their Rights & Liberties.

The States, both Local and Federal, only exist at the pleasure of We The People. Our employees and representatives in government are there to Serve We The People. WE are NOT there to Serve THEM. This is WELL ESTABLISHED in History & Law. Problem is, too many of We The People have forgotten this, or were never taught in the first place.

So the Bad Guys, the Power- and Control-hungry people, took advantage of us not paying enough attention to what was happening.

Yet the State & Federal Governments are here to Serve OUR Purposes, not theirs, and they must take direction, instruction & feedback from We The People seriously, or LOSE their powers and jobs. …

And maybe worse if their behavior was bad enough.

But We The People must get busy and take back authority to exert our will over our Government Servants.

Therefore, if the Ability of The People to maintain their Right to honestly choose their preferred government representatives is lost, then the very premise of Government OF The People, BY the People, and FOR the People is eroded or lost.

If too many of The People of America decide they want to eliminate the Constitutional Republic we’ve all had for over 200 years, replacing it with more dictatorial, paternalistic forms of government, then we are probably talking about a Revolution. OR, if we’re lucky, it MIGHT result in a reasonably peaceful splitting of America into two or three separate countries.

That’s because the Vast Majority of The People who grew up and lived in Grass-Roots, DE-centralized FREEDOM will not let that go of all that easily.

Ironically, it is the natural, inherent Rights, Liberties, Morals & Principles of The People that gave those who would destroy America the ability to have what they have, and do what they do. Yet if they are deemed to be working to overthrow the American Constitutional Republic, that could very possibly be called Insurrection or TREASON and punished as such.

One could argue that the Far Left Democrats, operating through their units called ANTIFA and Black Lives Matters, and other such units, have ALREADY openly and blatantly demonstrated the violence they have already performed to overthrow America. … And they’ve declared that is their intention publicly om many and occasion.

The Far Left Controlled Democrats, in their current positions of power, have, for example, used the FBI to perform anti-Constitutional actions, under a falsified color of law, against the American People, and should be held to account for such anti-Constitutional actions that violate their Oaths of Office. …

Just Two Examples of this are the SWAT-teaming and retention of Patriots in substandard prisons over the Mostly Peaceful January 6th Demonstrations in Washington DC … AND going after parents attending school board meetings to express their great displeasure over student’s education being turned into communist indoctrination camps.

On Other Notes…

4 Big Lies from U.S. “Government”

The current, far-left dominated Federal Government, is using certain blatant lies to scare the American People and further their deep and wide power grab, which they will NOT let go of when any of these falsely alleged “emergencies” are “resolved.”

  1. Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is a Toxic Pollutant & Will Destroy the Planet
  2. COVID-19 is a Highly Deadly Virus Requiring Masks, Lockdowns, Quarantines, and a Toxic Poison Injected Into Everyone.
  3. 2020 Election Was the Cleanest Election EVER, and there is NO EVIDENCE of Election “Irregularities” or Fraud.
  4. January 6th “Insurrection” is manufactured by the FedGov and being used to intimidate and suppress any attempts of We The People America to recover the illegally and falsely shredded Rights & Liberties guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution & Bill of Rights, under the umbrella of the Declaration of Independence.


These are FOUR of the Biggest Lies of the 20th & 21st Centuries. They are designed to put unthinking FEAR, Complacence & Compliance into the Hearts & Minds of the American People.

The 2020 Election Lie will be further discussed below. The Climate Change/ CO2, COVID-19 and Jan 6 Insurrection LIES will be discussed on their own web pages on this website, as they are in themselves very large topics.

Climate Change / CO2 — COVID-19 — Jan 6 Insurrection

“Baseless Claims of Election Fraud”

Baseless Claims of “Baseless Claims of Election Fraud” are rampant across the Internet and Mainstream Media, what Rush Limbaugh more accurately called the Drive-By Media, or Lame-Stream Media.

The amount of Evidence of Election Fraud is VAST & DEEP. If you started right now, it would take you WEEKS to sift through & assimilate a good portion of the immense amount of evidence easily available to anyone who had any motivation or interest at all in discovering THE FACTS.

As Miranda Divine at the New York Post* on November 8, 2020 stated:

There’s more evidence of voter fraud in the 2020 election than there ever was of Russia collusion, so America is owed a legal examination of the election irregularities alleged by the Trump campaign.

* New York Post: America’s oldest continuously-published newspaper since 1801, founded by Alexander Hamilton.

As simple internet search of “evidence of election fraud” brings up on first position, this website:

Approximately every other entry on the Search Pages point to web pages with MUCH evidence of election irregularities and fraud.

Here is a Starter Primer on the Election Fraud Evidence

You can, of course, start with the two links on the pages I mentioned above. They are the Complaint written for the Supreme Court, and the Exhibits supporting the complaint. One could argue the contents of all that is ALL you need to know.

The Direct Links accessible at Fix 2020 First Are:

Supreme Court Legal Complaint:

Supporting Complaint Exhibits:

“You will never know how much it has cost my generation to preserve your freedom. I hope you will make a good use of it.” ~ John Adams

This is from the Introduction of the Supreme Court Legal Complaint:

We are in unchartered [sic] territory as a Nation. The November 2020 election was stolen. Our Country is divided in a manner not seen in over a century. Just last month, 56% of respondents agreed that “it’s likely that cheating affected the outcome of the 2020 presidential election”—a 5% increase since April 2021. (1)

The fault for this deepening divide lies directly with the federal and state public officials who not only abdicated their sworn duty to support and defend the Constitution of the United States, but in many cases actively sought to subvert it. The Justices of this Court can no longer ignore what the public already sees—a time in history like that which Churchill once characterized as the gathering storm.

(1) That includes 84% of Republicans, 32% of Democrats, and 54% of Independents. Rasmussen Reports, Vote-By-Mail: Most Voters Think It Will Cause More Cheating (Oct. 11, 2021) ill_cause_more_cheating (last visited Nov. 23, 2021).

Revelations of rampant lawlessness by officials in states like Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, and Pennsylvania (collectively, “Defendant States”) involving outcome-changing illegal votes appear daily. For example, in Pennsylvania, after all counties had finally uploaded their official November 2020 election results, there were still 49,171 more votes than voters—just one of many examples of illegal votes. Under express Pennsylvania law, the election should not have been certified.

This September, it was revealed that election officials in Maricopa County, Arizona were caught red-handed destroying election records from the November 2020 election—in violation of federal law— after a court rejected the County’s attempt to thwart the Arizona Senate’s investigation into the November 2020 election. That investigation also found tens of thousands of illegal ballots, and that there were hundreds of thousands of corrupted or missing ballot images—on which the November 2020 election vote count is based.

(The many allegations in Mainstream Media that the paper count of ballots showed Biden won or even gained MORE votes, is completely bogus. While the BALLOT COUNT might have been precisely accurate, the legality of each ballot vote is of FAR greater importance. And many analyses of the ballots showed MANY THOUSANDS of the votes to be either “irregular,” faulty, or outright fraudulent. ~DSL)

Continuing with the Quote from the Introduction to the Complaint:

Also in September, a renowned cyber security expert, University of Michigan Professor J. Alex Halderman, revealed in a Georgia federal court that he had conclusively demonstrated that Dominion Voting Systems machines used in at least sixteen states can be easily hacked to “steal votes.” Inexplicably, the district court denied Prof. Halderman’s request to strategically unseal his expert report detailing these systemic vulnerabilities for the limited purpose of bringing it to the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (“CISA”) to attempt to fix these issues before the next election.

Prof. Halderman also testified that Georgia Secretary of State Raffensperger, a defendant in that case, refused to even look at the report or meet with him to go over these dangerous security vulnerabilities. The district court’s decision to bury Prof. Halderman’s evidence and prevent it from being shared with authorities charged with protecting elections is unfathomable.

This October, the Racine County, Wisconsin, Sheriff announced the results of a felony criminal investigation of the Wisconsin Election Commission (“WEC”) into illegal vote harvesting in nursing homes. The Sheriff stated that the governing in all 72 counties across Wisconsin and referred the case for prosecution. The validity of up to 50,000 ballots may be at issue as a consequence.

If you would like to go deeper into Election Investigations, there are Vast Resources out there on these issues. Here is a good start, with some links:

Go To, Mike Lindell, and Brannon Howes’ multimedia website. There are MANY election-rated resources there. For Example:

The Absolute Proof Series is a set of Documentaries describing Election Hacking from VERY scientific and statistical methodologies. These include the hacking they traced to Chinese intervention via the internet from China:

If you scroll down a bit, you will see the Absolute Proof — Short Version that will be a good start. And it’s less than 30 minutes. If you get into it, you can watch the other videos, which are longer and more detailed.

For a more Comprehensive List of his Election Resources, Please Go To:

There, you’ll see far more of his election materials, including the Absolute Proof Series.

Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium and the (must see) Colonel Waldren Speech

ONE OF THE FIRST: Peter Navarro’s Election Report
Volumes 1, 2 & 3 in One Volume (Extensively End-noted]

You don’t really need any more than this Report! Peter Navarro was a VERY CLOSE insider with President Trump on a near-daily basis, and had direct access to many things most of us did not. …

You can also get his very new book, In Trump Time, and get some great insights on many aspects of the Trump Presidency and those four years.

Also Available at:

The Three Parts of the Trilogy are:

• 1. The Immaculate Deception
• 2. The Art of the Steal
• 3. Yes, President Trump Won

Peter Kent Navarro (born July 15, 1949) is an American economist and author. He served in the Trump administration as the Assistant to the President, Director of Trade and Manufacturing Policy, and the national Defense Production Act policy coordinator. He previously served as a Deputy Assistant to the President and Director of the White House National Trade Council, a newly created entity in the White House Office, until it was folded into the Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy, a new role established by executive order in April 2017.

He is also a professor emeritus of economics and public policy at the Paul Merage School of Business, University of California, Irvine, and the author of Death by China, among other publications.

The History of Taking Over — and DESTROYING — Countries

If you have studied the History of VERY similar “events” in the not too distant past — such as the take-over of Russia to become the Soviet Union, or the take-over of Germany to become the Third Reich run by NAZIs, or the take-over of China to become the Very Deadly Cultural Revolution then become ruled by the Chinese Communist Party — then you KNOW how Suddenly & Quickly life in a nation, even highly advanced nations, can degenerate.

In the 20th Century, the Primary Perpetrators of Perverse Power Politics Pushing People into Poverty has been in the form of Marxist or Neo-Marxist Collectivism or Maoism: Socialism, Fascism, Communism, Democratic Socialism, and so on.