Is America A Communist Nation?

Let’s Ask Karl Marx!

We’ve often been told, for DECADES, our military & intelligence arms are “protecting America, our freedoms & rights,” from Com-munist infiltration or invasion. This has consumed trillions of dollars, and a LOT of human lives. They’ve also gradually taken away our Rights in the process.

They even tell us they have to take away our Rights to Protect our Rights!

The usual Orwellian (1984) doublespeak. … Yet, what IS a “Communist Nation”? …

Karl Marx, the founder of Marxism, was most qualified to tell us. After all, a third of the world, about 1.5 billion people, lived under some form of “Marxist Communism” for most of the 20th Century. (World population was about 4.4 billion people back then. The Communist Manifesto was written in 1848, well before the U.S. Civil War.)

Marx tells us about Communism in his Communist Manifesto. For one thing, he wanted “Abolition of the family!”

Now, that did not start with Marx. 2,500 years ago, Plato, a proto-Communist, prescribed taking children from families as soon after birth as possible. He wanted them indoctrinated into collectivism
& statism. And Radical Marxist Feminists have been intentionally & strategically driving wedges between men & women & children for many DECADES. Result? MOST measures of Family Life today are, basically, a disaster for many, maybe a majority, of people.

Karl also wanted “Abolition of bourgeois property,” or to get rid of capitalism & free markets altogether. Then everything would be run by “experts, the Dictatorship of the Proletariat.” This is nothing new either. For many centuries, maybe thousands of years, most people lived under some form of Collectivist State of some tyrannical monarch. Usually, The People owned nothing, or very little, living in poverty. Yet FREE-Market Capitalism, combined with Common Law & Individual Rights, changed all that. Especially in America, post-Revolution. …

YET, Marx wanted all that prosperity GONE!

And here are the Ten Planks of Karl’s Manifesto:

1. Abolition of Private Property (Land Tax & Eminent Domain)
2. Heavy Progressive Income Tax (IRS)
3. Abolition of all Rights of Inheritance (More IRS)
4. Confiscation of Property of all Emigrants & Rebels (Homeland Security)
5. Centralization of Credit, State Money, Central Bank (Federal Reserve)
6. Government Control of Communications & Transportation (FCC, FTC)
7. Government Ownership of Factories & Agriculture (OSHA, USDA)
8. Government Control of Labor, Industrial Armies (Unions)
9. Corporate Farms, Manufacturing, Regional Planning (Wide-ranging)
10. Government Control of Education (Dept of Education)

~ Excerpts From Karl Marx,
The Communist Manifesto

Interestingly, if you read it closely, and have knowledge about American economics & politics, you’ll see that ALL of the Planks are (more-or-less) ALREADY in great effect right here in America. Technically speaking, America ALREADY IS a “Communist Nation,” if you judge it based on what the U.S. DOES, rather than what it calls itself.

And the 10 Planks have been in place for many decades. (#4 isn’t 100%, but it’s getting close.) And if you think you own real property (real estate, #1), free & clear, try not paying your property taxes! Or try opening a radio station without a permit from the FCC (#6).

Marx was a GREAT Salesman!

He promised things for two types of people. One group was, as C.G. Jung called it, “psychically-inflated” people lusting for Power, wanting to RUN & CONTROL the Marxist “Social” Programs. The other group was “psychically-deflated” people lusting after a Care-Free Lifestyle with lots of Free-Stuff that would be theirs once families, property & capitalism were destroyed and the State started “wither-ing away.” (Like that ever happens.)