HELLO! This is David Scott Lynn … And Thank You Very Much for Stopping By!

I obviously don’t know what brought you to this page, so I cannot tailor my comments to your specific needs or interests. So I’ll do my best to cover the Spectrum of why & how you might (hopefully) find my Ideas & Writings of Interest & Useful …

If interested, You can read all about my Therapy work on the above linked page, including how I figured out how to resolve three and a half years of my very own, near-constant & excruciatingly painful back & hip pain by using a self-applied yoga therapy system I had designed. …

And how, based in part on a thoroughly Western, Medical approach to Physical & Mental Yoga principles (Yoga for the WEST of US), I designed my own system of hands-on, manual therapy.

And how I became a relatively well known Practitioner & Teacher of DSL Edgework, my unique system of neuro-musculo-fascial & joint therapy.

And how my above mentioned, painful experience is, in great part, how I further developed my system of therapy, and how I learned to help other people get out of severe, complex neuro-musculo-fascial pain & dysfunction.

But HERE, you’ll see how I got deep into POLITICS due to various political events way back in the 1980s, and even before that, but I have become far more intense & involved TODAY.But FIRST … You might want to know a little bit about the the Bridge I crossed between Yoga, Bodywork, & Politics …

I began in Martial Arts & Zen-stye Meditation when I was 13 years old. (I had been somewhat introspective & philosophical since I was in 2nd Grade [about 6 years old], so it was a natural progression.)

Then, over the next few years, I got into racing dirt bikes (and crashing a lot!) and had developed several pain patterns. Then, I was doing very heavy construction work in my mid-teens to early twenties, which made the pains FAR worse. …

Yet once again, I was able to temporarily relieved them with basic yoga stretches. (A VERY non-Hindu, non-Indian approach to yoga.) Although the post-construction pains took a LOT longer to remedy.

Now, Somewhat Out of Right Field Here, when I was 16 years old (1970), and a Junior in High School, I wrote a school essay I was sure I was going to fail. But I got an A+ on it, and the teacher asked if she could keep it to show to future students. … I said “OK”!

The title of the Essay was Dick & Jane Is A Communist Plot. (!!!) … There IS a little more to that story, of course, but somehow, at that age, I already could see what was happening to the (rapidly DEVOLVING) Education of America’s Children, including ME. And it was NOT a positive thing. …

And I got a REAL education from my friend P.V. Perry, a truck driver and motocross rider who laid out the whole so-called “Conspiracy Theory” of what was going on in America. (Although at the time, I didn’t really “get it.”)

By 1973, I already had by this time a few years of direct (not very good) experience with unions, and had been significantly sidelined by affirmative action. Even though I scored VERY high on the test to get into the Ironworker Apprenticeship Program, other “groups” (Vietnam Vets & certain ethnicities) were put in front of me in line for the program.

So, even though I already had enough experience that I was already in line to be an Ironworker Superintendent(and had already been offered a job as such), I could NOT get Local Union Status in Chicago for many more years, if ever. … Because I could not get into the Apprenticeship program. Even though my employers thought I was, Thanks to my Dad who trained me from an early age,considered to be one of the Top Ironworkers in the City of Chicago.

I lasted few more years as a non-union, ironworker foreman, but by 1976, at 22 years old, I had already paid a “pretty good price” for what government policies were doing. …

THAT is when I decided to become a … YOGA TEACHER! (Long Story for another time!)

I was teaching for a while at Northern Illinois University, then became Yogi-in-Residence at the Inner Garden, the very first whole health healing center in Aspen, Colorado, in late 1977. (Back when you did not need to be a billionaire to live there!) Winter came, so I moved to Coconut Grove, Miami, and was teaching yoga there and on Key Biscayne. During that time, I took several workshops as well as worked privately with a number of massage & bodywork teachers.

Then, in 1978, I read Ayn Rand’s magnum opus, Atlas Shrugged. There, so eloquently written, I was able to more clearly see what was happening to America & Americans. She put together many of the seemingly contradictory & disturbing things I had been observing over my young years.

As well, in the late 1970s, because I had by way of yoga gotten so into the Whole Health, Natural Healing Thing, I got exposed to how much the Orthodox Medical Systemwas attempting to shut down natural healing practitioners, alternative medicine doctors, natural food stores, and so on. … And NO, that was NOT an “unfounded conspiracy theory.”

SO, Was I, now a Yoga Teacher, NEXT to Get Shut Down … AGAIN?

By late-1979, I had moved back to Chicago, and after a two year stint at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, doing technical time & price charting for Commodity Market Makers (teaching yoga on the side), I had received an even MORE detailed, inside look at “how things work” in the (so-called) Real World.

I had literally rubbed shoulders with them in the financial trading pits, broke bread in the downtown restaurants, had beers in the bars, with the men & a few women who were “big” enough to make the markets move. (However, even these guys could only move the markets a little bit,and certainly not for very long.) … Aside from Natural & Human Market Forces, it really takes a government size entity to truly “move the markets” in any significant way. Even though they are NOT “supposed to” do that!

But, although were some GREAT People down there, I felt the financial markets were far too corrupt and drug-addled for my taste. … Yet they told me a LOT of interesting stuff about how things REALLY work in the Real World.

So in early 1981, I quit the Mercantile Exchange and with only informal “training,” set myself up in Near North Chicago as a Massage / Bodywork Therapist. …

Little did I know …

I ALSO began writing articles, setting up & teaching seminars, and generally started talking to people about things like the Medical Monopoly, the New World Order, Rockefeller / Oil Infiltration into Energy, Medicine & Food Productions, and so on.

But during that time, in 1982, AFTER I became a bodyworker, my chronic pain patterns returned in even Fuller Force, even more severe, often debilitating, between Spring of 1982 and Fall of 1985. Yet it was again self-applied yoga therapy that helped me resolve those issues. But since I now had more knowledge about structural bodywork, my yoga was far more properly targeted and refined for the task.

And I was getting a LOT better, and so were my Clients!

But I would not have been able to do so without the knowledge I had gained and integrated by first learning about Structural Bodywork (from a man named Daniel Blake) in 1982. The combination of yoga postures, hands-on bodywork, & structural balancing, as well as a foundation of whole health principles and medical sciences, is what my therapy system is based on.  … Needless to say, I became VERY deeply & widely immersed in all this Natural Healing Stuff. And I was working with a number of very clinically (if not financially) successful natural health practitioners.

The Main Point here is I was having first-hand & first-body EXPERIENCE that natural methods of healing were VERY effective for MANY health & medical conditions. Both for ME and the Clients I was working with. And I could ALSO see that natural healing methods were under attack, and that attack was covertly backed by the government!Having already been locked out of being an Ironworker Superintendent by government policy, I did not want it to happen to me again, nor my friends, in health care.

And I also discovered that the Orthodox Medical & Health Care Systems were AT LEAST as corrupt as the Financial Industry! … Out of the Pan, Into the Pot!

All of this was setting me up to look at Life, Work & Suchfrom a more wholistic, philosophical, wide ranging perspective.

So Today, my Primary Professional Mission in Life was and is to teach therapists, health coaches, & physicians how to more effecticiently (effectively & efficiently) get their Clients out of pain & dysfunction, as well as improve their posture, stature, and physical capacities, be it as athletes, musicians, construction workers, office workers, and so on.

Again, if you want more info on all that Therapy Stuff, please go to https://davidscottlynn.com

But HERE, the Main Reason I Believe YOU Are HERE, is the Political Angle …

In part because of the COVID-Crisis of 2020, I have volunteered to take on an Additional, Major Project. But it is by no means “secondary,” as it is VERY Important & Urgent. And it is an extension of what I was doing on my Life-Long Journey anyway, but now, at a more Urgent Level.

Until the COVID Debacle, even I did not realize how dangerously close we are to a COMPLETE over-run of America & American’s by nefarious actors.

You might know the COVID-Lockdowns put a LOT of Alternative Health Practitioners — and even many NON-Alternative MEDICAL DOCTORS — out of work, including many yoga teachers, massage / bodywork practitioners, personal trainers, and other modalities, some of them permanently. Some of them could NOT afford to be on a “NON-Essential” list (which MANY of them WERE — including ME — by way of their State Governments and so were not supposed to work), so a lot of them quit altogether and found other employment. …

Or didn’t! Some of them are still trying to figure out what to do. .. Tall about a Top Down “Shake Out” of the Competition!

Anyway …

I was one of those practitioners alleged to be “Non-Essential.” (Tell THAT to my many Clients over more than forty years who were able, for example, to cancel their surgeries or get off drugs, or just live a more normal life, as a result of my soft tissue therapy.) So I was not able to work very much for most of 2020. It was tough going, but — Thanks to a Few MORE Than Satisfied & Loyal Clients— I got through, and I took NO government money. AT ALL!

Yet I decided I could not sit by and let Alternative Health Care Practitioners (nor anyone else for that matter) be treated this way again. … NO More Loss Of Rights & Freedoms for US!

And YES, many other Rights & Freedoms, and a LOT of Prosperity, are being taken from a LOT of People — REAL, Live Human Beings — RIGHT NOW. Medical freedom is under attack again, and now from the International Level with the World Health Organization (WHO) and United Nations (UN), and that must be stopped and reversed as soon as possible.

There is too much history of what happened to too many other countries that went down the road we are on today. … And it is NOT usually a Good Result. It has, for one thing, led to at VERY least 100 MILLION human beings killed by their very own governments for the sake of collectivism, socialism, communism, and fascism led by power addicted & driven socio- and psycho-paths.

All of that, on top of a lot of early childhood and teen year experiences that turned me into a “Seeker of Justice” (for many years in my youth, I was my classmate’s favorite target of mockery) I decided to see what one person can do — working with MANY others of course — to make a BIG difference in work & life conditions, and in America in general.

One Idea from the Original American Paradigm of Life & Government was We The People were considered the MASTERS — and state officials, politicians, bureaucrats & employees were to be the SERVANTS. All the Founding Documents of America at state & federal levels say ALL political power comes from THE PEOPLE as a Whole. Under the principle of AGENCY (Principal & Agent), Powers are delegated TO the State (The Inferior Agent),but ONLY as long as they do their jobs along the lines prescribed in the CONSTITUTION of each state and the country. At any time, The People (The Superior Principal)can recover their delegated powers.

Unfortunately, there must be ENOUGH Understanding & Solidarity among enough people to make that happen.

From its founding, our Society is intentionally built from the bottom UP, in a highly DE-centralized fashion, where NO person or group can get so much political power that they can lead groups of people or the nation down deep, dark, dangerous paths.

Yet today, ALL of that is being turned upside down, and we have become a nation where too many people think the bureaucrats are now The Masters and are supposed to tell us, The (in their minds) Servants, how to live our lives and what is good for us.

Power has been consolidated into the hands of a VERY few people, with a BIG Police Power & Military to protect them,  and They ARE running roughshod over The People in their quests for excess Power & Control. And they have started MANY wars over the past 160 years that were really only about power & profit, and NOT truly about “saving democracy,” or “protecting the homeland,” any such alleged “noble cause.”

Most of history going back at least 5,000 Years shows us that Centralization of Operations & Consolidation of Power are VERY dangerous things to be avoided at ALL costs. And for a multitude of reasons, one of THE biggest factors of the EVOLUTION of American Freedom, Prosperity, & Health was to keep America as DE-Centralized as possible.

Because of the Laws of Nature & Human Nature, DE-Centralization leads to greater Human E-Volution, while too much Centralization / Consolidation leads to DE-Volution.

* Volution means to spiral. You can spiral UPward, or you can spiral DOWNward.

Yet today, as we look on, nearly ALL the Principles of what made America Free, Great & Prosperous are under attack, being ignored or overturned, right before our very eyes, if you know what to look for. Yet even people who do NOT know what to look for are suddenly getting the message — LOUD & CLEAR!

And the centralization / consolidation / devolution has been going on in America for WELL over 100 YEARS now. But We The People have been WAY too tolerant of — or asleep about — what They have been getting away with for many years, even decades.

And as a lot of people around the World say, as goes America, so goes the World!

That’s why so many people from around the world sacrifice everything to move to America if they can. There are definite and important reasons for that, of which many Americans seem to have forgotten! Thanks to the De-Voluted DisEducational System in the United States, some of us never even knew these things in the first place!

Many people around the world are closely watching events in America today. Because they KNOW that if WE lose our freedoms, most everyone else in the world will lose their freedoms too, or what little they have.

So, how did I get to the point of taking on this American Project?

In the early 1980s in Chicago (where I grew up), I worked side-by-side with licensed medical doctors, osteopaths, and chiropractors (and a few dentists), and not just with doing my own muscle therapy. Some of them were in need of restructuring or operating the business side of their practices, or getting new patients, and I was quietly known to have a quiet background in helping businesses quietly recover and grow. So I was helping some of them with that.

They had also been attacked by the medical “authorities” for using nutrition and other alternative methods to help their patients heal after their patients could not get adequate solutions from the orthodox medical systems. And the medical “authorities” were not too happy about all us alternative therapists, nutritionists and such becoming more popular, either.

In fact, I had FOUR attorneys as Clients in Chicago who loved and benefited from MY muscle therapy work but thought it was only a matter of time before I’d get “disciplined” by the “authorities” because I was getting WAY too good results with Clients. One attorney even said I’d probably get arrested!

YES, from a legal standpoint, because I was treating people in ways that got them off drugs and surgery, I COULD have been prosecuted for practicing medicine, or physical therapy, without a license. And there was NO serious licensing for massage therapy in Illinois in those days, especially in Chicago. … We were under supervision of the Vice Squad!

The “medical authorities” did and do NOT want too many people getting off of drugs or canceling surgeries without giving them a lot of money! And I only lived 6 blocks from the National Headquarters for the American Medical Association! So I was pretty close to the Belly of the Beast! … And I was getting quite visible due to the results I was getting.

(I also wrote a currently unpublished White Paper titled: The Power of Licensing: Give Me Freedom, or Give Me A License, But Never The Two Shall Meet.

Meaning the very substance or basis of professional licensing is a violation of American Principles in the first place. (For You Legal Geeks out there, please look up English Quo Warranto actions compared with U.S. Constitutional prohibitions against Titles of Nobility.) All this taught me a LOT about how the “health care system” REALLY works … and does NOT work! As well as Professional Licensing in general.

As a result, I got pretty involved in the political end of things, trying to help clear the way for natural / alternative physicians & therapists (and ME) to practice what they thought was best for their patients & clients without fear of being attacked legally or otherwise.

I even helped lead the charge to successfully stop a law in 1984 that would have put ALL the Whole Health Nutritionists out of business in Illinois. Even though I was not a nutritionist, I knew we had to stop that overall trend of out-lawing what could eventually be ALL whole health practitioners.

(BTW — We WON the fight for Freedom of Nutrition and the Legislator we worked with said I had a Bright Future in politics if I wanted it. I had written some speeches for her and did a lot of other stuff. … I said NO Thank You! I don’t mind working around politics, but not IN it! … Jiddu Krishnamurti [a famous philosopher from India] once said that “politics destroys the mind” … and I preferred to keep my mind & sanity!)

I also taught seminars and wrote articles, and co-authored an economics book, on how the medical “system” was constructed* in ways that harmed the well-being of many Clients & Patients. And that system was founded AGAINST State & Federal Constitutional Principles & Laws of America. …

( * Constructed: That goes all the way back to the mid-to-late 1800s and the Rockefeller discovery that they could make “medicines” or “drugs” out of chemicals derived from OIL & GAS. They also started taking over food production, and began the denaturing of the food supply. To increase market share, they started working to get rid of all the Natural Healers who were too much competition for them. [Can’t let The Public get educated about food quality, now can we?] And they greatly accelerated the ANTI-American practice of using The Politicized State to gain, maintain, and restrain economic markets. … They HATED competition!)

(EXAMPLE: In Restraint of Trade by Butler Shaffer,published by the Mises Institute, he presents extensive and convincing evidence, well against popular understandings, that the various federal agencies (such s the EPA) were ORIGINALLY set up NOT to restrain big business, but primarily to protect the interests of Big Business / Corporations.

(A friend of mine was actually a federal auditor who actually audited the EPA for a year and a half. She ALSO concluded the EPA was NOT there to “protect the environment,” but to protect Big Business from too much competition. … Much of this original regulatory protection for favored corporations went down between 1918 and 1938.)

Then, in 1987, the Illinois Legislature changed the penalty for practicing medicine without a license from a misdemeanor to a FELONY. I had been willing to deal with a misdemeanor, but the felony idea went too far. So I got REALLY upset and got REALLY serious about figuring out HOW, in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, I was suddenly a felon in the eyes of The State? For helping people get better from their afflictions with a NON-invasive, NON-toxic remedy?

At that point, I cut my bodywork practice WAY back, took a job on weekends managing a construction project, and spent 30 to 40 HOURS every week studying everything I could about the America Revolution, Western Civilization, Common Law, the Constitution, the Freedom Philosophy & History, and so on. I also took a number of week-long seminars. … THAT went on for about TWO YEARS!

SO, since these problems had NOT really gone away, and only faded into the background some … I had continued to intensely study such things, at least a few hours per day, most days, for the last 40 YEARS. I spent a LOT of time & money on such studies. … I spent many long days in Law Libraries in various Cities in America reading State & Federal Supreme Court cases, histories, and anything that seemed relevant. I even took a paralegal course!

When I realized in 2002 the Global Warming “Scaranoia” (Scare + Paranoia) was becoming a BIG excuse for government tyranny, I even spent about 1,500 hours doing a Deep Dive Study on the Nature of Global Warming and every aspect of it I could think of!

I spent a LOT of time with my #3 Mentor in Life, the late Keven Cullinane, who was a Marine Corp Officer specializing in psychological & counter-guerrilla / insurgency (freedom uprising) warfare. He had discovered, way back in the early 1960s, that the very Psy-Op Warfare Techniques he had been training soldiers to do to the people of other countries were being used IN America AGAINST the American People by certain elements within our very own government. So he just up and quit the Marines and began teaching the American Freedom Philosophy (AFP). He had a 40-hour training program on AFP which I took SIX times. (He varied them with widely different information, so it was NOT very redundant. And NEVER boring!)


Restoring the Original American Paradigm (before it got corrupted by crony-corporatists, fascists and the like) and Rolling Back the corrupt, crony-corporate power- and war-mongers is my Number 2 Mission In Life, after my Primary Mission, which is developing High-Level Training & Mentoring programs for soft tissue therapists who work with the neuro-muscular, myofascial, deep tissue, and skeletal-structural systems.

In Fact, they are pretty equal in importance. To the point I’m often in conflict about which I should be focusing on. But if I had to choose ONE, right now, and had the funding, I’d go Full Bore into the Moral, Political, & Economic Restoration of America. Because it is THE most urgent “thing” we ALL face today.

To stay more Essential in the Age of COVID, therapists (for example) need higher levels of training, better insights & skills, to treat Clients & Patients for a wider range of problems. Therefore my materials & courses for Therapists to develop their soft tissue skills to include a wider range of Whole Health Procedures beyond just the muscles & fascia. AND to keep Practitioners LEGALLY ABLE TO PRACTICE, I have some research, writings and projects having to do with political, economic & constitutional principles we ALL need to know and activate as well.

So Far, over the last many months (as of September 2022), I’ve got at least 1,000 HOURS of researching, writing, & fact checking Reports & Papers about these political, economic, social, & constitutional issues. They are about how America originally developed, how it got to be Free & Prosperous, and how the Crony-Corporate Power Elite began eroding the Original American Paradigm, starting well over a hundred years ago.

And Of Course, what we all can do NOW to reverse course.

And what We The People need to do NOW, or Very Soon,to restore what is being STOLEN right before our eyes. … In SOME cases, it is all being GIVEN away, though somewhat inadvertently.

I’m working on getting those Reports out to The People right now. … That Might Be How YOU Got Here!?!?!?

FEB. 28 UPDATE: Sedona, Arizona, where I’ve been living the last four years, was getting FAR too expensive and not nearly as “livable” from a Community Perspective as it was when I lived here back in 2001 to 2003. And too many of my Clients left town or could no longer afford therapy. So I was running out of money.

So I’ve been visiting my long time friend in the Northwest Oregon area for a few months. He is one of the Nutritional / Metabolic Medical Doctors — who WAS LICENSED — that was run out of practice a few years ago by the State Medical Board.

I’m now working on launching my Online Training & Mentoring Program for Soft Tissue Therapists. When that is up and running, I will get back at Researching, Writing, Videoing, & Publishing Material for the Political Fight We Are In.